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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Companies to Appoint Public Officer. Section 18

Companies to Appoint Public Officer. Section 18.

It is provided by the 18th clause that every company within the meaning of the definition of "company," and also those engaged in banking and insurance, shall appoint a public officer, who will, for the purposes of the Property Tax, be the representative of the corporation; and that a place where notices, &c., may be served must be named. A company having a board of directors or managers in the Colony must make the appointment within three months of the passing of the Act, 19th December, 1879, and a company not having such local board has six months in which to name its representative. This longer time was given to enable local officers to communicate with England for instructions. Any company formed since the passing of the Act, or which may be formed, has to appoint a public officer, and name a place for service of notices, &c., within three months. The penalty for non-compliance with this part of the Act is severe, being £50 a day for every day after the date at which such officer and place ought to be appointed. The public officer is answerable for doing all things necessary for the due assessment of the company, and the payment of the tax, and any statement or representation made by him will be of the same force and effect as if made by the company. Notices and processes may be served upon, and proceedings taken against, the public officer, but if there should not be one, then upon and against any person acting or appearing to act in the business or affairs of the company.