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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

New Zealand University. — Entrance Examination.—December, 1885

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New Zealand University.

Entrance Examination.—December, 1885.


A.—Matriculation Paper.


Decline Greek text

Give the comparative and superlative (nominative singular masculine only) of Greek text Give the ordinary tenses in use (first person singular indicative only) of Greek text.

Write out in the usual Attic form the present optative active and the first aorist optative active of Greek text

Parse Greek text


Classify the uses of the definite article, Greek text and frame sentences.

Distinguish Greek text and Greek text.

Translate Greek text.

Express in Greek:—This queen, the middle of the city, half of the ships.



1. Greek text.

Explain the use of Greek text in the last sentence.

Parse Greek text.

2. Greek text

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Greek text

(Note:—Greek text a muleteer).

Parse Greek text.


Translate into Greek:—

Having entered the city he summoned all the inhabitants to the market-place, and addressed them as follows:—We are here, my friends, not for any evil purpose, but to make you partakers of freedom. Do not be deceived. It is not we but your own evil counsellors whom you have to fear. They, under the pretence of guarding you from foreign foes, have for years past been keeping you in bondage.


Express in Greek (without using Greek text):—
1.I know that I am mortal. I know that you are my master. It is evident that he is in error.
2.It is just that he should suffer death. I have unconsciously offended you. What in the world induced you to do this? Why do you keep trifling? Every king at his accession takes this oath. One after another, as fast as they came up, they ran to join those in front. All who (use the article) were on board the ship landed safely on the island.
3.What varieties of expression in Greek correspond with the Latin num and nonne?

Explain fully the grammar and meaning of the sentences Greek text and Greek text.