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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 49

What Kills Evangelical Colleges?

What Kills Evangelical Colleges?

The once flourishing Methodist College at Lima, N.Y., dwindled to insignificance, and moved to Syracuse to escape death, shortly after the opening of Cornell University. About the same time, Hobart College, under the control of the Episcopal Church, began to lose students, until now, notwithstanding large endowments, the fingers of the two hands would almost suffice to count them. The Presbyterian Seminary of Geneseo closed its doors when a State Normal School in the same village opened its classes. The Baptist Academy of Brockport became a State Normal School to escape death. Other places have the same history. The atmosphere of these Normal Schools is still redolent with evangelicalism, but it is only on sufferance; at the first demand of Jew or atheist the names of God, Creator, and Christ will be banished, praying and hymn-singing stopped.

I now leave Evangelical Christians to ponder over President Grant's demand that no religious tenet shall be taught in State schools, and this new definition of non-sectarianism.