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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 56

Leases and Licences for other than Pastoral, Grazing, or Agricultural purposes

page 8

Leases and Licences for other than Pastoral, Grazing, or Agricultural purposes.

Leases of any Crown lands not exceeding (except in the cases of leases for obtaining guano or other manure) three acres for a term not exceeding 21 years from the date thereof, at a yearly rental not less than £5, may be granted for any of the following purposes, provided that, in cases where it is proposed to issue a lease for a longer term than seven years, the application for the same shall be notified in four consecutive numbers of the Government Gazette, at least one month before the issue of such lease:—
1.Obtaining and removing guano.
2.Obtaining and removing stone or earth.
3.Sites for inns, stores, &c., in thinly populated districts.
4.Bathing houses, bridges, ferries, and punt houses.
5.Tanneries, factories, saw or paper mills, stores, warehouses, or dwellings.
6.Sites for quays, landing places, or for deposit of materials.
7.Working mineral springs.
8.Sites for ship or boat building or repairing, and marine and general engineering works.
9.For manufacture of salt.
10.Sites for construction of canals or docks, provided the conditions of such a lease have been laid on the table of both Houses of Parliament for at least four consecutive weeks prior to the issue of the same.

Before any lease can be obtained for any of the purposes aforesaid within the boundaries of any city, town, or borough, the right to such lease shall be offered for sale by auction.

The person who offers the highest rent shall be entitled to the lease.

Licences may be issued to enter upon any Crown lands not under licence or lease as an agricultural allotment for the following purposes:—
1.To cut, dig, and take away any live or dead timber, gravel, stone, &c.
2.To occupy sites for fishermen's residences and drying grounds.
3.To occupy sites for fellmongering works, slaughter-houses, brick or lime kilns.
4.To erect pumps.
5.To collect ballast.
6.To occupy areas not exceeding three acres for gardening purposes.
7.For any of the purposes for which leases may be granted for other than pastoral, grazing, or agricultural purposes.

Every such licence to bear date of the day on which it is issued, and may continue in force for a period not exceeding 12 months; and payments shall be made of such amount of fee as may be fixed by regulation.