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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



1.Describe as fully as you can the differences between a root and an underground stem.
2.Explain fully why a plant withers in a short time unless supplied with water.
3.What is the object of manuring plants?
4.It is often said that stamens and carpels are modified leaves: state exactly what you understand by this, giving examples.
5.Describe the structure of an ordinary stone-fruit, and explain the manner of its formation.
6.Describe as fully as you can any two of the following flowers:—Clematis, Pansy, Fuchsia, Blue-gum, Mapau (Pittosporum), Pohutukawa or Rata (Metrosideros), Wheat, or any other cereal, New Zealand Flax (Phorniium), Cabbage, Dock.
7.What is nectar? Where is it produced, and what purpose does it serve in the economy of the plant?
8.Explain fully the meaning of the following terms:—ovule, ovary, carpel, anther, pollen, bract, umbel, raceme, capitulum, stipule, achene, berry.