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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 60

Report of the Orkney and Zetland Association For 1884

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Report of the Orkney and Zetland Association

Edinburgh Printed by Crawford & M'Cabe, 15 Queen Street. 1885.

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  • The Right Hon. the Earl of Orkney.
  • The Right Hon. the Earl of Zetland.
  • The Hon. Lord Gifford.
  • David Balfour, Esq. of Balfour and Trenabie, Convener of Orkney.
  • Major Cameron of Garth and Annsbrae, Convener of Shetland.
  • Robert Baikie, Esq. of Tankerness, Vice-Lieutenant of Orkney.
  • John Pender, Esq. of Minard, M.P.
  • Samuel Laing, Esq. of Crook, M.P.


  • The Hon. John Charles Dundas of Papdale, M. P., Lord Lieutenant.


  • James D. Marwick, Esq., LL.D., Town-Clerk of Glasgow.
  • Robert Brotchie, Esq. of Swannay.
  • Major-General F. W. Traill Burroughs of Veira, C. B
  • Arthur James Hay, Esq., Lerwick.


  • Thomas Dishington, Merchant, Leith
  • Gilbert Goudie, National Bank of Scotland Ltd., Edinburgh.
  • David Petrie, 28 Nelson Street, Edinburgh.
  • John A. Trail, M.A., LL.B., W.S., Edinburgh.
  • T. W. L. Spence, The Holms, Grantun Road.
  • William Firth, Sec. N.B. Rubber Co., Edinburgh.
  • Thomas S. Clouston, M.D., Edinburgh.
  • The President of the Orkney and Shetland Edinburgh Association.


  • John Davie, 13 Rankeillor Street, Edinburgh.


  • James Shand, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Edinburgh.


  • Peter Peace, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Edinburgh.

District Secretaries.

  • KirkwallR. G. W. Irvine, Banker.
  • StromnessJames Spence, Banker.
  • LerwickJames M. Goudie, Merchant.
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Fifteenth Annual Report of the

Council of the Orkney and Zetland Association.

The Objects of the Association are
1.The Encouragement of Friendly Intercourse Amongst the Members; and
2.The Advancement of Education in the County by the Distribution of Prizes, Bursaries, or Otherwise.

Extract Rule VIII.—'Every Ordinary Member shall, on admission, flay the sum of Five Shillings for the year in which he is admitted, and thereafter an Annual Subscription of Five Shillings during the Membership. Every Honorary Member shall contribute Ten Shillings Annually to the Funds of the Association, or in lieu thereof a single payment of Three Guineas. A single Payment of One Guinea shall constitute a Lady an Honorary Contributor. The Annual Subscriptions shall be payable on 1st January in each year. Donations will be received from all who are interested in promoting the objects of the Association.'

The Council beg to submit their Fifteenth Annual Report for the year ending 31st December 1884.

The number of Members on the Roll at the beginning of the year was 138. Of these four have been removed by death—viz., Rev. Dr Leask, London, Rev. W. Spark, Kirkwall, W. K. Mackay, Leith, and William Strong, Dundee; and twenty-six new Members have been enrolled during the year, viz.:—

Honorary Life Members.—Sheriff Mellis, Kirkwall; Rev. John H. Pollexfen of Cairston; T. W. Traill, C.E., R.N., London; Treasurer William Walls, Glasgow.

Honorary Member.—R. P. Gilbertson, Merchant, Glasgow.

Ordinary Members.—W. M. Anderson, R. H. Bell, yr. of Lunna, James Gibson, John Gunn, M.A., George Hourston, Councillor Heddle, Rev. Alexander Isdale, B.D., Alfred W. Johnston, James M. Johnston, Thomas Johnston, Dr R. B. Mitchell, Charles Merrylees, John Mouat, Principal Peterson, Charles M. page 4 Reid, Rev. John W. Slater, B.D., Rev. S. S. Stobbs, Weems Walls, James H. Wilson, L. H. S. White.

Honorary Lady Contributor.—Mrs Saxby.

The Rev. William Harcus has been enrolled as an Honorary Life Member in recognition of his valuable services to the Association as their first Secretary. This makes the number of members at the close of the year 161—consisting of 35 Life Members; 23 Honorary Members; 101 Ordinary Members; and 2 Lady Members.

