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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



6. Mention the districts most famous for the production of silver, tin, petroleum, coffee, olives, indigo, alpaca, gutta percha.

7. Give the positions of the principal unproductive tracts on the earth's surface, and state in each case whether the barrenness of the district results from climate, soil, situation, or other causes.

8. How far are the following statements true?—
(A)All the great peninsulas of the; world (Italy, Arabia, &c.) follow a southerly direction,
(B)While the three southern continents present to the ocean an almost unbroken outline, neither receiving its waters into their bosoms nor projecting into it any important peninsulas, the three northern ones are highly indented.

9. Give the positions, and describe the principal products of the most important groups of islands in the South Pacific.

10. What do you know of the following?—

Altdorf, Balaclava, the Carpathian Mountains, the Dnieper, Elephanta, Funchal, the Giants' Causeway, Cape Hat-teras, Kiel, Labium, Milford Haven, Ning-Po, Okhotsk, Prince Edward's Island, Rochelle, Sandy Hook, Tananarive, Chicago, Ottawa, Salt Lake City, Trinidad, Foo Chow, Zurich.