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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57

New Maps

New Maps.


France.—Carte de——, dressée par le Service Vicinal par ordre de M. le Ministre de l'Intérieur. Scale 1:100,000 or 1.3 geographical miles to an inch. Paris, 3884. Sheets:—IX. 25. Ile d'Oléron. XIII. 10. Yvetot. XIII. 12. Bernay. XIV. 9. Dieppe. XIV. 13. Conches. XV. 16. Bonneval. XVI. 18. La Ferté St. Aubin. XXI. 15. Brienne. XXI. 17. Châtillon-sur-Seine. XXIII. 18. Champlitte XXV. 15. Mirecourt. XXIV. 16. Darney. XXIV. 18. Vesoul. XXV. 13. Château-Salins. XXV. 15. Baccarat. XXV. 18. Montbéliard. XXV. 19. Baume-les-Dames. XXVI. 15. St. Dié. XXVI. 18. Belfort. Price of each sheet 7d. (Dulau.)

——Carte de——en quatre-vingt-six départements indiquant les chemins de fer, les routes avec les distances en kilomètres, les nouvelles divisions militaires, &c., par Berthe. Paris, Garnier Frères. (Dulau.)

page 265

London.—Philips' Redistribution Map of——. Showing all the New Boroughs, with the number of their Representatives, as proposed by the Seats Bill, 1884; Statistics of Population in 1871 and 1881, Acreage and Inhabited Houses in each Borough. Scale 1:125,000 or 1.7 geographical miles to an inch. George Philip & Son, London. Price, mounted on cloth and in case, 6s.

Schlesien und der Grafsch. Glatz.—Special-Karte von——. Scale 1:300,000 or 4.1 geographical miles to an inch. Neue Ausgabe von Dr. Sadebeck. Breslau, Korn. 4 sheets. Price 11s. (Dulau.)

Schweiz.—Dritte Karte der——, von J. M. Ziegler. Scale 1:380,000 or 5.2 geographical miles to an inch. Wurster & Co., Zurich, Edition of 1885. Price 10s. (Dulau.)

Surrey.—Philips' New Map of——, from the Ordnance Survey. By J Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. Scale 1:63,360 or 0.86 geographical miles to an inch. George Philip & Son, London and Liverpool. Price 15s., mounted, and folded in case.


Russo-Afghan Boundary Question.—W. & A. K. Johnston's Special Map to elucidate the——. Scale 1:3,550,000 or 48.6 geographical miles to an inch. With an inset map showing the encroachments of Russia from the accession of Peter the Great in 1689 to the present time. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London, 1885.

At the present time, when the Anglo-Russian Commission are about to survey a mutual boundary line, this map is likely to be of great use in following the movements on the Afghan frontier. A glance at the inset map will show the continued advance of Russia towards India during the past four centuries, and the extension of the railway system in the same direction, which at the present time has reached Orenburg in the north, and beyond Kizil Arvat, in Turkistan, in the south. A small inset map is also given, showing British possessions in Asia, Africa, and Australasia, with the distances between them.


Africa.—General Map of——. Scale 1:8,420,000 or 115.2 geographical miles to an inch. Constructed from the most recent coast surveys, and embodying the results of all explorations to the present time, by Keith Johnston, F.R.G.S. Corrected to January 1885. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London. 4 sheets. Price in sheets 15s.

Algérie.—Carte de 1′——, d'après les documents publiés par le Ministre de la Guerre et des travaux inédits par Niox. Scale 1:1,600,000 or 21.9 geographical miles to an inch. Paris, 1885. (Dulau.)

Assab.—Carta Originale del Possedimento Italiano di——del Sultanato di Aussa e regioni limitrofe dall' Abissinia e Scioa a Berbera e Aden. Con speciali cartine di Assab e Dintorni, dei Paesi dei Danakil, della Baia di Zula e del Mar Rosso, secondo le publicazioni più recenti cost, e dis. G. E. Fritzsche. Scale 1:1,500,000 or 20.4 geographical miles to an inch. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Congo.—Carte du Bassin du Congo dressé par le Dr. Richard Kiepert. Scale 1:4,000,000 or 55.5 geographical miles to an inch. Avec la limite de la zône de commerce libre, établie par la conférence de Berlin, les possessions de puissances Européennes et les itinéraires principaux de voyageurs. Dietrich Reimer, 1885. Price 2s. (Williams & Norgate.)

