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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — International Law

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University of New Zealand.

International Law.

1.Summarize the duties of neutrality, noting the more important controversies thereon.
2.What questions have arisen as to the true position in jurisprudence of International Law?
3.How should the validity of a marriage be determined in a country different from that in which it was contracted? Notice the most remarkable exceptions to the general rule.
4.Can you associate the progress of democratic institutions with any notable developments in international law or custom?
5.What is the proper jurisdiction of a Court of Admiralty, and what is the international effect of its decisions?
6.State the leading provisions of the "Naturalization Act, 1870."page 2
7.Distinguish (as regards their functions and authority) between the different classes of representatives of foreign powers.
8.What is the present state of International Law with regard to privateering?
9.Discuss the application of the jus postliminii in modern international law.
10.Note the principal provisions of the following treaties:—Treaty of Paris, 1856; Treaty of Washington, 1871; Treaty of Berlin, 1878.