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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 54


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1. Difficulty of defining the proper functions 5
(a) The contradictory practices of different nations
(b) The opposed opinions of political writers
2. Short Review of past Legislation in England, and of State Interference in Europe 6
3. Examination of the opinions of Adam Smith, J. S. Mill, Humboldt. H. Spencer, Bentham, and H. Fawcett 8
4. Deduction of general principles from the preceding 11
5. Reasons why these principles are not acted on; popular ignorance and selfishness 14
6. Rapid modern growth of State Interference 15
7. Sir Thomas More's ideas on legislation 15
8. Distinction between State action and industrial co-operation 16
9. The evils of excessive State Intervention 17
1. Costliness of Government work and causes thereof 17
2. Its inefficiency 18
3. Co-oparation is checked and national character deteriorated
4. Tendency of the evil to grow largely (more local Government advocated) 19
5. Usurpation of individual functions, diminishes individual happiness 20
6. Resulting uniformity of type 20
7. Representatives become mere delegates 21
8. Inconsistencies of legislation. (An entrance examination proposed, for M.P.'s Road Boards. Extra Parliamentary work in the colonies) 21
9. Evils of legislative changes—uncertainty of law 23
10. Socialism is trying to gain a footing through Legislation 23
11. The best of laws incidentally do much harm. Examination of The Education Act, 1877 24
12. State wisdom leans to popular folly 26
13. The undermining of our liberties 27
10. Concluding remarks 27