The Income during the year has been £71, 16s. 5d., and the expenditure has been £35, 13s. 7d., leaving a credit balance on the year of £36, 2s. 10d. The Funds now amount to £406, 19s. 7d.—consisting of Capital Fund £300, including £69, 9s. raised specially for the School Bursaries, and Ordinary Fund £106, 19s. 7d. This increase is due to the subscriptions of new Members, and the donations of Hon. J. C. Dundas and Mr R. M. Smith

Abstract of Accounts, with Auditor's certificate, is appended.

The Association's Examination was held on 25th April, and there were 186 competitors—134 from Orkney and 52 from Zetland—from the following districts, viz.:—
Orkney Schools.
Burgh School 5
Glaitness School 2—7
Burgh School 23
Kirbister School 8—31
Dounby School —6
North School 8
South School 2—10
Costa School —3
Public School —6
West School —15
Orphir School 1
Kirbister School 2—3
Frotoft School 3
Sourin School 2
Wasbister School 2—7
South Ronaldshay—
Hope School 7
Tomison's Academy 8
Widewall School. 6—21
Central School —14
Public School —5
St Andrews—
Tankerness School —1
We stray—
West Side School —5
Total competitors from Orkney 134
Zetland Schools.
Anderson Institute 4
First Public School 4
Gulberwick School 2—10
Burra and Quarff—
Quarff School . —3
Brae School —5
Dunrossness. etc.—
Boddam School 5
Cunningsburgh School 2
Sandwick School. 5—12
Sandsting and Aithsting—
Sand School 4
Skeld School 1
Twatt School 3—8
North Roc School 4
Fetlar School 1—5
Baltasound School —7
Cullivoe School —2
Total competitors for Zetland 52
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The Examination papers were set by Mr John Gunn, M.A., one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, and Mr James Sime, M.A., formerly Principal of Craigmount School, Edinburgh, kindly examined the answers sent in.

In his report, Mr Sime says:—

The full value for six subjects—four common and two special—is 500 marks. A pupil who gains 400 out of these 500, is entitled to have his papers classed as excellent, while all who have gained above 250 marks may be said to have done their work well. Papers which secured less than 400, but more than 350 marks, may be described as very good×, and those which got under 350, but above 300, as very good−The general results then are as follows:—
Excellent. Very Good. Very Good. Good.
Above 400 Marks. 400 to 350. 350 to 300 300 to 250.
Orkney Girls 4 2 2 11
Orkney Boys 0 2 12 12
Zetland Girls 0 0 0 2
Zetland Boys 1 0 2 3

Out of 186 pupils 53 have thus gained more than one-half of the total marks allowed for the six papers. This result is very creditable to both teachers and pupils. But it is not just to cither of them to test the excellence of the papers by slumping the Special with the Common Subjects. If the latter only be taken into account the result will be found still more creditable. Out of 186 boys and girls examined, 97, or more than one-half, have gained 50 per cent, at least of the marks (300) allowed for the papers which all were required to work—Dictation, Grammar, Geography, and Arithmetic!

In the common subjects the papers on Arithmetic are decidedly the best. Of the whole number of pupils (186), 17 have got full marks in that subject, while 56 more have got at least four-fifths. The other papers present less satisfactory results.

The four girls from Kirkwall who stand at the top of the list deserve special commendation. Only twenty marks separate the fourth in order of merit (409) from the first (429).

The Council, following Mr Sime's Report, awarded prizes to 115 pupils, as mentioned in the Prize List appended hereto.

The special thanks of the Council is due to Mr Sime for the heartiness with which he undertook the gratuitous examination of such a large number of papers.

The Syllabus proposed for 1885 is appended hereto. The Council have decided to divide the Examination for the Book Prizes into two sections—Junior and Senior, and to grant a Medal with the First Senior Prize; also that First Class Prizes will not be awarded in either division unless the Candidate has attained sixty per cent., and Second Class Prizes will not be awarded unless page 6 the Candidate has attained forty per cent, of the available number of marks.

The Association'S School Bursaries—one for Orkney and one for Zetland—of the annual value of £10 each, and tenable for two years, will both be open for competition in April 1885. They have already been held by—


  • 1878-79. Geo. Wm. Reid.
  • 1880-81. Andrew Eunson.
  • 1883. Wm. Alex. Allan


  • 1880-81. James Rose.

(Messrs Reid and Rose are prosecuting their studies in Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities respectively. Mr Eunson is a pupil teacher in the Burgh School, Kirkwall. Mr Allan gave up his bursary this year, and went into business.)

