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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand, 1885. — Matriculation Examination. — History

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University of New Zealand, 1885.

Matriculation Examination.


(Candidates are expected to answer nine questions).

1.Describe the difficulties in which England was involved between 1689 and 1745 in consequence of the claim of the Stuarts to the throne.
2.When and how did England obtain possession of Gibraltar, Canada, Malta, the Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon,. British Guiana, Trinidad, Heligoland?
3.Write a short sketch of the life of one of the following states-men:—
(A)William Pitt, First Earl of Chatham;
(B)Edmund Burke;
(C)Charles James Fox.
4.Describe the character and opinions of George III., and trace the effect of then) on English history.
5.Give the leading points in the decline of—
(A)Religious disabilities;
(B)Political corruption.
6.For what are the following places famous?—Glencoe, Ramillies, Dettingen, Plassey, Bunker's Hill, St. Peter's Fields at Manchester, Navarino?
7.When was it decided that negro slavery is illegal in England? How was the slave trade put down? How was slavery in the English Colonies abolished?
8.What were the principal events in the war between England and France from 1793 to 1802?
9.Trace the military and the political career of the Duke of Wellington up to 1837.
10.What do you know of—the origin of the National Debt, Walpole's Excise Bill, the Reformation of the Calendar, General Warrants, the Letters of Junius, the liberty of reporting Parliamentary Debates, the Luddites, the Cato Street Conspiracy?
11.With what great events in English history were the following statesmen connected?—Lord Sunderland, Lord Bolingbroke, George Grenville, Addington, Percival, Canning.
12.What do you know of—Locke, Addison, Swift, Whitefield, Smeaton, Brindley, Jenner, Wedgwood, Howard, Ark-wright, Watt.