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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Department VI. Agriculture

page 49

Department VI. Agriculture.

Group.—Animal Products, Land and Marine (used as food).

Class 600.

934—Blake and Son, Chas., Picton
  • One cask Pickled Herrings, 6d. doz., cask 6s.
  • Three tin boxes smoked Picton Bloaters, each 4 doz., 9d. per doz., boxes 1s. 6d. each
935—Innes, Wm. Martin, Port Chalmers
  • Samples of Dried Fish (Red Cod), Smoked Barracouta
936—M'Donald and Miller, Green Island, Dunedin
  • Four Hams
  • Six sides
  • Bacon Two
  • rolls Bacon
  • Cured by the Exhibitor
937—Mein, W. H., Christchurch
  • Samples of Preserved Meats, viz.:—Boiled and Corned Beef, Spiced Mutton, Corned and Boiled Mutton, Spiced Beef, Haricot Ox Cheek, Sheeps' Tongues, Rissoles, Brawn, Mixed Collops, Pigs' Feet, Turtle Soup, Oxtail, and Mock Turtle Soups, Ham and Chicken, Potted Tongue, Potted Beef
938—Sheedy, Edward, Dunedin
  • Samples of Hams, Bacon and Rolls of Bacon Cured by the Exhibitor
939—Warburton, Piers Eliot, Shenstone Farm, Palmerston North Manawatu
  • Six Mutton Hams, average weight lbs., salted and smoked, 6d. per lb. over 50 lbs.
940—Wetzel, John, Wanganui
  • Sample of Preserved Meat
page 50

Class 601.

950—Banks, B. H., Christchurch
  • Sample of Cheese from small Farmstead, 7½d. per lb., shipped
951—Blackwood and Co., Invercargill
  • Two Cheeses, made by Allan Galt
952—Candy, C. B., Christchurch
  • Three Canterbury Cheeses, 218 lbs.
953—Graham, J. A., Christchurch
  • Two Cheeses
954—Kirkland, Wm., Elm Grove, East Taieri
  • Two Cheeses, made by the Exhibitor
955—Knight, Chas., Richmond, Nelson
  • Two new large Cheeses, made by the Exhibitor, 1st March, 1879
956—M'Indoe, Root., Berwick, Lake Waipori
  • New Milk Cheese, made March, 1879
957—Paterson and M'Leod, Dunedin
  • Sample of Cheese, made in Otago
958—Wade, James, New Plymouth
  • Chedder Cheese, 31 1bs. 8d. 1b
  • Gloucester Cheese, 32 1bs. 8d. 1b
  • Won a Prize at the Canterbury Show

Class 603.

970—Rew, H. J. U., Makaraka, Gisborne
  • Samples of Canned Honey, Beeswax, Mead

Group.—Animal Products, Land and Marine (used as Materials).

Class 604.

982—Dowling, John, Hokitika
  • Two Cases of Leather (assorted), viz.:—Yearling Tweed,
  • Yearling Wax, Calf Large Wax, Calf Small Wax, Calf
  • Memel, Kip Wax, Kip Tweed, Black Rein, Black Harness,
  • Brown Harness, Stirrup, Bridle
page 51
983—Tyer, Alfred, Nghaurangha, Wellington
  • Two Sides Sole Leather, Tanned with Black Wattle Bark and Valonia
  • Three Sides Kip Leather, Tanned with Black Wattle Bark Two Valonia
984—Walton, Henry, Glen Cragie, Wellington
  • Basils—Black Grained
  • Brown Tanned
  • Whites

Class 607.

1000—Barber, J. and H.. Wellington
  • Sample of Tallow
1001—Hatch, Joseph, Invercargill
  • Seal Oil from South Islands, used for making soft soap and preserving leather work
1002—Warburton, Piers Eliot, Shenstone Farm, Palmerston North, Manawatu
  • Keg of pure digestive Mutton Tallow, 28s. 6d. per cwt.

Class 609.