The Council consider these Bursaries of very great importance, and should like to see their number largely increased. They were founded with the object of encouraging boys from the country schools to continue their education at a higher school, with the view of competing for the Earl of Zetland's Bursaries, which have been founded for the benefit of Orkney and Zetland students in the University of Edinburgh. The Trustees of these Bursaries have been good enough to inform the Council, that they are now in a position to add an additional £500 to the foundation of 1877, and that the proceeds, amounting to between £35 and £40, will be offered for competition at Edinburgh University in October next.

The Council are anxious to do all in their power to aid boys in preparing for the competition, and for this purpose they will be glad to receive subscriptions, donations, and legacies.

The Council recommended that the Office-Bearers be as follows:—(See list prefixed.)

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The Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of the Association was held at No. 5 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, on Friday, 23d January 1885. Major-General Burroughs of Veira, C.B., in the Chair.

The Secretary read the foregoing Report by the Council for the past year, and the Treasurer reported on the state of the Funds, and on the motion of Dr Clouston, seconded by Mr Gunn, the Reports were adopted unanimously.

Mr Gunn moved, and Mr Trail seconded, the election of office-bearers, as recommended in the Report, substituting Dr Clouston as a member of Council in room of Mr Sievwright, who has gone to New Zealand, and the motion was unanimously adopted.

On the motion of Mr Trail, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Major-General Burroughs for his conduct in the Chair, and the meeting terminated.

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Charge. To Funds on hand at 31st December 1883, . . . . £370 16 9 "Donation from Hon. John C. Dundas, M.P., £3 0 0" Do. R. M. Smith, . . . . 1 0 0 "Subscriptions of Honorary Life Members . . 12 12 0 16 12 0" Annual Subscription of The Earl of Zetland,

General Abstract of the Accounts of the Association for the Year 1884.

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Prize List, 1884.

Orkney Schools.

First Class Prizes.

  • Jessie Slater, Kirkwall
  • Maggie E. B. Crear, Kirkwall.
  • Jessie Bain, Kirkwall.
  • Annabella Duncan, St Margaret's Hope.
  • Jessie Anderson, Kirkwall
  • Henry Fiddler, Stromness.
  • James Robertson, Rousay.
  • John W. Hourston, Stenness.
  • Edmonston Smith, St Margaret's Hope.
  • Isaac Manson, Stromness.
  • Frank Scott, Stromness.
  • James Corrigall, Stromness
  • Robert Wilson, Sanday.
  • George Eunson, Tankerness.
  • Donald Thomson, South Ronaldshay.
  • Samuel Isbister, Stenness.
  • John S. Taylor, Stromness.
  • Isabella Shearer, Stromness.
  • Thomas Mowat, Stromness.
  • Lizzie J. Spence, St Margaret's Hope.
  • Geo B. Taylor, Stromness.
  • William Garrioch, Orphir.
  • Charles Lanskaill, Holm.
  • John Clouston, Stenness.
  • James Wilson, Orphir
  • Mary E. Firth, Firth.
  • Arthur Stanger, Stromness.
  • James Wood, Firth.


  • Jessie Bremner, St Margaret's Hope.
  • Williarm J. Peace, Sanday.
  • Jemima Mackay, Stromness.
  • Nicol Mainland, Rousay
  • John W. Isbister, Stromness.
  • James Struthers, St. Margaret's Hope.
  • Jessie Clouston, Stromness.
  • Annabel Rossie, Stromness.
  • Maggie Cochrane, Stromness.
  • Eliza Linklater, Stromness.
  • Maggie Peace, Sanday.
  • Matthew Robertson, Stromness.
  • John Omand, St Margaret's Hope
  • Annie Sinclair, Stenness.
  • Jane Anderson, Costa.
  • Jemima F. Merriman, Dounby.
  • Alary A. Shearer, Stromness.
  • Jessie A. Petrie, Holm
  • Mary A. Foubister, Holm
  • James F. Ironside, Dounby
  • William Gray, South Ronaldshay.
  • William Ritch, Sanday.
  • James Slater, Sanday.
  • John Wilson, Kirkwall.
  • John Harvey, Firth.
  • Jane Duncan, South Ronaldshay.
  • Mary Norquay, South Ronaldshay.
  • James Shearer, Holm.
  • Josephine Buchan, Stenness.
  • Mary Guthrie, Sanday.
  • Helen Anderson, Holm.
  • William Tail, Holm.
  • William Brass, Holm.
  • Marcus C. Wood, Costa.
  • Andrew Wilson, Sanday.
  • Helen Runciman, Holm
  • Frederick Kirkness, Rousay.
  • Malcolm Dunnet, South Ronaldshay.
  • John Sinclair, South Ronaldshay.
  • George Swanney, Holm.
  • Betsy A. Marwick, Rousay.
  • Peter W. Ironside, Dounby.
  • John Spence, Eday
  • Thomas Balfour, Westray.
  • Ann Gaudie, Kirbister.
  • Peter Rousay, Eday.
  • John Bews, Kirbister.
  • James Merriman, Kirbister

