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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 52

A Catechism for "Fair Traders."

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A Catechism for "Fair Traders."

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1. Is it true that the labouring classes are better off now than they ever were before, in times of commercial depression?

2. Is pauperism declining?

3. Is the volume of our trade actually increasing, although manufacturers and merchants are still suffering from that overproduction which deceived so many people a few years ago as a sign of great prosperity?

4. Are the manufacturers of industries of other countries, say the United States and France—where a Protective system prevails—not in a far worse state than ours?

5. Have both these nations virtually lost their ship-building and ship-owning trade to our great gain?

6. Is more tonnage turned out in the yards on the Tyne than in all France?

7. Have the American cotton spinners and weavers been driven out of nearly all the markets of the world by unprotected British manufacturers?

8. Have wages in New England fallen forty per cent, in ten years?

9. Are the working classes in many American manufacturing towns at this moment not presenting every sign of poverty and wretchedness?

10. In all countries under the Protective system is not the commercial depression greater than in this country, and increasing?

The only reply to each of these questions is "Yes!" and the answer is conclusive against any change in our laws, except that which would give us a free breakfast-table, and abolish all duties on food of whatever kind.

W. E. Baxter.

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