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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 52

Analysis of Imports and Exports for 1884

Analysis of Imports and Exports for 1884.

Imports. Exports of British Produce and Manufactures.
£ £
Living Animals, Food, Spirits, Wine, Tobacco, Seeds and Oil Cake 172,104,684 11,076,558
Raw Materials, and other Materials of Manufacture, including Cotton, Wool, Ores, Hides, Skins, Coal, &c. 146,489,696 13,469,551
Leather 5,411,253 2,016,136
Cotton, Linen, Jute, Silk, Woollen, and other Textile Manufactures, including Yarns 21,813,819 109,814,281
Metals, in various stages of Manufacture 14,773,281 37,162,152
Steam Engines, Machinery, Tools, Hardware, and Cutlery (Import trifling, not stated separately) 13,051,028
Alkali, Chemicals, and Drugs 2,362,093 7,839,516
Other Manufactured Articles 23,337,202 38,168,353
Miscellaneous Articles 3,482,521
Total Exports British Produce and Manufactures £232,927,575
Exports of Foreign and Colonial Produce £62,443,715
Total Real Value of Imports and Exports £389,774,549 £295,371,290
Gold and Silver Bullion, and Specie 20,321,853 21,999,222
Total £410,096,402 £317,370,512
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Of the Importations of Textile Fabrics, Silk, formerly the most protected of British Industries, accounts for £10,976,836; Cotton, the freest from Protection, for only £2,23o,800. Of the whole £389,774,000 of Imports, £318,594,000 consisted of Food, Drink, Tobacco, and materials of manufacture, while the Exports of British Produce are mainly Manufactures.