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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 51

Third Epoch (1688—1832)

Third Epoch (1688—1832).

The third period of aristocracy extends from the "Glorious page 99 Revolution "to the first Reform Bill. This was the halcyon era of noble lords, of Continental Wars, Standing Armies, National Debts, and Pensions. They now wielded the prerogatives of Royalty, and usurped the functions of the Commons. In Dutch William's time they robbed the Crown of nearly all its vast estates, and made it a pauper on the bounty of the People by the invention of the Civil List. There being in the Georgian era but some 15,000 electors in a population of 30,000,000 they were able by unblushing corruption to take complete possession of the Representative Chamber. Nearly five-sixths of the members were their direct or indirect nominees. Their diabolical toast and watchword during this miserable period was, "A long war and a short crop!" Both tended to raise rents. They fought everywhere—in Europe, in Asia, in America—and always against Liberty. Every European despot, great and small, from the Autocrat of Russia to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, was subsidised with British gold in the vain attempt to restore the Bourbons, and to undo the beneficent work of the French Revolution. A subsidy of £2,400,000 enabled Prussia to partition Poland. America was lost, to say nothing of the sacrifice of nearly two millions of precious English lives. Since 1688 we have paid in interest on lord-begotten war debt £2,790,000,000, and in reduction of the same £3,430,000,000, while £750,000,000 remain to pay! Strict economists these noble lords in handling other people's money!