On this map is shown the extent of the region of Free Trade as fixed by the Conference of Berlin. This includes, as far as the southern boundary is concerned, page 266 more than the basin of the Congo, inasmuch as the boundary line starts from Ambriz on the coast, and follows the river Loge to its source. In the north it starts from Sette Cama in a general easterly direction, touching the parallel of 2° south close to the source of the river Loutéte; here it turns to the south-east for a distance of 90 geographical miles and then abruptly to the north; it thus includes the basin of the Niari river. The boundaries of European possessions and native states, as well as the routes of the celebrated travellers of all nations, are laid down.

Egypt and the Basin of the Nile, constructed by W. & A. K. Johnston. Edinburgh and London. Scale 1: 3,294,720 or 45.1 geographical miles to an inch. 2 sheets. 1885.

——and the Soudan,—Philips' Map of——, including the Valley of the Nile, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, Arabia, &c. Scale 1: 5,600,000 or 76.7 geographical miles to an inch. George Philip & Son, London and Liverpool. Price 1s.

Gordon, General C. G., R.E.—Facsimile of a map drawn by General C. G. Gordon, R.E., at Khartum, March 17th, 1874, of his route from Suakin to Berber and Khartum. Scale 1: 1,325,000 or 18.2 geographical miles to an inch (approx.). Reproduced in facsimile, and published by Edward Stanford, 55, Charing Cross, London, S.W. February 17th, 1885.

This map is not only interesting as a souvenir of the late General C. G. Gordon, R.E., but also contains information as to the distances between stations on the road between Suakin and Berber, expressed in hours, and other notes of great interest at the present time. The reproduction from the original has been very well executed.

Soudan.—Large Scale War Map of the Eastern——, embracing Dongola, Suakim, Berber, Khartoum, and Kassala. Scale 1: 1,140,000 or 14.2 geographical miles to an inch. With view and plan of Khartum and Suakin. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London, 1885. Price 1s.

South African Republic.—Map of the South-Western Frontier of the——, in-cluding the adjacent portions of Bechuanaland, Griqualand West, and the Orange Free State, 1884. Scale 1: 633,600 or 8.6 geographical miles to an inch. Compiled and lithographed at the Intelligence Branch, War Office, under the direction of Major W. R. Fox, R.A., D.A.Q.M.G., November 1884. Revised March 1885.

Suakim a Berber.—Da——. Scala 1: 1,000,000 or 13.6 geographical miles to an inch. Costr. e autogr. G. E. Fritzsche. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Sudan Egiziano.—Carta Generale del——, colle Coste del Mar Rosso da Suakin fino ad Assab. Sulla base dei nuovi dati geodetici dello Stato Maggiore Egiziano: e coll'indicazione degli itinerari dei principali viaggiatori fino a G. Bianchi 1884. Costr. e dis. G. E. Fritzsche. Scale 1: 2,500,000 or 34.4 geographical miles to an inch. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Zulu-Land.—Kartenskizze von——und den Goldfeldern der Südafrikanischen Republik. Nach C. Mauch, F. Jeppe, Sir G. Colley, Rev. Berthoud, Capt. Riedel, H. Rissik, R. Loveday, Major Machado &c. sowie nach eigenen Aufnahmen gezeichnet von II. Haevernick. Pretoria, 1884. Scale 1:1,850,000 or 25.3 geographical miles to an inch. Petermann's 'Geographische Mitteilungen,' Jahrgang 1885, Tafel 6. Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1885. (Dulau.)

page 267


Florida.—Rand, M'Nally & Co.'s New Sectional Map of——. Scale 1: 633,600 or 8.6 geographical miles to an inch. Rand, M'Nally & Co., Chicago, 1885. (Dulau.)

This is one of Rand, M'Nally & Co.'s useful series of maps.

Nord Amerikas.—Übersichtskarte über die Endmoräne der Zweiten Glacial-epoche——. Nach T. C. Chamberlin, 1882. Scale 1: 15,000,000 or 205.4 geographical miles to an inch. Petermann's 'Geographische Mitteilungen Jahrgang 1885, Tafel 5. Justus Perthes, Gotha, (Dulau.)


