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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 53



(1.) An educator is "a guide, director, or superintendent of the operations by which" the subject being is developed.

(2.) That the parent's duty—as an educator—is paramount, and commences at conception,

(3.) That the State is only justified in interfering—as an educator—when the parent omits or neglects his duty.

(4.) That even then its duty terminates with Primary Schools, because the ends of State education should be therein fully attain-able. And

(5.) That, therefore, Universities, Secondary Schools (including Colleges, Grammar and High Schools), and Open Scholarships ought not to be established or aided at the expense of the State.

We must beware, therefore-with our State educational establishments of Universities, Colleges, Grammar Schools, High Schools, and Open Scholarships—lest our schemes, in the words of the poet Gray,

Are like the false, illusive light,
Whose flattering, unauspicious blaze
To precipices oft betrays.

Or, as Bishop Wilson says, as quoted by Mr. Matthew Arnold in his essay on "Culture and Anarchy," "First, never go against the best light you have; secondly, take care that your light be not darkness." For "the man who stumbles twice on the same stone is a fool."