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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 54

Meaning of the Symbols

Meaning of the Symbols.

In the first place, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is a Prehistoric Monument, designed and erected by the people of a former period, and left by them as a "Scientific" record, or "Book of Stone," to make known to us (a people of a distant posterity, of another and later period), their knowledge of the existence of a "Zone of water," its period, arcs of time, etc. The Problem is written in the language of symbols and numbers, in the terms of the inch, in the terms of π, so that the people of the next period should be able to read it, as soon as they understood the "reason why" the bulk of the ocean was retained in the Southern Hemisphere at the present day, and they knew the value of

The builders knew there was no problem in "physical" science so important for us to know as the problem built up there, because it gives the astronomical and physical forces which govern the obliquity of the ecliptic, and reveals to us some of the lost pages of the true history of the past, prior to the Deluge of our history.

This ancient monument, then, is erected on a parallel of latitude which marks the boundary of the "Zone of water," during their period of repose, when this "Zone of water" was in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is now in the South. For we are passing through Our Period of Repose at this time. In fact, we are more than half-way through our period of repose "without knowing anything about it." * [If we did there would be less talk of the end of the world every few years.]

The period of this "Zone of water" is equal to 10,482 years from the time it crosses the equator, till, its return to the equator again.

During each period it is in motion 2739 years, and stationary during 7743 years, its apex is equal to 2185 feet, and it extends on either side over 1304 ± miles of latitude. Then, it follows that as the Great Pyramid marks the parallel of latitude, of the boundary, of this "Zone of water" during their period of repose, when it (the "zone of water") was in the Northern Hemisphere, it becomes evident that it was physically necessary that the foundation should be laid, and the building complete before the "zone of water" began its return journey to the south, because if it was not, the site would be under water.

Now, I have abundant evidence to prove that the foundation

* Note.—The perihelion point of the earth's orbit is now about 10 degrees past the solstice ± on its way towards the opposite equinoctial point.

page 9 was laid 375 years ± before the end of that former period of repose.—See figure.

A a = 375 ± and A a + A E = 1744.5 = date = 375 years + 1369.5 years = 1744.5 years, then, by the symbology. It symbolises that, 652 years after the foundation was laid, the apex of the "Zone of water" would be symbolically at the entrance.

You notice those Inclined Stones above the entrance, revealed now the outer stones are removed.* They were placed within the interior of the building for preservation, so that in future time, when we should be able to read this Book of Stone, we would understand that these Inclined Stones symbolised the apex, as being then symbolically at the entrance 652 years after the foundation was laid.

One of the acute angles of these stones is equal to 51°, then in the terms of the inch, in the terms of π

51 ÷ (652 ÷ 100) × π x7 ÷ l00 = 1.72018 1) I-1.7203 × (365.24 ÷ ?) }=652ins. II-One of the obtuse angles of these stones is equal to 128°, Then, 1284 ÷ (652 ÷ 10) × π ÷ 7 × 10 = 11.92143) 11.9223 × 7 ÷ 2 ÷ π × (5276 ÷ 100) } = 652in.

And by the symbology 1,092.5 years after the apex has arrived at the entrance it was to be at the equator, symbolised by the junction of the passages, then 652 + the whole length of the entrance passage is equal to 1,744.5 ±, because the whole length of the entrance passage is equal to (2,185 ÷ 2 = 1,092.5 inches ±) equal the half of the height, of the apex of the "zone of water" in the terms of the inch (See figure). If we call the Circle a representation of the Earth, then E E E represents the Equator and E will represent the equinoctial point, and the perihelion point of the earth's orbit was to be in the equinox 1,744.5 years after the foundation was laid.

Then, the Ascending and Descending passages symbolise the two hemispheres.

The apex is symbolically at the equator, then its arm (as I call it) would reach 1,302 miles across the equator into the opposite hemisphere, and the arm would then come under the influence of the Deficiency.

This is clearly symbolised by the symbology of the Horizontal Passage.

I will again refer you to the figure. You see those two square blocks of stone above the entrance passage; they are 100 inches by 100. Now, the line of intersection of these two stones, if extended

* Note.—See plates in Piazzi Smyth's work.

