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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 60



27. Members of the commercial community desirous of availing themselves of the decision of the Chamber on questions or matters in dispute shall enter into, and deposit with the Secretary, a submission in the subjoined form, together with a list from each party, containing the names of three members of the Chamber. Each disputant shall then deposit with the Secretary the sum of five guineas.

28. The Committee shall meet and select from each list one Arbitrator. The two Arbitrators so appointed shall select an Umpire from the members of the Chamber.

29. Each disputant shall submit a written statement of his case, together with particulars of such evidence and documents as he may propose to bring forward.

30. The Arbitrators and Umpire shall together hear the parties upon the matters in dispute, receive such evidence as may be offered, or may be considered by them necessary to the elucidation thereof, and thereupon make their award, a copy of which shall forthwith be transmitted by the Secretary to each disputant.

31. The award so made shall be reported to the Committee at its next meeting, and entered in the minute-book.

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32. The expenses of Arbitration, according to the following scale, shall be borne by the disputants in such manner or proportion as the Arbitrators may direct, viz.:—
£ s. d.
For each sitting, not exceeding two hours 5 5 0
Ditto, exceeding two and not exceeding four hours 6 16 0
And the Secretary shall dispose of the amount received in the following manner, viz.:—
To the funds of the Chamber, for each sitting 1 1 0
To the Secretary, for ditto 1 1 0
To the Arbitrators and Umpire, one-third part of the remainder.