Zetland Schools.

First Class Prizes.

  • James J. Hardie, Lerwick.
  • Thomas Robertson, Lerwick.
  • James Robertson, Vell
  • David Jeromson, Lerwick.
  • Magnus Peterson, Skeld.
  • Catherine Davidson, Quarff.
  • Ellen Hay, Sandwick
  • Alex. Millikin, Lerwick.


  • Edward Young, Sand.
  • James Anderson, Brae.
  • Charles Jamieson, Baltasound.
  • William Henderson, Gulberwick.
  • Tames Inkster, North Roe
  • Maggie Smith, Lerwick.
  • Jane Smith, Quarff.
  • Angus Gunn, Cunningsburgh
  • Laurence D. Smith, Baltasound.
  • James A Ratter, North Roe.
  • Robert Halcrow, Cunningsburgh
  • John Abernethy, Sand.
  • John M. Bunt, Baltasound.
  • William Smith, Sandwick.
  • Andrew Garrioch, Lerwick.
  • John Nicolson, North Roe
  • Ellen Davidson, Quarff.
  • Mary Ann Goudie, Lerwick.
  • Eliza G. Bruce, Baltasound.
  • Georgina Abernethy, Sand.
  • Thomas Ramsay. Lerwick.
  • David J. White, Baltasound.
  • David G. Sinclair, Fetlar.
  • Mary Sandison, Cullivoe.
  • Barbara Taylor, Brae.
  • Isabella Mainland, Gulberwick
  • Martha Goudie, Boddam
  • George Work, Sandwick.
  • Rob. G. Henderson, Boddam
  • Jamina H. Williamson, Twatt.
page 10

Syllabus of Examinations.

I.—Common Subjects.

  • English—Writing from Dictation; Elements of English Grammar.
  • Arithmetic.—Simple and Compound Rules, Practice, Bills of Parcels, Proportion, and Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.
  • Geography.—The Geography of the British Isles, and General Geography of Europe.
  • History.—The History of Great Britain from the Union of the Crowns to the Death of George III.

II.—Special Subjects.

  • Mathematics.—Geometry—First Book of Euclid. Algebra—the Elementary Rules, and Simple Equations.
  • Latin.—The Rudiments of Latin. Translation of a passage from the first Book of Cæsar. Easy English sentences turned into Latin.
  • French.—Grammar. Translation of a simple passage. Easy English sentences turned into French.
  • Domestic Economy.—Inclusive of the three stages prescribed in the Scotch Code, Schedule IV. (For Girls only.)

Note.—Every Candidate for the Junior Book Prizes shall be required to take all the Common Subject.

Every Candidate for the. Senior Book Prizes and for the School Bursaries shall be required to take all the Common Subjects, and two of the Special Subjects.

page 11
Names of those who Gained the First Place in the Association's Senior Examination (a Medal to be awarded in future)—
  • 1872. John Gunn,1 Stromness.
  • 1873. William R. Rae,2 Stromness.
  • 1874. John W. Slater,3 Kirkwall.
  • 1875. Andrew Robertson,4 Stromness.

(Examination discontinued from 1875 to 1885.)

Names of those who Gained the First Place in the Association's Junior Examination, and were Awarded a Special Prize
  • 1873. John W. Slater,Kirkwall.
  • 1874. James Scott, Sanday.
  • 1875. Andrew Robertson, Stromness.
  • 1876. Isabella Sinclair, St Margaret's Hope.
  • 1877. Barbara Robertson, Lerwick.
  • 1878. Andrew Harrison, Lerwick, and Magnus Nicolson, Nesting, equal.
  • 1879. Mary Walker, Lerwick.
  • 1880. James Slater, Kirkwall.
  • 1881. Alex. M. Laughton, St Margaret's Hope.
  • 1882. William Russell, South Walls.
  • 1883. Evelyn M. Flett, Firth.
  • 1884. May L. Grieve, Kirkwall.
page 12

Bursaries in Edinburgh University (Faculty of Arts)' for the Benefit of Orkney and Zetland Students.

