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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Chemistry. — Paper b

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University of New Zealand.


Paper b.

1.How are the following anhydrides obtained?—N2O5, SO3, (C2H3O)2O, and (CH2CO)2O.
2.10 c. c. of a gas are mixed with 50 c. c. of oxygen in a eudiometer, and exploded. The volume of gas remaining was 35 c. c., and of this 30 c. c. were absorbed by potash. Supposing the gas to have been a hydrocarbon what was its formula?
3.Give some examples of the influence of "mass" in determining chemical reactions, and explain them.
4.How is hydrocyanic acid prepared, and how would you detect its presence in an article of food, such as milk?
5.Write down the formulæ for propylic and isopropylic alcohols and for the products formed from them by oxidation.
6.Give briefly the properties of cane sugar and dextro-glucose and the tests by which they may be recognized.