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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 61



Consider for a moment how refining are the influences of travelling, and gaining a knowledge of other countries and peoples, page 69 how it enlarges the mind and feeds the intellect; how it knocks off the rough angularities of a man's character; how it smooths and polishes him; how it teaches him to honour and respect his fellow-men, even though they may speak a foreign tongue.

What a different feeling there is now among the different nations of the world; how we have learnt to respect each other! What a change has come over the feelings of the Mother Country towards these colonies within the last few years! And what is all this due to? Simply to the facilities which have been afforded for travelling with speed, economy, and comfort, which have enabled men of position, education, and influence to come and see for themselves that we are not the beggarly, ignorant adventurers that they once took us to be.

I remember, not so very long ago, seeing the walls of London placarded with a statement, in letters three or four feet long, to the effect that English colonists had strewn nine miles with the dead bodies of men, women, and children murdered in cold blood; and I am sure that 99 out of every 100 who read it believed the foul untruth, which they would never have done had the means of transit been as they are to-day.

If it be true that travelling exerts a refining and humanising influence, how necessary it is that we should bring the means of travelling within the reach of the masses—of what are sometimes called the lower orders. I believe that nothing would tend so much to improve the relationship of class to class, as more frequent means of intercourse. I believe that there is greatly more good than evil in the world, and that if we were brought more often face to face with each other, that we should grow more and more in each other's esteem.

The old? old Book speaks of a time when men shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased; travel and knowledge were then linked together. Travel and knowledge are now linked together; travel and knowledge always will be linked together. Therefore, I say, give us the means and let us travel.

Samuel Vaile.

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Wilsons And Horton, General Printers.