The Orkney and Zetland Bursary, founded by the late Earl of Zetland in 1872, of the annual value of £40, and tenable for three years.

Candidates must be Natives of these Islands, or Children of Parents one or both of whom have been born in, or connected for a long period of years with, the Islands; and must be intending to commence as First-Year Students, and to prosecute their studies for the full curriculum preparatory to Graduation in Arts.

It has been held by—
  • 1872. Frederick William Pelly.
  • 1874. James Hoseason Ballantyne.
  • 1877. James Marwick.
  • 1880. Theodore Johnston.
  • 1883. James Baikie.

The Earl of Zetland's Bursaries 1877.—(There will ultimately be about seven Bursaries of the annual value of between £30 and £40 each.)

One of these, worth between £35 and £40, will be open for competition at the beginning of Session 1885-6.

Candidates must be Natives of these Islands, or Children of Parents one or both of whom have been born in, or connected for a long period of years with, the Islands; and must be intending to commence as First-Year Students, and to prosecute their studies for the full curriculum preparatory to graduation in Arts. They must also either have been wholly educated in the Islands, or, at least, they must not have attended any school elsewhere for the period of four years before being admitted as Candidates.

The first of these (£20 for three years) was held by—

1881. George William Reid

Further information may be had from Messrs H. G. & S. Dickson, W.S., 12 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, regarding both these Bursaries

page 13

List of Members at 31st December 1884.

I.—Honorary Life Members.

  • The Right Hon the Earl of Orkney
  • The Right Hon. the Earl of Zetland.
  • The Hon. John Charles Dundas of Pap-dale, M.P., Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney and Zetland.
  • Colonel David Balfour of Balfour and Trenabie, Orkney.
  • John Blair, W.S., 22 Castle St., Edinburgh
  • John Bruce, of Sumburgh, Shetland. Major-General, F. W T. Burroughs of Veira, C.B., Orkney.
  • Edward S. Clouston, Banker. Montreal
  • D. Deuchar, Harlaw, Hope Ter., Edin.
  • John Gray of Roeberry, South Ronaldshay, Orkney
  • The Hon. Lord Gilford, Granton House, Edinburgh.
  • Sir R. G. C. Hamilton, K.C. B., Under Secy. of State for Ireland, The Castle, Dublin. Rev. William Harcus, M.A., Aberdare.
  • Wm. Hawley, 137 George St., Edinburgh
  • Alfred Chas. Hebden, Cawdor, Nairn.
  • J. G. M. Heddle of Melsetter, Orkney.
  • Samuel Laing of Crook, M. P., London
  • J. B. Leask of Sand, Lerwick.
  • Nathaniel Leask, M.A., Oakfield, Hornsey, London, N.
  • James D. Marwick, LL.D., City Clerk, Glasgow.
  • John C. Mellis, Sheriff Substitute, Kirk-wall.
  • John Pender, M.P., 66 Old Broad Street, London.
  • William Peterson, Highland Road, Upper Norwood, London.
  • John C. Peterson, Merchant, 6 Queen Street, Melbourne.
  • David Petrie, 28 Nelson St., Edinburgh.
  • Rev. John H. Pollexfen of Cairston.
  • W. B. Scarth, Toronto, Canada
  • Basil Sievwright, Solicitor, Dunedin. N.Z.
  • Robert Stout, Solicitor, Dunedin, N.Z.
  • Thomas Stout, jun., M.A., B.L., Writer, Glasgow
  • George Hunter Thorns, Sheriff and Vice-Admiral of Orkney and Zetland, Edinburgh.
  • James W. H. Trail, Professor of Botany, Aberdeen University.
  • John A. Trail, M.A., LL.B., W.S., Edinburgh.
  • Thomas W Traill, C.E., R N., 16 The Chase, Clapham Common, London.
  • William Walls, Glasgow.

II.—Honorary Members.