Admiralty.—Charts and Plans published by the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, in November and December 1884, and January and February 1885,

No. inches. 2675 a b c m = 0.18 English channel, 3 sheets. Price 3s. each. 2045 m = 1.35 England, south coast:—Owers to Christchurch, with Spithead and the isle of Wight. Price 4s. 6d. 606 m = 3.0 Shetland isles:—Ronas Voe. Quendale bay. Vaila sound. Uyea and Skuda sounds. Ura firth or Hillswick. Blue Mull sound. Leven and Sand Wicks. Price 1s. 6d. 1130 m = 2.9 Mediterranean, Sicily:—Cagliari bay. Price 1s. 6d. 236 m = 0.21 Mediterranean, Turkey in Asia:—Rhodes island to Kara Burnu. (Plans, Castelorizo. Kakava roadstead and entrance into Kakava roadstead. Yali bay. Port Genovese. Tekrova. Adalia. Laara. Eski Adalia.) Price 2s. 6d. 237 m = 0.21 Mediterranean, Turkey in Asia:—Kara Burnu to Kara-dash Burnu. (Plans, Ptolemais. Alaya. Hamaxia. Silinti. Cape Anamur. Port Melania. Port Che-lindreh. Papadula islands. Cavalaière. Provençal or Manaval island. Aghaliman ports. Korghos-Kalaler. Ayash. Mezetlu.) Price 2s. 6d. 238 47 m = 2.0 India, west coast:—Bet harbour. Price 1s. 6d. 239 2621 m = 2.0 India, west coast Bombay harbour. Price 3s. 240 655 m = 5.0 India, west coast:—Port of Bombay. Price 1s 241 869 m = 4.7 Tasmania, east coast:—Spring bay and adjacent anchorages. Price 1s.6d. 242 2306 Plan added. Approaches to Kristiansund. 243 2647 Plan added. St. Gilles sur Vie. 244 1335 Plan added. Lobos de Afuera. 245 2536 Plan added. Berberch. 911 Plan added. Kaibobo road. Nalahia bay. Tehoru anchorage. Kisalaut bay. Inner harbour. 210 New plan. Odzuchi harbour. 2432 New plan. Anchorages of the west coast of Kazakavitch island. 2532 Plan added. Waikouaiti bay. 1114 Plans added. Hanfield inlet. Camp cove. (J. D. Potter, agent.)

page 268

Charts Cancelled.

No. Cancelled by 887
887 English, Crooked, Long, and Sea reaches New chart, English, Crooked, Long, and Sea reaches 887
1128 Ports Conte and Alghero New plans, Ports Conte and Alghero, Port Alghero, Port Torres 1128
1258 Approaches to Seoul New chart, Approaches to Séoul 1258
1181 Lynmouth, Porlock, Minehead, Watchet New plans, Lynmouth, Porlock, Minehead, Watchet 1181
1810 Masangzani bay to Primeira islands New chart, River Zambesi to Mozambique harbour 1810
651 Primeira islands to Mozambique New chart, River Zambesi to Mozambique harbour 1810
1458 Plans on east coast of Spain New plans, ports and anchorages on east coast of Spain 1458
214 Plan of Blanche harbour on this chart New plan on 656
2458 Gravesend to the Nore.
2675 a, b, c English channel, 3 sheets New charts, English channel, 3 sheets 2675, a, b, c
2045 Owers to Christchurch New chart, Owers to Christchurch 2045
1130 Cagliari bay New plan, Cagliari bay 1130
236 Makry to cape Khelidonia New chart, Rhodes island to Kara Burnu 236
237 Cape Khelidonia to cape Kara Burnu New chart, Rhodes island to Kara Burnu 236
238 Cape Kara-Burnu to cape Anamur New chart, Kara Burnu to Kara-dash Burnu 237
239 Cape Anamur to Lissan el Kahbeh New chart, Kara Burnu to Kara-dash Burnu 237
240 Lissan el Kahbeh to Kara-dash .. New chart, Kara Burnu to Kara-dash Burnu 237
675 Port Berberch New plan, Berberch on chart 253b
47 Bate harbour New plan, Bet harbour 47
2621 Bombay harbour New plan, Bombay harbour 2621
821 Plan of Akyab on this chart.

Charts that have Received Important Corrections.