1010—Beal, Mrs. Mary, Dunedin
  • Ornamental work in Seaweed and Shells

Group.—Arboriculture and Forest Products.

Class 613.

1020—Auckland Harbour Board
  • Specimens of Australian and New Zealand Timber shewing the action of "Teredo navalis"
1021—Bagnall Bros., Thames
  • Sample Board of Kahikatea
1022—Beckenham, Rev. John, Nelson
  • Section of a Stump of Flowering Fuschia Tree grown in scrub near Nelson, 65 inches in circumference; larger specimens can be obtained
page 52
1023—Haast, Professor Julius Von, Ph.D., F.R.S, Director of Canterbury Museum
  • Timbers of Canterbury and Westland—

    [for particulars see appendix.]

(2.) Melecytus ramiflorus
(3.) Pittosporum tenuifolium
(4.) Olearia ilicifolia
(6.) Plagianthus betulinus
(10.) Elœocarpus hookerianus
(11.) Pennantia corymbosa
(13.) Alectryon excelsum (Titoki)
(15.) Sophora tetraptera
(16.) Carpodetus serratus
(17.) Leptospermum ericoides (Manuka)
(19.) Fuschia excorticata
(21.) Panax crassifolium (Lancewood)
(24.) Griselina littoralis
(26.) Dodonea viscosa
(27.) Myrsine urvillei
(29.) Epicarpurus micropbyllus
(33.) Podocarpus ferruginea
(39.) Libocedrus bidiwilli
(40.) Phyllocladus alpinus
(41.) Plagianthus lyallii
(42.) Dracophyllum traversii
(44.) Podocarpus totara
(45.) Elæocarpus dentatus
(46.) Fagus fusca
(47.) Aristotelia racemosa
(48.) Panax colensoi
(49.) Dacrydium colensoi
(50.) Weinmannia racemosa
(51.) Dacrydium cupressimum
(52.) Panax edgerleyi
(53.) Pittosporum tenuifolium
(54.) Panax crassifolium
(55.) Metrosideros lucida (Rata)
(56.) Discaria australis
(57.) Myoporum lœtum
(58) Coprosma liniarifolia
(59.) Fuschia excorticata
(60.) Panax crassifolium (Lancewood)
(61.) Epicarpurus microphyllus
(62.) Pennantia corymbosa
(63.) Panax edgerlyi
1024—Hokitika Committee
  • Specimens of Timber, from Westland
page 53
1025—Holdship, G., Auckland
  • Specimens of large Kauri Timber, grown in New Zealand
1026—Isaacs, Edward, Eden Crescent, Auckland
  • Rough piece of Kauri Timber, shewing the natural formation of Kauri Gum
1027—Potts, T. H., Christchurch
  • Cones of Forest Trees, grown in New Zealand
1028—Robertson and Co., J. W., Queenstown
  • Samples of Birch Totara
  • 15s. per 100 feet, delivered at Winton Railway Station
1029—Tapper, R. and A., Invercargill
  • Specimens of Timber, from Southland

Class 614.

1040—Blair, W. N., Engineer-in-Chief for the South Island, Dunedin
  • 50 polished and named samples of native New Zealand Woods
1041—George, J. C., Taranaki
  • Specimens of New Zealand Woods (French polished on face, rough at back)
1042—Guthrie, Robert, Dunedin
  • Thirty-one samples, polished and named, of Timbers grown in New Zealand, chiefly in the neighbourhood of Dunedin
1043—Halcombe, A. F., Fielding, Manawatu
  • Eight specimens of native Ornamental Woods
  • Table Top, shewing Totara-knot and Honeysuckle (Rewa Rewa)
1044—Hornby, John, Mount Pleasant Mills, Picton.—
  • Two planks of Rimu, polished
1045—James, Wm., Wellington
  • Specimen of Ornamental Timber, known as "Totara Knot," very handsome when made up into furniture, and will cut into about 30 Veneers
1046—Norrie, Wm., Cabinet Maker, Auckland
  • Ornamental Timbers from New Zealand Forests
    (1.)7 Varieties, Mottled Kauri
    (2.)2 Ditto, Puriri
    (3.)2 Ditto, Rewa Rewa
    (4.)1 Ditto, Ake Ake
    (5.)1 Ditto, Mottled Totara
    (6.)1 Ditto, Rihikitu
    (7.)1 Ditto, Rimo
    (8.)1 Ditto, Curly Kauri
page 54
1047—Otago Museum, Dunedin
  • Specimens of Native Timber of Otago
  • [for particulars see appendix.]
  • Portion of Totara Log, worked with Stone Adzes, from Maori Fith-weir, Shag River

Class 616.

