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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Natural Science. — Geology and Mineralogy — Paper a

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University of New Zealand.

Natural Science.

Geology and Mineralogy

Paper a.

1.Define what is meant by Intrusive and Interstratified Igneous Rocks respectively. Draw one or more sections showing the relative age of such rocks.
2.What relation to Continental Areas is to be observed among the chief Mountains of the World? Illustrate your answer with a diagram; and explain your views of the Origin of Mountains.
3.In what formations are bones of the Moa found in New Zealand? Under what circumstances were they probably imbedded? What is the present distribution of the Birds to which it is allied?
4.Trace the Geological History of the Cephalopoda.page 2
5.Give brief mineralogical descriptions of Kaolin, Tale, Glauconite, Selenite, and Apatite, with notes on their usual methods and placcs of occurrence.
6.How would you distinguish between rocks formed (1) in a deep sea, (2) in a shallow sea, (3) in a lake, and (4) at the foot of a glacier?
7.How do you define a "Raised Beach"? What does it teach? Mention some well known examples in New Zealand and elsewhere.
8.What strata in New Zealand are representatives of the Silurian (Lower and Upper, or Ordovician and Silurian) rocks of Australia and Europe? Give some notes on the fossils, and on the points of resemblance and difference.