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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Class 5. — Alimentary Products

Class 5.

Alimentary Products.


Allan, James, Taieri

2 Samples of Wheat, grown by exhibitor


Allen and Neilson, Dunedin

Wines and Cordials

Æräted Water


Almao, Vicenzo, Dunedin

Specimens of Extract of Tomato Preserves

Tomato Sauce

Preserved Groper Fish Roe

page 38

Arnold, Edwin, Masterton

Beehives (straw); by which honey can be obtained without destroying bees


Begg Brothers, Hill End, near Clutha

1 Bag Wheat


Bennet, H. C. & Co., Dunedin

Two Samples of Porter, in bottle

Two Samples of Ale, in bottle


Binnie J., Dunedin

Biscuits and Bread


Boenicke, Richard, Kaikorai

Samples of Vinegar, in wood and bottle


Butel, P., and Co., Arrow, Otago

2 Samples of Flour

2 Samples of Wheat


Bycroft and Co, Auckland

70 Tins Biscuits


Carew and Co., Dunedin

Samples of Worcestershire and Tomato Sauce; made by exhibitor


Cuddon, Wm., Christchurch

1 hhd XXX Ale

1 dozen Bottled Porter

Pale and Patent Black Malt from Canterbury Barley


Drew, John, Waikouaiti

12 Varieties of Potatoes, grown by exhibitor


Dwyer, Matthew, Franklin, Otago

Red Wheat; sown in Autumn and reaped in January, 1880


Eagle, James, Christchurch

4 Hams

2 Sides Bacon


Eastbrook, E. C., Wellington

Table Sauce; own manufacture

page 39

Fargie, John, Dunedin

Three Samples of Adelaide Wines; for exhibition only


Feraud, J. D., Clyde, Otago

Samples of Syrups, Liquers, and Bitters—
  • Wine Vinegar
  • Raspberry Vinegar
  • Lemon Syrup
  • Peppermint
  • Cloves
  • Pine Apple
  • Lime Juice Cordial
  • Maraschino
  • Aniseed Liqueur
  • Orange Bitters
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Stomach Bitters
  • Quinine Bitters
  • Angostura Bitters
Samples of Wine, 4 bottles each—
  • Sparkling M. Christo
  • Malaga
  • Constantia
  • Ducal Grape
  • Muscat
  • Ginger Wine

Fleming, John, Dunedin

2 Samples of Cheese

1 Samples of Oats

1 Samples of Wheat


Fort and Woolfenden, Caversham

Hams and Bacon; smoked and green


Gear, James, Wellington

Preserved Meats and Soups


Gee, Alfred, Christchurch

Jellies (various)


Gibson, James, and Co., Dunedin

Samples of Starch

Samples of Corn Flour

Samples of Maizena

page 40

Gomez, Joseph, Bulls, Rangitikei

1 Doz. Soda Water

1 Doz. Lemonade

3 Bottles Sarsaparilla

3 Bottles Lemon Syrup

3 Bottles Raspberry Syrup

3 Bottles Peppermint

3 Bottles Cloves


Goodwin, James, Pigeon Bay, Lyttelton

Cheese; made on the Chedder system, especially for export


Gregg, W., and Co., Dunedin

Coffee, Chicory, Pepper, Spices


Harley and Sons, Nelson

1 Bushel Barley

1 Bushel Malt; made from same sample


Hudson, Richard, Thames

Peaches; preserved in English fashion, without sugar


Irvine, W. and Co., Millers, Shag Valley

Samples of Flour and Oatmeal


Joel, Maurice, Brewer, Dunedin

Beer and Stout


Kessell, T. N., North-East Valley, Dunedin

1 Case Worcester Sauce


King, George, and Co., Christchurch

Samples of Grain—
11 Purple Straw Tuscan Wheat; grown at Hornby; weight per measured bushel, 66lbs.; the yield was 65 bushels to the acre
2Hunter's White Wheat; grown at Kaiapoi; weight, 65 ½ lbs, per measured bushel; the yield was 65 bushels to the acre
3.White Pearl Wheat; grown at Leeston; weight, 66 lbs, per measured bushel; the yield was 65 bushels to the acre
4.Black Eye Champion Pees; grown at Dunsandel; weight, 63 lbs. per measured bushel; are large yielders
5.Canadian Oats; grown at Kaiapoi; weight, 49 lbs. per measured bushel; the yield was 73 bushels to the acre
6.Beans; grown at Kaiapoi; weight, 65 lbs. per measured bushel; very large yielders
page 41

Kofoed and Clive, Milton

Ale in Bulk


Koefoed, H. L., Thames

Tomato Sauce


Lane, Wm. and Co., Dunedin

Cordials and Liqueurs—
  • Ginger Wine
  • Ginger Brandy
  • Extract Jamaica Sarsaparilla
  • Raspberry Vinegar
  • Quinine Still Champagne
  • Lime Juice Cordial
  • Merks' Alpine Bitters
  • Stomach Bitters
  • Orange Bitters
  • Rimmel's Pick-me-up
  • Maraschino
  • Curaçoa

Marshall and Copeland, Brewers, Dunedin

Ale and Stout; in bottle and bulk

Malt and Barley


Mein, William Henry, Christchurch

Preserved Meats, viz.:—
  • Spiced Mutton
  • Corned Mutton
  • Boiled Mutton
  • Corned Beef
  • Boiled Beef
  • Spiced Beef
  • Haricot Ox-cheek
  • Sheep's Tongues
  • Brawn
  • Minced Collops
  • Noodle Soup
  • Oxtail Soup
  • Mock Turtle Soup
  • Rissoles
  • Ham and Chicken
  • Potted Beef
  • Potted Tongues
  • Larded Beef
  • Sheep's Petit Toes
  • Pigs' Petit Toes
  • Brawn Petit Toespage 42
  • Spiced Beef
  • Yorkshire Hung Beef, in jelly
  • Corned Beef
  • Corned Mutton

Moffett, W. J, Invercargill

12 Bottles Cordials (various)


McLean, A. H., Christchurch



McDonald and Miller, Ham Curers, Green Island

Hams; smoked and green

Sides Bacon; smoked and green

Rolls of Bacon


Naumann, F. G, South Dunedin

Beehives; made by exhibitor


Neil, James, Dunedin

Botanic Medicines


Neill, Bros., Merchants, Dunedin

Samples of Indian Tea; forwarded by the Calcutta Syndicate, for exhibition only


Newbury, P. J., Confectioner, Dunedin

Cracknell Biscuits


Paterson, John, Tapanui

Samples of Flour and Oatmeal


Proctors, Jones, and Co., Merchants, Dunedin

Colonial Dairy Produce


Proctors, Jones, and Co., Merchants, Dunedin

Samples of Queensland Sugar, for exhibition only


Renton, J. C., Confectioner, Dunedin

Biscuits manufactured by Exhibitor


Rice and Son, Dunedin

Confectionery (boiled sugars)


Richmond, M. C., Ham Curer, Palmerston

2 Rolls of Bacon

Purified Lard

page 43

Saeffer, Barnett, Napier

Hand-made Cigarettes


Samson, Charles, Dunedin

Hams and Bacon, Smoked and Green


Schwartz and Co, Christchurch

New Zealand Wines—
  • 2 Bottles Mauzanilla, No. 2; Vintage 1877
  • 4 Bottles Mauzanilla, No. 1; Vintage 1876
  • 2 Bottles Mauzanilla, No. 1; Vintage 1875
  • 2 Bottles Mauzanilla, No. 1; Vintage 1876
  • 2 Burgundy Still No. 1; Vintage 1875
  • 2 Burgundy Still No. 1; Vintage 1876
  • 2 Burgundy Still No. 2; Vintage 1877
  • 4 Sparkling Burgundy, Pints
  • 2 Sparkling Burgundy, Quarts
  • 2 Sparkling Moselle, Pints

Sheedy, Edward, Ham Curer, Dunedin

Hams and Sides of Bacon, and Rolled ditto., smoked and unsmoked


Smith, James, Nelson.

Fruit Wines, and Liqueors, exclusive of Grape (nineteen numbers in duplicate)

Rum and Shrub Liqueur; manufactured 1870, from Limes, Oranges, Rum and Sugar

Shrub Liqueur; manufactured 1870, from Limes, Oranges, and Sugar

Aniseed Liqueur; manufactured 1870, from New Zealand Aniseed

This Liqueur has kept itself in excellent candition, and by it appearance, would remain good for 50 years.

