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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Contracts and Torts

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University of New Zealand.

Contracts and Torts.

(Only eight questions to be answered.)

1.A contracts with 13 to pay money to C. Can C, under any circumstances, acquire a right against A on such a contract? Can you compare the English rule on this point with that of any other country?
2.What is a "common carrier"? What arc his principal obligations? and how far may they be modified by special contract?
3.When are contracts of a corporation said to be ultra vires? In what circumstances may ultra vires contracts be enforceable?
4.What is a wager? Give a synopsis of the law applicable to agreements of this character.
5.Discuss the conditions under which one person may become liable for a tort committed by another.
6.A (landlord) and B (tenant) enter into a lease of land for a term of years with a rent reserved. What is the measure of damages when (1) A refuses to give possession, (2) B deserts possession and refuses to pay rent?
7.Give examples of "that redress of private injuries which is obtained by mere act of parties."
8.What are the remedies sought by actions of debt, covenant, assumpsit, trespass, trespass on the case, and replevin?
9.Interest reipublicœ ut sit finis litium. Show how this principle is applied in English law.
10.What are the risks usually insured against in an ordinary policy of marine insurance? and what are its implied conditions?