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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 53



The Greek dramatist Sophocles writes: "To know nothing is the happiest life." But however true this may be in the abstract we, in our present artificial modes of existence, need not for practical purposes discuss it: the recognition of education being, under such artificial circumstances, at all events, a necessity. Believing however, as I do, that only the cultured few—as against the unthinking many - have any correct idea as to what education means, or by whom it should be conducted and controlled (thus ignorance the cause of error); and also believing, as I do, that therefore our public system of education is radically erroneous, (thus error the effect of ignorance, inasmuch as if we under-stood what education meant, our self-interest would see that our money was expended on a proper system); and that, as Diogenes said, the "foundation of every State is its education of its youth," I, faute de mieux, have ventured to write the following articles on:—
I.Education.—What it is.
II.Educators.—Who they should be.
III.Results of Education.—What they should be; and, lastly, on
IV.Education Boards, School Committees, and State Schools.

In the hope that we may realise how erroneously we have thought and acted in the past, and therefore how desirable amendment is in the immediate future. Indeed my difficulty with regard to our system is not to find a tendon Achillis, but an invulnerable part. Therefore let us enquire: