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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Mental Science. — Paper a. Psychology and Ethics

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University of New Zealand.

Mental Science.

Paper a. Psychology and Ethics.


Give a brief account of any recent experimental investigations into the relation between the strength of a Sensory Stimulus and the degree of the resulting sensation, and indicate the most important results of these investigations.


Describe the sensations of Tone or Pitch, Timbre, Noise, and Articulate Sound, and inquire how far they are ultimately distinct one from another.


What do you know respecting the phenomena of Double Images? Inquire particularly into their bearing on the disputed part of the doctrine of Visual Perception.


Explain the growth of the idea of Time, distinguishing between the consciousness of Succession and that of Duration. Which mode of perception is the more liable to be false or illusory, and why?


What does recent investigation into the psychological nature and function of Names appear to you to teach us respecting the relation of Imagination, or Representation of Concrete things, to Abstract Thought?

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Inquire carefully into the meaning of the term Instinct. In what sense, or different senses, may we speak of a man's possessing a Moral Instinct?


How many fundamentally distinct methods or principles of Ethics are there? Does the maxim "Follow nature" constitute a distinct Ethical principle?


Define Butler's position in Ethical discussion.

Point out his historical antecedents, and the influence of his system on his successors.


How does the Utilitarian weigh the agent's own happiness against that of another?

A is in peril of his life, and can only make sure of preserving it by destroying B's life, which is involved in like peril at the moment. How would a Utilitarian define A's duty and his right under these circumstances?