Whiskey Liqueur; manufactured 1878, from Apples and Whiskey, and would make a superb beverage with Soda Water.

Ginger Wine; manufactured 1870

This wine is most peculiar in itself, seeing that it has not formed a sediment during the 11 years that it has been manufactured.

Hock A, manufactured from Green Gooseberries and Rhubarb, 1877; exclusive of effervescing machine

Hock B, manufactured from Green Gooseberries, 1878

This wine ought to be very clean on the palate, and not sweet.

page 44

Hock C, manufactured from Green Gooseberries, 1879

This wine is unsweetened, a little dry, and clean on the palate, requiring very minute tasting.

Hock D, manufactured from Damsons and Gooseberries, 1879

This wine is dry and clean on palate.

Cherade A, manufactured from Strawberries, Apricots, and White Heart Cherries, 1877 (double fermented)

This wine ought to be of a nutty taste, and very clean on the palate.

Cherade B, manufactured from Apricots and White Heart Cherries, 1878 (double fermented)

This wine ought to be very clean on the palate, and of a nutty flavour.

Cherade C, manufactured from Apricots and Gooseberries, 1879

This wine is very light, of a nutty flavour, dry and clean on the palate.

Cherade D, manufactured from Red Rough Gooseberries and Damsons, 1877

This wine is not sweet. Dry and clean on palate.

Cherade A, manufactured from Black Cherries, Damsons, and Mulberries, 1878 (double fermented)

This wine ought to be mellow, mature, and clean on the palate.

Cherade B, manufactured from Cherries and Plums, 1878

This wine ought to be a little dry, and clean on the palate.

Cherade C, manufactured from Grafted Cherries and Mulberries, 1877 (double fermented)

Cherade D, manufactured from Boiled Damsons, 1878 (double fermented)

Cherade E, manufactured from Mulberries, Black Damsons, Bramble and Gooseberries, 1879, each fruit being fermented by itself

Orange Tonic; J, manufactured from Sydney Oranges, 1878

All the foregoing wines are manufactured from the fruits described, sugar, water, exclusive of any fortifying in the shape of alcohol unless created by theirown fermentation and saccharine.

page 45

Speight and Co., Brewers, Dunedin

1 Hogshead Strong Ale, (Old)

1 Hogshead Strong Ale, (New)


Strachan. Wm., Dunedin

Ale and Porter; in bottle and bulk


Strang, David, Invercargill

Prepared Coffees, Peppers, and Spices

The coffees are prepared by the exhibitor's patent process, whereby the natural aroma, or flavour, of the coffee is preserved. The peppers and spices are silk-dressed.

The exhibits are fair stock samples


Strang, J., Waikouati

Potatoes grown from seed imported, principally from California


Stuck, James R, Riverton

Potatoe Starch


Theyers and Beck, Manuherikia

1 Barrel Ale

2 Dozen Bottled Ale


Thomson and Co., Dunedin

Cordsals, Liqueurs

Aerated Waters


Vile, Job, Masterton, Wellingtgn

1 Bushel Black Tartarian Oats

1 Bushel White Tartarian Oats

1 Bushel Potato Oats

1 Bushel Velvet Chaff wheat

25 lbs Flour, ground sample of ditto

1 Bushel Hunter's White Wheat

25 lbs. Flour, from sample of ditto

1 Bushel Rye Grass Seed


Walker, John, Christchurch

Tomato Sauce


Ward and Co., Christchurch

1 Bushel Colonial Malt


Ward, Judge, Timaru

Samples of Oats grown at Springbank Estate, Southland

Sample of Wheat, grown in Hakateramea Valley

page 46

Watts, Henry, Dunedin



Watson, William, Brookside, Canterbury

2 Cheeses


Whitson, R. and Son, Brewers, Auckland

Pale Ale and Stout, in bottle


White and Tinnock, Merchants, Dunedin

Coffees and Pepper


Wilson, James, and Co., Dunedin

6 Hogsheads Ale

2 Hogsheads Stout

3 Dozen Bottled Stout

3 Dozen Bottled Ale

Black Currant Wine

Samples Malt and Bailey


Wright, William, Dunedin

Patent Self-Raising Flour

Biscuits, Bread, and Cakes