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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 53



Among the deposits of the recent or human period; those in caves have been the richest in relics of man. Cave-hunting has become almost a special branch of geological research, and the literature relating to it is interesting and voluminous. The limits of a paper like this, however, confine us to a statement of the general conclusions. In the Brixham caverns flint weapons were distributed through a bed of gravel twenty feet thick intermingled with the remains of the extinct mammoth, rhinoceros, and cave bear. In Kent's Cave, which has been systematically prospected by a committee of eminent geologists appointed by the British Association the discoveries were of a similar character, the bones of an extinct hyena being among the most numerous of the remains. Bone and flint page 12 weapons were found intermingled with the ancient fossils. In the Brunquiel cave, France; in the lower gravels of Abbeville; and in various other places, human bones or flint implements have been found mixed indiscriminately with the bones of extinct mammals.