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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Natural Science.—biology. — Paper b (1). Zoology

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University of New Zealand.

Natural Science.—biology.

Paper b (1). Zoology.

1.Discuss the relationship to the Vertebrata of Ascidians and of Balanoglossus.
2.What are the structural differences between Man and the Higher Apes? Do these justify the separation of Man in zoological classification from the Catarrhine Monkeys?
3.Describe the structure of the eye in the following animals:—Hirudo, Patella, Helix, Nautilus, Sepia, Scorpio, Limulus, Blatta, Amphioxus, Ascidia (larva), Homo.
4.Give an account of the anatomy and development of Peripatus—and point out the exceptional characters of this animal as an archaic Arthropod.page 2
5.Describe the anatomy and development of one of the following:—Amphioxus, Comatula (Antedon), Apus, Limnaus.
6.How do Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals collectively differ in structure from the lower Vertebrata? and how do Reptiles and Birds agree with one another in structure and differ from Mammals?
7.Describe the instances of true Parthenogenesis met with in the animal kingdom. Explain the terms "Pedogenesis," and "alternation of generations."