1050—Baker, James E., Wellington
  • Collection of Kauri Gum
1051—Hull, Jun., and Co., Auckland
  • Sixty lbs. Kauri Gum (ordinary market samples)
1052—Thames Produce Company (Limited), Thames
  • Three cases Kauri Gum

Class 619.

1060—Potts, T. H., Ohinitaki, Governor's Bay, Christchurch
  • Statistical Information of Forestry

GroupAgricultural Products.

Class 623.

1071—Adams, Thos., Gisborne
  • Sample of Maize
1072—Allport, Alfred, Stoke, Nelson
  • One bushel Lord Ducie's White Wheat, grown by the Exhibitor
1073—Arkell, John Blenheim
  • Sample of Malt
1074—Banks, E. H., Christchurch
  • One Bushel each Pearl Barley, Oats, Barley, Short Oats No. 1. Pearl Barley, manufactured at the Crown Stores, from Barley grown within a few miles of Christchurch, market value, F.O.B. £24 per ton
  • No. 2. Malting Barley, a fair average sample, yields about 40 bushels per acre, grown on light soil, market value, F.O.B. 6s. per bushel
  • No. 3. Short Tartarian Oats, average yield 50 bushels per acre on stiff land, market value, F.O.B., 2s. 4d. per bushel
  • No. 4. Tartarian Oats, yields in fair seasons about 4 tons of Oaten Hay per acre, value £4 per ton
page 55
1075—Bolton, Joseph, Waimea West, Nelson
  • One Bushel Pearl Wheat
  • One ditto Oats
1076—Brown, Alexander, Islay Farm, Frankton, Wakatipu
  • Sample of Milling Wheat—50 Bushels per Acre, 4s. per Bushel
1077—Coll, Daniel, Waitohi Downs, Timaru
  • Sample of Swilly White Wheat
1078—Cunningham, P. and Co., Christchurch
(1.)Velvet Chaff Wheat
(2.)Canadian Oats
(3.)Tuscan Wheat
(4.)Flathead Barley
(5.)Danish Oats
(7.)Tartarian Oats weighing 44-1bs. per Bushel
(9.)Velvet Chaff Wheat weighing 66½ per Bushel
(10.)Tuscan Wheat weighing 68½ per Bushel
(11.)Hunters White Wheat weighing 65 per Bushel
(12.)Pearl Wheat weighing 65 per Bushel
(13.)Hunters White Wheat
(14.)White Pearl Wheat
(15.)Seed Tartarian Oats for Hay
(16.)Red Straw White Wheat
(18.)Red Chaff Wheat
(19.)Chevalier Barley
(21.)Velvet Chaff Wheat
(22.)Tuscan Wheat
1079—Davis, William Lovell, Wakatipu Brewery, Queenstown
  • One bushel Barley, 58 lbs.; 60 to 70 bushels per acre; grown near Spear Grass Flat. Eagerly bought at 5s. per bushel
1080—Dodson, Henry, Blenheim
  • Sample of Malt
  • Sample of Barley
1081—Dwyer, Mathew, Diamond Lake Farm, Frankton, Lake Wakatipu
  • Sample of Milling Wheat, grown 1070 feet above sea level. Threshed in the open air immediately after reaping, 50 bushels per acre; second successive crop, ground not manured; 4s. per bushel at Frankton Jetty
1082—Fell Bros and Co., Blenheim
  • Sample of Malting Barley
1083—Gifford, Isaac, Spring Creek, Marlborough
  • Sample of Barley
1084—Grat, Fleming, and Co., Invercargill
  • One bushel Barley, grown and manufactured in Southland
  • One bushel Wheat, grown in Southland
page 56
1085—Gunn, Robert, Miller's Flat, Wakatipu
  • One bushel Milling Wheat; 50 bushels per acre; 4s. per bushel
1086—Harley and Sons, Nelson
  • One bushel Malt
  • Four bushels of Malt, of Nelson growth and manufacture
  • One bushel Barley, grown by W. Nieman, Spring Grove
1087—Haynes, Charles, Merchant, Palmerston, Dunedin
  • One bushel of Oats
1088—Holdaway Bros., Richmond, Nelson
  • One bushel Spring Wheat, grown by the Exhibitors
1089—Hooper and Dodson, Nelson
  • One bushel Malt
1090—Joel, Maurice, Dunedin
  • Sample of Malt, from Barley grown in Otago
1091—Lamb, John, Waitemata Mills, Auckland
  • One bushel Wheat
1092—Lintott and Otterson, Oamaru
  • One bushel Malt, made from Barley grown in Oamaru district, 8s. to 8s. 6d. per bushel
  • One bushel (Malting) Barley, grown by E. Wright, Waitaki
1093—Maher, John, Wairau, Blenheim
  • Sample of Wheat
1094—Manning and Co., S., Christchurch
  • One bushel Malt
1095—M'Bride, Francis, Frankton Flat, near Queenstown, Wakatipu
  • Two bags Milling Wheat, grown at Frankton, 45 bushels per acre; third successive crop, 4s. per bushel at Frankton
1096—M'Gill, Peter, Miller, Tokomairiro, Otago
  • Sample of Pearl Barley
  • Sample of Wheat—
    (1.)Tuscan Wheat, grown at Spear Grass Flat, Teviot District, 68 lbs. to bushel
    (2.)White Velvet Wheat, grown at Laurence, 1000 feet above the sea level, 66 lbs. to bushel
    (3.)Red Straw Wheat, grown at Tokomairiro, 66 lbs. to bushel

