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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Political Science. — Paper a. History of Europe, 1790-1850

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University of New Zealand.

Political Science.

Paper a. History of Europe, 1790-1850.

1.Give some account of the Baron vom Stein's measures of reform; and compare them with changes which had already taken place in other European countries.
2.Describe briefly the attitude of the various European nations towards France (a) after the execution of Louis XVI., (b) when Buonaparte was created Consul for life.
3.Explain the arrangements which were made at the third partition of Poland; discuss how far that transaction has proved advantageous to the various parties concerned in it.
4.Give some account of the constitution of the German Empire and of the character of the Confederation which arose when it was dissolved.
5.Discuss carefully the objects of Napoleon's expedition to Russia, and describe briefly its results.page 2
6.Explain clearly the nature and results of French and of English intervention in Spain between 1800 and 1813.
7.Give some account of the origin and importance of the Greek War of Independence.
8.Write a short history of Europe in the year 1830, and trace any lines of connexion between the different revolutionary movements of that time.
9.Give an account of the policy and early years of the Pontificate of Pope Pius IX., and describe the nature of the parties against which he had to contend.
10.Explain the nature of the political influence of (a) Fichte (b) Cobden, (c) Talleyrand.