  • Robert Baikie of Tankerness, M D., 55 Melville Street, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. Alex Bayne, Tingwall, Shetland.
  • Robert Bell of Lunna, Sheriff-Substitute, Falkirk.
  • Robert Brotchie of Swannay, 5 John's Place, Leith.
  • Major T. M. Cameron of Garth, Lerwick.
  • Harry Cheyne, W.S., 9 Hill Street, Edinburgh.
  • John Cheyne, Sheriff-Substitute, Dundee.
  • T. S. Clouston, M. D., Tipperlinn House, Morningside Place, Edinburgh.
  • David Flett, S.S.C., 57 Castle Street, Edinburgh.
  • L. F. U. Garriock, Gibliston House, Scalloway, Shetland.
  • R. P. Gilbertson, Merchant, Glasgow
  • Andrew Gold, Chamberlain to the Earl of Zetland, Kirkwall.
  • Captain John Harrison, 3 Bowater Place, Blackheath. Kent.
  • Arthur James Hay, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • G. H. B. Hay of Hayfield, Lerwick.
  • R. G. W. Irvine, Banker, Kirkwall.
  • Hon. John Norquay, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Charles Rampini, Sheriff-Substitute, Lerwick.
  • Samuel Reid of Braebuster, Kirkwall.
  • R. M. Smith, Bellevue Cres., Edinburgh.
  • John Spence, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Geo Stewart, Merchant. Bath St., Leith.
  • John Walls, S.S.C., 33 Heriot Row, Edinburgh.

III.—Ordinary Members.

