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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61

Class 5.—Minerals, Ores, and Mining Products; Mineral and Artificial Aerated Waters; Soaps, Candles, Dyes, Colours, Varnishes

Class 5.—Minerals, Ores, and Mining Products; Mineral and Artificial Aerated Waters; Soaps, Candles, Dyes, Colours, Varnishes.

76—Adams, Luke, Sydenham, Canterbury.
  • Pottery Ware.
77—Auckland Brick & Tile Company, Auckland.
  • Pottery Ware.
78—Beetham, W. & H., Masterton.
  • Sample of Tallow.
79—Birley, Peter, Auckland.
  • Ornamental Ironwork. Fuchsia twining round a stick (from nature).
80—Black Ball Coal Company, Black Ball Creek, Grey Valley.
  • Sample of Coal
  • Plan with Cross-sections of Coal Seam as seen on surface.
81—Blackett, John G., Nelson.
  • Boulders with Iron Deposit inside. Found on Nelson-Belgrove Railway, near Belgrove.
82—Boyd, George, Newton Pottery, Auckland.
  • Terra-cotta Ware
  • Ornamental Pottery
  • Fire Clay
  • Common Earthenware Goods.
83—Brown & Son, Samuel, Parnell, Auckland.
  • Colonial-made Dyes.
84—Brown, Samuel, Wellington.
  • Terra Cotta.
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85—Brunner Coal Company, Brunnerton, Greymouth.
  • Coal and Coke
  • Fire Clay.
86—Caswell Sound Marble, Portland Cement, & Mining Company, Wellington.
  • Marble.
87—Champion Copper Mining Company of New Zealand, Nelson.
  • Native Copper, and a variety of Copper Ores.
88—Coal Pit Heath Coal Mining Company, Greg-mouth.
  • Coal and Coke.
89—Colling Wood Coal Mining Companyz, Ferntown, Nelson.
  • Coal and Coke from the Company's Mine, Ferntown, Golden Bay.
90—Daniel, William, Dipt on, Otago.
  • 1 block Limestone.
91—Danks & Son, Samuel, Wellington.
  • Brass Foundry.
92—Dodson & Son, J. R., Nelson.
  • Sample of Coke.
93—Ford & Ogden, Christchurch.
  • Pottery ware.
94—Fowler & Rose (Lessees Coal Creek Coal Lease), Greymouth.
  • Block of Coal from 10ft. Seam
  • Parcel of Coke from 10ft. Seam
  • Block of Coal from 6ft. Seam
  • Parcel of Coke from 6ft. Seam
95—Gear Meat Preserving & Freezing Company of New Zealand, Wellington.
  • Tallow
  • Neatsfoot Oil
  • Trotter Oil.
96—Gilbertson & Sons, David, Nelson.
  • Limestone from Pata Islands, Massacre Bay
  • Quicklime; market price 1s. 6d. per bushel of 80lbs.
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97—Grothe, Albert, Devonport, Auckland.
  • Coal Tar Derivatives
  • Oils
  • Varnish
  • Dyes.
98—Harding, John, Waipukurau, Hawke's Bay.
  • 4 Earthenware Jugs, made from New Zealand (Mount Vernon) Clay
  • Sample of Natural Clay, from which Jugs were made.
99—Hartley Colliery Company, Whiteclifs, Canterbury.
  • Specimen of Brown Coal from Seam known as "Brock-field." Seam lift, thick
  • Specimen of Altered Coal from Seam known as "Hartley." Seam 2ft. 8in. thick.
100—Heskett, John, Onehunga, Auckland.
  • Iron and Fire Bricks.
101—Hjorth & Co., Horatio, Helensville, Auckland.
  • Toilet Soap.
102—Hogg, Alexander, Thames.
  • Coal.
103—Holland & Butler, Auckland.
  • Auckland-made Varnish.
104—Holmes & Bell, Blenheim, Marlborough.
  • Tallow.
105—Hyde & Co., John, Kilburnie, Wellington.
  • Extracts of Soap, made wholly from New Zealand products.
106—Kaitangata Railway & Coal Company, Limited, Otago.
  • Sample of Coal—ordinary working seam.
107—Keoghan, Owen, Takaka. Nelson.
  • Manufactured Paint.
108—Kitchen & Sons, Wellington.
  • Candles
  • Soaps.
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109—Mcivoe, Kenneth, Invercargill.
  • Bituminous Coal.
110—Mansfield, Joseph B., Christchurch.
  • Marble Slab, engraved in different languages.
111—Miller James, Kakahv, Canterbury.
  • Minerals.
  • Coal
  • Lime
  • Iron Stone
  • Pipe Clay.
112—New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Wellington.
  • Kauri Gum.
113—Orepuki Coal & Shale Company, Orepuki, Southland.
  • Block of Coal
  • Block of Shale.
114—Peel, Edward, Te Aroha, Thames.
  • Mineral Waters from Te Aroha Springs.
115—Petty, Watson, Newton, Auckland.
  • Soap Powder
  • Paste Blacking
116—Phillips, William, Nelson.
  • Soaps, various kinds.
117—Pomphkey & Newlands, Johnsonville, Wellington.
  • Neatsfoot Oil
  • Glue.
118—Richmond Hill Silver Mining Company, Nelson.
  • Specimens of Silver Ore, from a mine worked some years ago, but operations ceased owing to exhaustion of capital. The mine is now being reopened The lode is a fairly proven one, and in parts extremely rich in silver. A number of assays made by Mr Skey give returns ranging from 40 to 1700 ounces of silver per ton of ore.
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119—Rutherford & Co., Kamo, Auckland.
  • Hematite Paint
  • Samples of Lime and Cement.
120—Smith Brothers, Wellington.
  • Iron Castings.
121—Smith, E. M., New Plymouth.
  • Samples of the Mineral Products of the District Taranaki: Iron Sand, Mokau Coal, Fire Clay' Lime Stone, Clay Marl, Sand Rocks, and Cement.
122—Springfield Coal Company, Limited, Canterbury.
  • Fire Clay Goods
  • Pottery.
123—Thames Paint Company, Thames.
  • Oxide of Iron, Paints and Ore.
124—Union Oil, Soap & Candle Company Auckland.
  • Stearine Candles
  • Laundry and Toilet Soaps
  • Oils and Oil Cake.
125—Washbourn, Arthur J., Para Para, Nelson.
  • Dry Hematite Paint, from the Works, late the property of the New Zealand Hematite Paint Company.
126—Wellington Gas Company, Wellington.
  • Gas Coke
  • Gas Tar.
127—Wellington Meat Preserving & Refrigerating Company, Wellington.
  • Tallow.
128—Willeston, Charles E. W., Wellington.
  • Antimony.
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129—Williams, William R., Wellington.
  • Sample of Westport Coal, from Koranui Mine.