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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

The University of New Zealand. — Entrance Examination, 1885—Matriculation. — Physics

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The University of New Zealand.

Entrance Examination, 1885—Matriculation.


1.Describe exactly the effect of heat upon water, commencing with the water in the state of ice. Describe the changes of volume, of capacity for heat, changes of state, and heat absorbed during these changes.
2.In what several ways does heat diffuse itself? Describe some accurate mode of determining relative conductivity.
3.Describe the formation of dew and clouds.
4.How are the notes of a piano, an organ, and a concertina produced?
5.Describe methods for determing the intensities of two lights.
6.What are the laws of reflection? Draw a diagram to show how an image is produced in a plane mirror.
7.Describe how to form a solar spectrum. State what you know of the principles of spectrum analysis.
8.Describe how you would determine the kind of electricity on an electrified body.
9.Describe and explain an electric machine.
10.How may a current of electricity be produced? In what several ways could you prove its existence in a wire?