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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

New Zealand University. — Entrance Examination.—December, 1885

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New Zealand University.

Entrance Examination.—December, 1885.


Paper B.—(To be answered by candidates for Junior Scholarships).


(The Dioscuri bid Orestis go to Athens and take his trial at the court of Areopagus).

Translate:— Greek text

Write notes on Greek text (lines 2 and 16), Greek text (4), Greek text (6), Greek text (7), Greek text (8), Greek text (12), Greek text (22).

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Translate:— Greek text


For Greek prose:—

As Xenophon was marching through the interior, his cavalry while scouring the country in front of him fell in with some old men who were travelling to some place or other. When they were brought to Xenophon he questioned them whether they had noticed any other body of Greek troops. They told him all that had happened, and how the Arcadians were at that moment hemmed in on a hill, and the Thracians in full force had completely surrounded them. Thereupon he had the men closely guarded, intending to have them as guides when necessary, and having stationed look-out-men he assembled his troops and addressed them as follows:—"Soldiers, some of the Arcadians are killed and the rest are hemmed in on a hill. Now my opinion is that if they lose their lives there is no safety for us either, considering the great numbers and confidence of the enemy. Our best course, therefore, is to relieve them, and so have them to help us in battle, instead of being left to fight alone.


1.What were the principal Greek dialects and how were they geographically distributed? What is the prevailing dialect in the choruses of Greek tragedy, and how is that prevalence to be accounted for?
2.Give a short sketch, with dates, of the struggle between Greece and Persia down to the battle of Platrea.
3.Describe the form of government at Athens as instituted by Solon and altered by Cleisthenes.
4.Write notes on the following phrases and words:—Greek text