No. 557. South America:—Harbours and anchorages in Magellan strait. 134. South Pacific Ocean:—Harbours and anchorages in New Hebrides islands. 190. Mediterranean, Sicily:—Girgenti, Catania. 2421. South Pacific Ocean:—Tonga or Friendly islands. 30. England, south coast:—Plymouth sound and Hamoaze. 253a. Africa, north-east coast:—Jibul Jarne to Sayara. 357. Japan:—Harbours in Kü channel. 875. China:—Ports and anchorages in Tong King gulf. 1626. England, east coast:—Blyth. 8c. Red sea:—sheet 3. 1862. Africa, west coast:—Jaboo to Forcados river. 1908. North America, west coast:—Plans on west coast of Lower California. 1753. Ireland, east coast:—Belfast lough. 2361. Sweden, east coast:—Oland to Landsort. 1875. North sea:—Elbe, Weser, and .Tade rivers. 780. Pacific Ocean:—S.W. sheet. 8d. Red sea:—Sheet 4. 977. Pacific, Caroline islands:—Harbours and anchorages in Ualan Islands. 1719. Mediterranean:—Ports and anchorages on the west coast of Italy. 81. Red sea:—Mersa Durúr to Trinkitat. 2062. China:—Tong King gulf. 298. Newfoundland:—St. John's harbour. 358. Japan:—Western coasts of Kiusiu and Nipon. 941a. Eastern archipelago:—Western portion. 942a. Eastern archipelago:—Eastern portion. 641. Africa, south coast:—Port Elizabeth. 1630. England, east coast:—Orfordness to Cromer. 2149. Eastern archipelago:—Gaspar and Banka straits. 2041. Malay peninsula:—Singapore to Timoan island. 2263. Baltic sea:—Riga gulf entrance. 125, North sea:—Ostende roads. 2247. page 269 Baltic sea:—Hogland to Seskar, north shore. 2842a. Baltic soa:—Western sheet. 1189. Mediterranean:—Bonifacio strait. 161a, b. Sardinia island, 2 sheets. 2207. Black sea:—Mouths of Danube river. 2505. Black sea:—Danube river:—St. George's mouth. 274. North Polar chart:—Atlantic side. 278. North Polar chart:—Pacific side. 2563. North America, east coast:—Delaware river, sheet 1. 2039. South America, east coast:—Parana and Uruguay rivers. 821. Bay of Bengal:—Elephant point to Cheduba strait. 842, Bay of Bengal:—Sayer island and adjacent coast to Lankawi island. 1845. Bay of Bengal:—Entrance to Maulmain river. 793a. Malacca strait:—Pulo Penang to Parcelor hill. 2597. Eastern Archipelago:—Banka strait. 2757. Eastern archipelago:—Banka strait to Singapore. 1262. China: Hong Kong to gulf of Lian-tung. 2347. Japan:—Nipon, Kiusiu, and Sikok islands. 2672. Japan:—Hakodate harbour. 475. Australia:—North-west coast of Australia between the parallels of 10° 8′ and 21° south. 2354. Australia, east coast:—Cape Grenville to Booby island. 1750. Australia, south coast:—Port Adelaide. 1896. New Zealand:—Auckland harbour entrances. 1970. New Zealand, north island:—Auckland harbour. 2126. New Guinea:—Port Moresby and Fairfax harbour. 936a. New Caledonia:—Northwest part. (J. D. Potter, agent.)

Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine.—No. 3985. Carte Particulière des Côtes de France. Embouchure de la Seine. 1884.—No. 3939. Côte Occidentale de France. Cours do la Loire de l'Ile Massereau à Nantes. 1882. (Feuille I.)—No. 3940. Côte Occidentale de France. Cours de la Loire do Paimbœuf à l'Ile Massereau. 1883. (Feuille II.)—No. 3941. Côte Occidentale de France. Cours de la Loire de St. Nazaire à Paimbœuf. 1883. (Feuille III.)—No. 3979. Mer de Chine. Golfe du Tonquin. Cheneaux Intérieurs entre Pak-ha-Moun et Thieng-Moun. 1883.—No. 3993. Mer de Chine. Golfe du Tonquin. Chenaux et Mouillages entre la Cac-Ba et la Baie de Ha-Long. 1884.—No. 4007. Golfe du Tonkin. Passe de l'Aspic donnant accès dans la Grande Baie de Faï-Tsi-Long. 1884.—No. 3971. Tunisie. Lac de Bizerte. Partie Sud. 1883.—No. 4006. Côte Ouest d'Afrique. Guinée. Anse du Petit Beribi ou Half Beriby. 1884.—No. 3903. Terre Neuve. Côte Est. Partie Sud de Belle-Ile. 1883.—No. 4003. Canaux Latéraux de la Patagonie. Golfe de Peñas. Ile Wager. Port Ballenas. 1884.—No. 4002. Nouvelle Calédonie. Iles Pott et Art. 1884.—No. 3990. Océan Pacifique. Tahiti. Côte Sud de la presqu'ile de Taiarapu de la Rivière Vavü . à la Pointe Arupa. 1884.—No. 3997. Océan Pacifique. Iles Marquises. Iles Hiva-Oa, Tahuata et Motane. 1884.—No. 3980. Océan Pacifique Sud. Nouvelles Hébrides. Ile Espiritu Sancto. Baie St. Philippe. Croquis du Mouillage de Talomaco. Croquis du. Mouillage de la Table. 1884.—No. 3983. Océan Pacifique Sud. Nouvelles Hébrides. Ile Espiritu Sancto. Côte Est. Croquis de la Baie de Léké. Croquis de la Baie des Requins. 1884.—No. 3995. Océan Pacifique Sud. Nouvelles Hébrides. Croquis de l'Ile Ambrym. 1884.—No. 3996. Océan Pacifique Sud. Nouvelles Hébrides. Croquis de l'Ile Api. 1884.—No. 3974. Océan Pacifique Sud. Croquis des Iles Souwaroff. Croquis de l'Entrée du Lagon et du Mouillage des Iles Souwaroff. 1883.—No. 3988. Océan Pacifique Sud. Nouvelles Hébrides. Ile Malicolo; Croquis du Port Sandwich. 1884.—Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine, Paris.

Norwegian Charts.—Generalkart over den Norske Kyst fra Kinn til Trondhjem-sleden, udgivet af den geografiske Opmaaling, Kristiania, 1884. Scale: 1,350,000 or 4.7 geographical miles to an inch.

Generalkart A 3.

Specialkart over den Norske Kyst fra Rundö til Ona, udgivet af den geografiske page 270 Opmaaling, Kristiania, 1883. Scale 1:100,000, or 1.3 geographical miles to an inch, Specialkart A 14.

Specialkart over den Norske Kyst fra Tyrhaug til Terningen, udgivet af don geografiske Opmaaling, Kristiania, 1883. Scale 1:50,000 or 1.4 inches to a geographical mile. Specialkart B 38. (Dulau.)

United States Charts.—Pilot Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean. Nos. 2 and 3. Feb. and March 1885. U.S. Hydrographic Office, Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, Washington DC.


Cosmographic Atlas.—The———of Political, Historical, Classical, Physical and Scriptural Geography and Astronomy, with Indices and Descriptive letterpress. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London, 1884. Price 1l. 1s.

This atlas is divided into six different sections, containing 66 maps, arranged in the following manner:—The first 40 are Political maps; from 40 to 49 Historical, from 50 to 52 Classical, from 53 to 56 Physical, from 57 to 60 Scriptural, and from 61 to 66 Astronomical Plates. There is a copious Index to the Political maps, arranged on the principle usually adopted by this firm of publishers, viz., squares indicated by capital and small letters, instead of giving the latitudes and longitudes of the several places; it contains the positions of nearly 60,000 places. Each Historical map has its explanatory letterpress, and there is a separate index for this section. The same remark applies to Classical, Physical and Scriptural maps.

The Astronomical diagrams and the explanation of the plates are remarkably good; indeed this atlas, for the purpose of general reference or instruction, is far in advance of any, of the same class, that have lately been published in England.

France.—Atlas Historique de la——, depuis César jusqu'à nos jours, par Auguste Longnon. Première Livraison. Hachette et Cie, Paris, 1885. Price 9s. each part. (Dulau.)

Each issue of this atlas is to be accompanied by a pamphlet containing explanatory notes in which the authorities on which the maps are based are quoted, and a list of the Roman and modern names of all places shown on the maps.

The following are the maps contained in the first part of this atlas:—

Pl. I. La Gaule à l'arrivée de César, 58 ans avant l'ère chrétienne. Une petite carte annexe représente la division de la Gaule au temps d'Auguste (an 10 avant l'ère chrétienne).

Pl. II. La Gaule sous la domination romaine, vers l'an 400 de notre ère. Une carte annexe indique la répartition des cités de la Gaule selon les tribus romaines.

Pl. III. et IV. La Gaule et les pays voisins du VIe au VIIIe siècle. Dix-huit cartes représentant la division ecclésiastique de la Gaule sous les Mérovingiens et l'état politique du mème pays en 506, 523, 545, 561, 567, 573, 583, 585, 587 (traité d'Andelot), 594, 600, 622, 625, 628, 638, 714 et 768.'

