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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — English Language and Literature. — Paper b. — Examiner: Prof. Henry Morley, LL.D

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University of New Zealand.

English Language and Literature.

Paper b.

Examiner: Prof. Henry Morley, LL.D.

1.Trace the influence of the French Revolution upon the mind of Wordsworth as told by him in his poem called 'The Prelude.'
2.Show the relation of Campbell's 'Pleasures of Hope' to the aspirations of the time following the French Revolution. In what year was Campbell's poem published, and what was his age in that year?
3.Show how the movement of thought associated with the French Revolution touched the minds of Coleridge and Southey in their youth.
4.Tell briefly the story of Sir Walter Scott's life from the year 1826.
5.Give some account of the life of Thomas Carlyle at the time when he was writing 'Sartor Resartus.' When and in what way was that book first published? What was its aim?
6.Give some account of Browning's 'Paracelsus,' or of any one of his plays.page 2
7.When did Alfred Teunyson publish his' In Memoriam'? Tell the occasion of that poem; describe its aim and character, and show its relation to the spirit of our time.
8.Give the date of the first edition of Francis Bacon's Essays, also of the second and of the last edition published by himself. How many Essays were in the first edition? How many were in the last edition?
9.Describe the plan and discuss the spirit of any one of Bacon's Essays.
10.What connection can you find between Bacon's 'New Atlantis' and Bacon's writings on philosophy?
11.Describe what you consider to be the main features of 'the Faerie Queene,' having regard to Spenser's indication of his whole design, and to the part that was written.
12.What references are there in the fifth book of the Faerie Queene to the questions of Communism, Rights of Women, sentence on Mary Queen of Scots, Spanish rule in the Low Countries, and the abjuration of his faith by Henri Quatre?