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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Jurisprudence and Constitutional History. — Paper a. Constitutional History

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University of New Zealand.

Jurisprudence and Constitutional History.

Paper a. Constitutional History.

1. Give an account of the legislation against Roman Catholics in the reign of Elizabeth.

2. Describe the steps taken by the feudal tenants of the Crown, during the Commonwealth and the reign of Charles II., to get rid of the feudal burdens attached to their estates.

3. Enumerate and explain the relative importance of the several sources of national revenue in the reign of Henry VII.

4. State the provisions of the statutes De Bonis conditionalibus and Quia Emptores, and explain their importance in relation to the position of the feudal aristocracy.

5. Give a historical sketch of the judicial power of the Lords.

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4. Describe a figure which shall be similar and similarly situated to a given rectilineal figure.

The pantagraph consists of a rhombus ABCD jointed at the angles, and moveable freely about a point O in BC. The tracer is fixed in some point Q in AD produced, and the pencil is fixed in the point P where QO produced meets AB produced. Prove (1) that OP: OQ in a constant ratio, (2) that POQ is a straight line however the rhombus may alter in shape, and (3) that P and Q describe similar figures.

5. If a straight line which meets a plane be at right angles to two straight lines in the planes cutting it, it will be at right angles to every straight line in the plane.

6. Find the equation of a straight line passing through a given point, and parallel to a given straight line.

Find the locus of each of the following equations:— formula/equation and the length of the perpendicular from the intersection of the two members of (3) upon (1).

7. Obtain the equation of the tangent to a circle at any point.

Find the length of the chord of intersection of the lines


8. If the normal at P to an ellipse whose foci are S,H meet SH in G, prove that SG: IIG:: SP: HP.

9. Find the equation of the chord of contact of tangents drawn to a parabola from any point T.

If the middle point of the chord of contact lie on a straight line, find the locus of T.

10. Find the polar equation of the ellipse or hyperbola, the focus being the pole.

Prove that any focal chord is a third proportional to the transverse axis and the parallel diameter.

11. Find the locus of the intersections of perpendiculars from the angles on the opposite sides of triangles which stand on a given base and have a given area.