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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 51

Platform of the New York State Revenue Reform League

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Platform of the New York State Revenue Reform League.

The New York State Revenue Reform League holds:—That the only tax on imports which should ever be tolerated by a free people, is a tariff for revenue only. That the greatest burden now borne by the American people is the unjust and unequal system of taxation called a protective tariff. This tariff, levied upon nearly 4,000 articles, is a masterpiece of injustice, inequality, and false pretence. By seriously injuring many industries, it has reduced the wages of labour, restricted the opportunities for domestic employment, and unnecessarily increased the cost of the necessaries of life. It has almost swept the flag of the American commercial marine from the ocean. It has cut down the sales of American manufactures at home and abroad, and depleted the returns of American agriculture—an industry followed by half our people. It costs the people five times more than it produces to the treasury, obstructs the processes of production, wastes the fruits of labour, promotes fraud, and fosters the growth of monopolies.

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