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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Political Science. — Paper c. Jurisprudence

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University of New Zealand.

Political Science.

Paper c. Jurisprudence.

1.Define "Political Society." What is the importance of the definition for Jurisprudence?
2.Trace the origin of Court Fees. State and examine Bentham's objections to this mode of paying for the administration of justice.
3.What distinctions have been suggested between "civil injury" and "crime"? Criticize them.
4.State and exemplify from the history of England and of the United States the meaning of the term "unconstitutional."
5."Positive law (or jus), positive morality (or mos), together with the principles which form the text of both, are the inseparably connected parts of a vast organic whole." Comment on this statement.
6.Discuss the propriety of employing a great variety of pnishments for crime.
7.Explain and illustrate the different cases in which the phrase "legal fiction" is employed.
8.Exemplify from different systems of law the priority of "self-help" to judicial remedies.