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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — International Law

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University of New Zealand.

International Law.


State the chief provisions of the Foreign Enlistment Act.

To what extent are its provisions part of International Law?


Give an account of the steps by which Turkey obtained the acknowledged right to exclude vessels from passing in or out of the Black Sea.


What acts are necessary and sufficient to give a title to sovereignty to newly discovered countries?


Indicate the international questions that may arise as to the use of interoceanic canals, and the principles of International Law applicable to their solution.


What acts amount to a violation of blockade? What is the practice of France in regard to Notice? On what principle is the law of blockade based?

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State briefly the points that arose for discussion in "the affair of Terceira" 1829; the seizure of Messrs. Mason and Sliddell, 1861; the "slave circular" of 1875; the mail-packet Parlement Beige.


State, citing authorities, the rules by which an English court will be guided in determining a question of legitimacy involving private International Law.


State briefly the facts and principles of discussion in the following cases:—Lloyd v. Guilbert; Peninsular and Oriental Co. v. Shand; Udny v. Udny; Harvey v. Farney.


Discuss the questions of International Law arising out of the case of Martin Koszta.