One bushel of Oats, grown at Waituhuna

1097—M'Laren, A., Palmerston, Otago
  • Sample of Wheat, grown at Palmerston
1098—M'Nab, Alexander, Knapdale, Southland
  • One bushel Oats, grown in Southland, 3s.
page 57
1099—Meek, J. and T., Oamuru
  • No. Bag. Grower. Average per Acre. Bushels per Bush. Description of Land.
    1.Tuscan Wheat Mr. Lane 35 5s. High land
    2.Purple Straw Mr. Kircaldy 35 5s. Lowland
    3.White Velvet Wheat Mr. Stewart 45 5s. High land, limestone formation
    4.Red Straw Wheat Mr. Fulton 35 5s. High land
    5.Barley Mr. Wm. Meek 45 5s. 6d. Low land, limestone formation
    6.Short Oats Mr. Orr 45 2s. 10d. Ridgy land
    7.Danish Oats Mr. John Scott 45 2s. 8d. ditto
    8.Black Tartarian Oats Mr. Morton 55 2s. 8d. Lowland
1100—Murray, Dalgliesh, and Co., Invercargill
  • One bushel Wheat
  • One ditto Barley
  • One ditto Oats
1101—New Zealand Agricultural Company, Southland
  • One bushel Oats
1102—New Zealand and Australian Land Company, Pareora, Timaru
  • One bag Wheat, 66-lb. per bushel, grown on the above estate
1103—New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Agents for Growers, Oamaru
  • No. of Bag. Grower. Average per Acre, Buhsels. per Bush. Kind of Land.
    1.White Velvet Wheat. Messrs. Howden and Warnoch. 50 4s. 6d. Red loamy soil
    2.White Velvet Wheat. Messrs Murdock and Watson 38 4s. 9d. Light sandy
    3.White Velvet Wheat. Andrew Bell 40 4s. 6d. Black loamy, on limestone formation
    4.White Velvet (seed). (seed) John Forrester 46 4s. 3d. Black loamy, on limestone formation
    5.White Tuscan Wheat Jas. Gibson 30 4s. 6d. Light loamy soil, lea ground
    6.White Tuscan Wheat Messrs. Fleming and Hedley 37 4s. 6d. Dark loamy soil
    7.Red Straw Wheat Messrs. C. and J. M. Todd 40 4s. 3d. Black loamy, limestone formation
    8.Chevalier Barley Hy. Little 70 5s. 6d. limestone formation
    9.Chevalier Barley Mr. Jessop 35 5s. 6d. Loamy soil, clay subsoil
    10.Canadian Oats Messrs. Fleming and Hedley 54 2s. 6d. Light loamy soil
    11.Barley Oats John Lewis 50 2s. 6d. Black loamy, limestone formation
    12.Danish Oats Andrew Bell 52 2s. 3d. limestone formation
    13.White Velvet Wheat, as gleaned at Harvest Time The Hon. Mathew Holmes wg. lbs. bush. 66 4s 6d. Undulating land, limestone formation
