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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Equity

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University of New Zealand.


(Only eight questions to be answered.)

1.What is a mandatory injunction? In what class of cases will it be granted?
2.A trustee accepts a second trust incompatible with the first. Has the first cestui que trust any right to relief? and who should be parties to his suit?
3.In what circumstances may individual shareholders of a corporation sue on rights belonging to the corporation?
4.Explain fully what is meant by the "marshalling of securities."
5.A is surety to B for a debt due to B by C. What relief is A entitled to in a Court of Equity, and under what circumstances, against either B or C?
6.Discuss cases in which equity has relieved against hard bargains.page 2
7.In what cases is a writing necessary to the constitution of a trust over land?
8.Can a trustee purchase the trust property for himself? Notice any cases in which the principle has been applied to relationships other than strict trust.
9.Give examples of proceedings "in the nature of a bill quia timet."
10.Give some account of the Thellusson Act.