Pl. V. L'Empire de Charlemagne, 806.

Historischer Wand-Atlas, v. Spruner-Bretschneider. 10 Karten zur Geschichte Europas im Mittelalter bis auf die neuere Zeit. Scale 1:4,000,000 or 55.5 geographical miles to an inch. Dritte Auflage. Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1884 Price 3l. 3s. (G. Philip & Sou.)

This Atlas contains the following maps:—I. Europa um 350 nach Christo. II. Europa im Anfange des VI. Jahrhunderts. III. Europa zur Zeit Karls des Grossen. IV. Europa in der zweiten Hälfte des X. Jahrhunderts. V. Europa zur Zeit der Kreuzzüge. VI. Europa zur Zeit des XIV. Jahrhunderts. VII. Europa zur Zeit der Reformation. VIII. Europa zur Zeit des 30 jährigen Krieges und bis 1700. IX. Europa im XVIII. Jahrhundert von 1700 bis 1789. X. Europa im Zeitalter Napoleons I. 1789 bis 1815.

page 271

Nederlandsche Bezittingen.—Atlas van de——in Oost-Indië, door Dr. J. Pijnappel Gz., Hoogleeraar te Leiden. Derde op Nieuw Bewerkte Uitgave. Amsterdam, P. N. Van Kampen & Zoon, 1884. Price 12s. (Stanford.)

Oesterreich-Ungarn.—Physikalisch-Statistischer Hand-Atlas von——, in 24 Karten mit erläuterndem Text unter Mitwirkung von Vincenz v. Haardt, Prof. Dr. Anton Kerner Ritter v. Marilaun, Franz Ritter v. Le Monnier, General-Major Carl Sonklar v. Innstätten, Prof. Dr. Franz Toula, herausgegeben von Dr. Josef Chavanne undausgeführt in Eduard Hülzel's Geographischem Institute, Wien 1884. VI. Lieferung, containing the following maps:—No. 12. Karte der Verbreitung nutzbarer Mineralien. No. 21. Karte der Zu-und Abnahme der Bevölkerung. No. 24. Karte der Geschlechts-Verhältnisse der Bevölkerung (Letztere Karte tritt an die Stelle der früher im Programm festgesetzten Karte des Creditwesens). Price 7s. (Dulau.)

Philip, G. & Son.—Handy General Atlas of the World, a comprehensive series of maps illustrating general and commercial geography; by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. With complete Index of 40,000 names. New and enlarged edition. G.Philip & Son, London, 1885. Price 2l, 2s.

This edition exhibits a considerable improvement on those that have been previously published. Care has been taken to bring the maps up to date, and the general index has been considerably enlarged. The maps are well drawn, and show the physical features clearly; they are not overcrowded with names. This atlas is well suited for the purpose of general reference, or for the use of students.

——-Popular Atlas of the World; a series of Maps showing the present state of Political, Physical, and General Geography; by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. With consulting Index. New and revised edition. G. Philip & Son, London, 1885. Price 1l. 11s. 6d.

This is a cheaper edition of Philip's 'Handy General Atlas,' the principal difference being that only thirty-seven maps are given, instead of fifty-five: but the maps given are identical with those contained in the more expensive atlas.


Alpengebietes.—Uebersichtskarte des——, für Schüler bearbeitet von R. Petoug. Scale 1:506,000 or 6.9 geographical miles to an inch. Elberfeld, Fassbender. 10 sheets. Price 6s. (Dulau.)

Ancient World, Twelve Maps of the——(Atlas Antiquus) for schools and colleges, by Dr. Henry Kiepert. Eighth Edition: improved, corrected and enlarged. D. Reimer, Berlin, 1885. (Williams and Norgate.)

This Atlas contains the following maps:—1. Orbis terrarum antiquis notus. 2. Imperia Persarum et Macedonum. 3. Aegyptus.—Phoenice et Palaestina. 4. Asia citerior. 5. Graecia cum insulis et oris maris Aegaei. 6. Graecia ampliore modulo deseripta. 7. Italia. 8. Italiae pars media. 9. Roma urbs. 10. Hispania, Mauretania et Africa. 11. Gallia, Britannia, Germania. 12 Imperium Romanum.

