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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 49

The "Journal of Commerce" on the Same

The "Journal of Commerce" on the Same.

"The only remedy," says the Journal of Commerce of New York, "we see in the future for the evils which are admitted, is to be found in the entire separation of the educational process from State authority. If this has been found wisest and best in matters of religion, why not in relation to all forms of education? Youth needs the higher sanction of religion in every department of culture, and this cannot be secured in a State school where there is no State church."

It can scarcely be said that the interference or noninterference of the State in school education is an open question. By concession on the part of the large majority of the population, liberty to interfere is granted. This liberty in no way includes the right so to take part in the education of children that the just and inalienable rights of parents shall be sacrificed. I have dwelt on the argument of parental rights because the assumption of the State to control education, and the indifference of many page 15 parents to this assumption, encourage the supposition that all the right is in the State and none in the parent.