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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Latin. — Paper A.—Matriculation Paper. — I


Paper A.—Matriculation Paper.


1.Decline domus, vis, unus, iste. Has unus any plural? if so, how is it used?
2.Give the comparatives and superlatives (nominative singular masculine only) of humilis, pius, honorificus.
3.Give the perfect, infinitive and supine (if any) of texo, divido, veneo, differo, mordeo, repello, pario, confido.
4.Mark the quantities of the first syllables of each of the following words and give their meanings:—malo, levis, sedes, latus, dedit, labor, edo, luteus.
5.Mention some verbs which govern (1) the genitive, (2) the dative, (3) the ablative. Explain, where you are able, the reasons for these constructions.
6.When must the dative be used to express the agent? In what other case can it be used? Frame or quote instances, and account for this use of the dative.