  • W. M. Anderson, 22 Cattle Street, Edinburgh.
  • R. H. Bell, British Linen Bank, Edinr.
  • W. E. Brand, Inland Revenue Office, Edinburgh.
  • W. Brodie, 9 Picardy Place, Edinburgh.
  • James Brotchie, Merchant, 9 Mincing Lane. London
  • Peter Campbell, M.A., Morningside College, Edinburgh.
  • J. G. C. Cheyne, Scottish Widows' Fund, Edinbureh.
  • James Copland, H.M. Register House, Edinburgh.
  • W. Cromarty, Berridale, South Ronaldsay.
  • John Cursiter, Merchant, Kirkwall.
  • John Davie, Standard Life Assurance Company, Edinburgh.
  • Thomas Dishington, 5 Laverock Bank Terrace, Trinity.page 14
  • James Drever, Factor, Harris.
  • John Drever, 50 Nicolson St., Edinburgh.
  • George Elgin, 12 North St Andrew Street, Edinburgh.
  • William Firth, Secretary. North British Rubber Company, Edinburgh.
  • Robert Flett, Ship Agent, Kirkwall.
  • J. K. Galloway, Solicitor, Lerwick.
  • P. Garriock, Commission Agent, Lerwick.
  • William Garson, 21 Hill Street, Edinburgh.
  • James Gibson, S.S.C., 1 Lutton Place, Edinburgh.
  • Thomas Gifford, Busta, Shetland.
  • Gilbert Goudie, 39 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh.
  • James M. Goudie, Montfield, Lerwick.
  • James T. Goudie, Manufacturer, Glasgow.
  • A. M. Sutherland Græme, yr. of Græmeshall, Orkney.
  • John Gunn, M A., Inspector of Schools, 41 Gillespie Oescent, Edinburgh.
  • A. Cunningham Hay, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • J. Heddle, Rectifier, 35 Bath Street, Leith.
  • B. H. Hossack of Craigiefield, Kirkwall
  • Captain Robt. Hossack, Bonnington, Leith.
  • George Hourston, Shipping Agent, Leith.
  • R. Humphrey. Standard Life Assurance Company, Edinburgh.
  • John S. Ireland, 20 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. J. S. W. Irvine, St Margaret's Hope
  • Rev Alex. I dale. B D., Kirkwall.
  • P. W. Jamieson, P. & O. Navigation Company, London.
  • Chas. S S Johnston, Architect, Edinburgh.
  • Alfred W. Johnston, 15 Dean's Yard, Westminster, London.
  • Jas. M. Johnston, 16 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.
  • Thomas Johnston, Messrs Mackay & Co., Canning Street, Edinburgh.
  • Arthur Laurenson. Leog House, Lerwick.
  • Gilbert Laurenson, Inland Revenue, Lerwick.
  • W. C. Liddle, Writer, Kirkwall.
  • Rev. Jacob Linklater, M.A., New Deer, Aberdeenshire
  • J. S. Linklater, Merchant. Leith.
  • S. T. Linklater, M B., Hillsboro, Oregon, U S. A
  • James S S Logic, M D., Kirkwall.
  • Alexander Macgregor, Solicitor, Lerwick.
  • J. P. Marwick, 65 Nicobon Street, Edinburgh.
  • M. Marwick, 65 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh
  • R. B Mitchell, M B., Royal Asylum, Edinburgh.
  • Charles Merrylees, Manage, North of Scotland Shipping Co., Aberdeen.
  • Arthur Morison, Scottish Provident Institution, Edinburgh.
  • John [unclear: Monat] 28 North Bridge, Edinburgh.
  • Samuel Mullay. Edinburgh Gas Company, Waterloo Place. Edinburgh.
  • W. T. Norquay, Banker, St Margaret's Hope.
  • J. P Omand, 9 Sylvan Place, Edinburgh.
  • Peter Peace, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Edinburgh.
  • Wm. Peterson, M.A., Principal, University College, Dundee.
  • Charles M Reid, Manufacturer, Leith
  • James A. Ritchie, Stockbroker, 135 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
  • A. Macbeth Robertson, Zetland Villa, Dumfries.
  • George Robertson, Narna's Court. Lerwick.
  • John Robertson, Merchant, Lerwick.
  • John Robertson. Jun., Merchant, Lerwick.
  • R. J. Robertson, 21 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh
  • Thomas Robertson, Inland Revenue Office. Edinburgh.
  • David Ross, M.A., B Sc., Rector E. C. Training College, Glasgow.
  • J O. Russell, Teviot Place, Edinburgh
  • R. S Russell. 4 Forrest Road, Edinburgh.
  • Arthur Sandison, Town Clerk, Lerwick.
  • James Sclater, North British Rubber Company, Edinburgh
  • James Shand, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Edinburgh.
  • Wm. M. Shand. Shipping Agent, Lerwick.
  • J. A. Shearer, Grocer, Stromness.
  • Peter Sievwright, Actuary, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • William Sievwright, Solicitor, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Rev. John W. Slater, B D., Scone.
  • Major A. V.' Smith Sligo of Inzievar, Drummond Place. Edinburgh.
  • James Spence, Banker. Stromness.
  • John D. Spence, Scottish Widows' Fund, Edinburgh.
  • Robert Spence, M.B., Burntisland.
  • T. W. L Spence, General Board of Lunacy, Edinburgh.
  • John Stewart, Merchant, Bath Street, Leith.
  • Rev. S. S. Stobbs, 11 London Street, Edinburgh
  • Robert Stout. Postmaster, Lerwick.
  • Thomas Stout, Writer, Glasgow.
  • Jas. Sutherland. Law Agent, Edinburgh.
  • W. T. Sutherland, S.S.C., 38 Hanover Street. Edinburgh.
  • R. C. Traill, Merchant, 16 Scotland St., Edinburgh.
  • R. H. Traill, 7 Drapers' Gardens, Throgmorton Street, London
  • William Traill of Woodwick, M.D., St Andrews.
  • Weems Walks, 5 Hanover St., Glasgow.
  • W. G. T. Watt of Breckness, Orkney.
  • L H S White, National Bunk, St Enoch Square. Glasgow
  • Jas. H Wilson, 5 Hanover St, Glasgow.
  • D. F. Wishart, 14 Greenhill Terrace, Edinburgh.
  • Rev. T. D. Wingate, The Manse, Stromness.
  • Rev. D. Woodside, B.D., Stromness.
  • W. A. Young, Leith Engine Works, Leith.

Honorary Lady Contributors.

Mrs Edmondston of Buness, Shedand.

Mrs Saxby, St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh.

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Members Enrolled Since the Close of Year.

Honorary Member.

  • Gilbert Bain, 3 Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh.

Ordinary Members.

  • James Grierson, yr. of Quendale, 122 George Street, Edinburgh.
  • James Russell, City Chambers, Edinburgh.

1 Mr Gunn occupied the first place in Moray House Training College during 1878-79, is a graduate (M.A.) of Edinburgh University, and one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools for Scotland.

2 Mr Rae is Head Master of Cambden Street School, Newcastle.

3 Mr Slater is a graduate (M.A. and B.D.) of Edinburgh University, and Minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Scone.

4 Deceased.