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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 56

Agricultural and Grazing Farms

Agricultural and Grazing Farms.

In an "agricultural area" the maximum which may be selected by one person is 1,280 acres, but the Land Board have power to limit such maximum in any one district to a smaller area, not being less than 320 acres. This does not prevent any person from selecting up to the maximum area in other districts.

In "grazing areas" the maximum may vary from 20,000 to 2,560 acres, as may be determined by the Board.

The annual rental payable to the Crown for such lands is made public by proclamation. The minimum price for land in an agricultural area is 3d., and in a grazing area per acre per annum.

After an application to select has been confirmed by the Land Board, a licence to occupy is issued. A grazing farm must be fenced in within three years; and in the case of an agricultural farm, the selector must, within five years, either enclose the land with a fence or expend an amount equal to such fencing in improvements. The selector is then in a position to claim a certificate of fulfilment of conditions; such being notified to the Board, a lease issues, in the case of an agricultural farm for fifty years, and in the case of a grazing farm for thirty years. The rent payable for the first ten years is that stated in the proclamation declaring the land open to selection. Subsequent rents for each period of five years after the first ten years shall be determined by the Board.

The lessee must occupy the land continuously during the term of the lease, either personally or by bailiff.

Leases may be mortgaged, under-let in whole or part, or transferred.

Selectors under existing Acts may bring their holdings under this Act, receiving fresh leases and being allowed for the rents already paid, which, in most cases, will be found ample to prepay rents under the present Act for some years in advance.

In agricultural areas, the fee-simple may be acquired after ten years' personal occupation at the purchase price proclaimed in the proclamation.

Special provision, is also made in certain cases for acquiring freeholds not exceeding 160 acres at 2s. 6d. per acre after personal occupation for five years. (This is commonly called Homestead Selection.)