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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Criminal Law

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University of New Zealand.

Criminal Law.

[Only eight questions to be answered.]

1.Define martial law. By whom, and under what circumstances, and with what responsibilty, may it be proclaimed?
2.Give a summary of the rules to be observed in drawing indictments.
3.Write a short historical account of perjury as a criminal offence.
4.Illustrate the position of the Star-Chamber in the history of the criminal law.
5.Summarize the criminal law relating to the fraudulent misappropriation of property.
6.Give a short account of one of the following trials:—John Donnellan, William Palmer, Thomas Smethurst.
7.Write short notes on the following:—benefit of clergy, peine forte et dure, malice aforethought.page 2
8.What are the criminal remedies for libel now available? Mention any points of difference between the civil and criminal liability.
9.Illustrate (if possible by reference to decided cases) the essential elements of forgery.
10.State generally what must be proved under an indictment for bigamy, and what defences will be sufficient.