Note.—5,276 is equal to the first four figures of the mass of the moon as used in the calculation, and 652 inches is equal to the height of the entrance.

page 10 each way, would connect the Horizontal Passage and the outer face of the Great Pyramid; and the distance from the horizontal passage to the outer face is equal to 2185 ±, and from the point of intersection of this extended line with the outer face, down along the inclined face, is equal to half, equal 1092.5 ±. Then these two blocks of stone symbolise the two hemispheres, the line of intersection the equator, and they symbolise to us that in 1092.5 years ± the apex of the "Zone of water" would be at the equator, and that the Horizontal Passage symbolises the Arm of the "Zone of water," reaching the Deficiency. This Deficiency is symbolised by the floor, by that portion which you see is deficient in height, and the length of this low portion deducted from the whole length of the floor is equal to 1302± equals the length of the arm of the "Zone of water."

We have arrived then, symbolically, at the end of that former period, or any period, because we have arrived at the end of the 1744.5 years ±, and, after the 375 years had elapsed, the perihelion would then be within 23½° of the equinox E' or E, and it is during those years when the perihelion point of the earth's orbit is within 23½° of the equinox, that this "Zone of water" is in motion. Then, it follows that, during the 1369.5 years of the last arc of time of that former period, as this "Zone of water" advances from the north to the south, as it approaches the equator, the change of position of this body of water must effect the "centre of gravity of the earth," consequently the obliquity of the ecliptic would decrease till, at the end of the period, it would be reduced to "zero," because the apex, being then at the equator, neither pole would gravitate towards the sun when the earth arrives in the perihelion. This is symbolised in the horizontal floor of the King and Queen's Chambers. This would be the period known in geology as the carboniferous period, when ice and snow have been comparatively unknown at the poles.

The apex is now, symbolically, at the equator. The arm has reached the deficiency, consequently, currents would be set in motion (for this force would be stronger than the force of the sun for the time being), and these currents would increase in volume and velocity, and carry this "Zone of water" into the opposite hemisphere and submerge it, as is symbolised by the subterranean chamber, with its up and down and apparently unfinished floor, which symbolises to us the ceasing of all human undertakings, when the ocean breaks its bounds and causes universal destruction, and the death of all science for ages and ages after.

Here, we arrive at the cause of the drift period, and the knowledge of this will open to our contemplation some of the lost pages of the true history of the past—prior, to the deluge of our history—and enable us to trace out some near approach to the page 11 history of the many ruins of antiquity, of which, at present, we know nothing.

Then, when we arrive at the junction of the passages, we have arrived at the end of the one period and at the beginning of the new.

The Ascending Passage symbolises the first arc of time of a new period; its Portcullis entrance symbolises the serious difficulties and obstructions which will check the advance of the descendants of the remnants of the people during the first centuries of the new period, for no sooner do they overcome one difficulty than another presents itself equally formidable, and the more hard to bear because "Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick." But necessity has no law, and the force of circumstances compel them to proceed so that as time rolls on, obstacle after obstacle is removed till at length the end of this first arc of time is reached—the first 1369.5 years has passed.

The height of the south end of this passage is = 43.6 inches ±, and 1369.5 ÷ π = 435.934 ÷ 10 = 43.6 = the height of the south end of this passage and 1369.5 ÷ 435.936 = π.

The length, of this Ascending Passage along the floor, is equal to 1,542 inches, the π angle at the base of the Great Pyramid is equal to 51° 51′ 14″ = 51.8504; the height of the apex of the "zone of water" equals 2,185, then,

2185 ÷ 51.8504 × π ÷ 2 ÷ 6 = 11.0525} ... = 1542in. 11.0525 × 8 ÷ 100 × 4 ÷ π × 1369.5} equals the length of this passage. 1302.983 × 3 × 2 ÷ 100 ÷ π × 61.83 ... ... = 1542in. and 2739 ÷ 1542 × π × 7÷3 × 100 ... ... ... = 1302.07 equals the length of the arm ±, as is symbolised by the Horizontal Passage floor.