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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 49

Catholics Ask No Favors

page 43

Catholics Ask No Favors.

While the Catholic asks no favor, no privilege, no special prerogative, no right that he does not concede to others, the Secularist on the contrary, in the name of liberality, falls into astonishing illiberality. All must yield to him. He has broken down the Evangelical; he will subdue the Catholic. He will concede no rights to others, save the one of bending to his will, if that can be called a right which is the result of sheer force, through the power of a prejudiced and unrelenting majority. The Catholic wants to know why his right to have schools for his children, in which the tone of religious thought shall be Catholic, is not as valid as the right of Evangelicals and Secularists to have schools for their children in which the tone of thought shall be Evangelical or indifferent to any religion. It must not be lost sight of, in this argument, that our rights go where our money goes. A Catholic's money goes into the schools, and his rights go with it. An inalienable right is infringed upon, is curtailed, is cut off altogether, when he appears at a schoolhouse door, leading his son by the hand, only to find at its threshold the emblem or sign of a hostile creed, or, what is worse in his belief, the chilling atmosphere within of doubt, negation, or an ignoring of the God-Creator, Sovereign Lord and Master, and final Judge of man's thoughts, words, and acts, for whom it has been the father's duty to instil into his child's mind and heart the most tender love and reverence.