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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 49

Helpers in the Work

Helpers in the Work.

We offer to do a work for our own poor, which you yourselves confess you cannot accomplish. We possess, in our religious orders of Brothers and Sisters, armies of skilled teachers voluntarily consecrated to the work of laboring among poor children and instructing them in secular learning, while grounding them in virtue and morality. They are ready to spend their lives in this work of highest love and self-sacrifice: they can reach the hearts of these children of poverty; they can calm turbulent passions, and teach self-restraint, love of order, and respect for the rights of others.

The large cities need the services of these workers and teachers. It is unwise, it is worse, to cast them off, in view of the non-success of common schools to reach thousands of poor children; it is unwise to assert prin- page 60 ciples, that, logically carried out, lead to Communism; it is dangerous unto madness to hinder the influences of religion from reaching to the lanes and by-ways of our crowded cities; it is sowing discord, and engendering heart-burnings, to trample on the just rights of any class in a Republic.

Parental rights, involving parental duties imposed by the natural and the revealed law, sanctioned and upheld by the common law and the Constitution, cannot be persistently disregarded without danger and detriment to the nation.