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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 56

Richard Cobden, 1865. — Leaflet No. XX

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Richard Cobden, 1865.

Leaflet No. XX.

Cobden Club Motto
The following Verses appeared in a Country Newspaper the week after Mr. Cobden's Death:

Pure-hearted Hero of a bloodless fight!
Clean-handed Captain in a painless war!
Soar, spirit, to the realms of Truth and Light,
Where the Just are!

If one poor cup of water given shall have
Due recognition in the Day of Dread,
Angels may welcome this one, for he gave
A nation bread!

His bays are sullied by no crimson stain;
His battles cost no life, no land distress'd;
The victory that closed the long campaign,
The vanquish'd bless'd!

No narrow patriot bounded by the strand'
Of his own Isle-he led a new advance,
And opened, with the olive-branch in hand,
The ports of France,

Charming base hate of centuries to cease,
And laying upon humble piles of Trade,
Foundation for that teeming reign of Peace,
For which he prayed.

This the sole blot on which detraction darts,
Willing to make his rounded fame decrease:
That in his inmost soul, and heart of hearts,
He worshipp'd Peace.

But One bless'd Peacemakers long years ago;
And since, in common clay, or stately vault,
Seldom has Hero rested, stained by so
Superb a fault.

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