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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 53

General Conclusion

General Conclusion.

"The dreaming soul is on the way of death
The harvest soon is o'er
Rouse up, and dream no more!
Act, for the summer fadeth like a breath-"

Thus I have endeavoured to contrast education as it should be, and as it is here; and have attempted not only to diagnose the disease, but to prescribe the remedy. The issue is in the hands of you, the electors. Or to apply the figurative words of Junius (referring to Lord Mansfield), "I have bound the victim and dragged him to the altar," and reminded you, the electors, that you have all the powers of a sacrificing priest.

Therefore, again using the words of Junius, and especially in view of the approaching elections, "If, when the opportunity presents itself, you neglect to do your duty to yourselves and to posterity, to God, and to your country, I shall have had one consolation left," that I have not refrained from boldly warning you of your obligations, and, in default, of your fates: whilst at the same time purposely avoiding all vexed religious questions, including those which Square, the philosopher, and Thwackum, the divine, discussed, such as "Can any morality exist independently of religion?"

Of course I fully expect that there will be those who will endeavour to mislead you by sneering at my reasonings as fallacious, and at my conclusions as Utopian: but for that I care nothing; because I am satisfied "that there is a fund of good sense in this country which cannot long be deceived by the arts either of false reasoning or false patriotism."