Asien.—Politische Schul-Wandkarte von——, von Dr. Heinrich Kiepert. Scale 1:8,000,000 or 109.5 geographical miles to an inch. 9 sheets. New Edition. D. Reimer, Berlin, 1884. Price 12s. (Dulau.)

Australien und Polynesian.—Schul-Wandkarte von——nach dem Entwurfe und unter der Leitung des Vinzenz v. Haardt. Scale 1:16,000,000 or 119 geographical miles to an inch. Edward Hölzel, Wien, 1885. (Dulau.)

Berghaus, Dr. Hermann.—Stielers Schul-Atlas. Vollständig neu bearbeitet von Dr. Hermann Berghaus. 64. Auflage. 33 Maps. Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1885. Price 5s. (Dulau.)

page 272

Europa's, Richard Kiepert's Schul-Wand-Atlas der Länder——.

Zehnte Lieferung: Politische Wandkarte von Deutschland. 6 sheets. Scale 1:1,000,000 or 13.6 geographical miles to an inch.

Siebente Lieferung: Stumme Physikalische Wandkarte der Balkan-Halbinsel. 6 sheets. Scale 1:1,000,000 or 13.6 geographical miles to an inch.

Zwölfte Lieferung: Politische Wandkarte von Oesterreich-Ungarn. 6 sheets.

Scale 1:1,000,000 or 13.6 geographical miles to an inch. D. Reimer, Berlin, 1884. Price 7s. 6d. each. (Dulau.)

These maps form part of the series of School Wall Maps which is at present being brought out by Dr. Richard Kiepert. They are executed in a bold style, the colours are well chosen, and they are worthy companions of the other maps of this series which have already been issued.

France.—Atlas pour servir à l'étude de la géographie de la——, par A. Vuillemin. Édition avec le tracé des chemins de fer. Delalain, Paris. Price 6s.6d. (Dulau.)

Haardt, V. V.—Physikalisch-statischer Schul-Atlas von——. (Als Supplement zu B. Kozenn's geographischem Atlas für Mittelschulen). Edward Hölzel, Wien, 1884. Price 4s. (Dulau.)

——Geographischer Atlas für die höheren Classen der Volks-und Bürgerschulen in Niederösterreich. Approbirt mit Erlass des k. k. Ministeriums für Cultus und Unterricht vom 26 Juli 1881, Zahl 11,206. Eduard Holzel, Wien, 1884. Price 3s. (Dulau.)

Historical Atlas.—The Public Schools Historical Atlas. Edited by C. Colbeck, M.A. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1885.

This is an excellent little atlas, and shows great thought in the manner in which it has been produced. Advantage has been taken in the compilation of the maps of Spruner's Historical Atlas, Professor Freeman's Historical Geography of Europe and other standard works. The introduction of the plans of celebrated battles is a new feature in an historical atlas of this size, and it is furnished with a copious descriptive index.

Holy Land.—The——. To illustrate the Old Testament. Scale 1:380,000 or 5.2 geographical miles to an inch. With an inset plan of Jerusalem, on twice the scale of general map. Constructed and engraved by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London.

——-The——-. To illustrate the New Testament. Scale 1:380,000 or 5.2 geographical miles to an inch. With an inset plan of Ancient Jerusalem. Constructed and engraved by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London.

Kampen, Alb. van.—Orbis Terrarum Antiquus in Scholarum usum descriptus ab Alb. van Kampen. Insunt Tabulæ; XVI. cum XXVII. Tabellis. Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1884. Price 2s. (Dulau.)

Letts, Son & Co.—School Atlas of Modern Geography. 30 maps and Index. Letts, Son &Co., Limited, London, 1884.

———-Classical Atlas, compiled from the most recent authorities. 23 maps and index. Letts, Son & Co., Limited, London, 1884.

Mathematischen Geographie.—Wandkarte für den Unterricht in der——, in 9 Blättern met erläuterndem Text. Entworfen und bearbeitet von Eduard Wetzel. Vierte verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage. Dietrich Reimer, Berlin, 1884. (Dulau.)

Oesterreich-Ungarn.—Schul-Wandkarte von——(Politische Ausgabe), nach dem Entwurfe und unter der Leitung des Vinzenz v. Haardt. Scale 1:1,100,000 or 15 geographical miles to an inch. Eduard Hölzel, Wien, 1885. (Dulau.)

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Map of King Country and Neighbouring Districts in New Zealand

Map of King Country and Neighbouring Districts in New Zealand