    14.White Velvet Wheat, as gleaned at Harvest Time The Hon. Mathew Holmes wg. lbs. bush. 66 4s 6d. Undulating land, limestone formation
    15.Potato Oats Mathew Holmes 55 acre. 2s. 6d. limestone formation
    16.White Velvet Wheat E. Menlove, Esq. 40 4s. 6d. Undulating land, loamy soil on limestone formation
page 58
1104—O'Connor, Patrick, Stafford Place, Waimea West, Nelson
  • Sample of Pearl Wheat
1105—Paul, J. and E., Spring Creek, Marlborough
  • Sample of Barley
1106—Pringle, Alexander C., Timaru
  • One bushel Barley, grown on Timaru Downs
1107—Ramsay, Peter, Karamu, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Barley, grown on grass land; 60 lbs. Imperial bushel, 7s.
1108—Redwood Bros, Blenheim, Marlborough
  • Sample of Oats
1109—Rew, John, Elderslie, Dunedin
  • Sample of Wheat (one bushel)
1110—Richardson, George Frederick, Oaklands, Southland
  • One bushel White Canadian Oats, grown by the Exhibitor, 3s.
1111—Royse, Stead and Co, Wairoa, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel of Hunter's White Wheat, grown on first furrow fern land, 66 lbs. Imperial bushel, 5s.
1112—Royse, Stead, and Co.. Dunedin
  • Sample of Pearl Barley
    (1.)Bushel of Purple Straw Wheat
    (2.)Bushel of White Velvet Wheat
    (3.)Bushel of White Velvet Wheat
    (4.)Bushel of Canadian Oats
    (5.)Bushel of Short Tartarian Oats
    (6.)Bushel of Long Tartarian Oats
    (7.)Bushel of Malting Barley
1113—Runciman, James, Green Island, Dunedin
  • Samples of Wheat and Oats
1114—Russell, Captain W. R., Karamu, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Barley, grown on first furrow grass land, 59 lbs. per Imperial bushel, 7s.
  • One bushel White Tuscan Wheat, grown as above, 67 lbs. per imperial bushel
1115—Surman and Co., Invercargill
  • One cask Malt, manufactured by the Exhibitors
1116—Townshead, Joseph, Gore, Southland
  • One bushel Oats, 3s.
1117—Tombs, William, Papanui, Christchurch
  • Two bushels Hunter's White Wheat, grown in a 10-acre paddock, yielding 74 bushels per acre; cropped the previous year with potatoes, and 3 previous years laid with grass
page 59
1118—Vile, Job, Masterton
(1.)One bushel Tuscan Wheat
(3.)One bushel Black Tartarian Oats
1119—Ward and Co., Christchurch
  • One bushel Malt
1120—White, William, Kaikora, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Wheat, 6s.
1121—Wigley, Hon, T. H., Opuka Station, County of Geraldine
  • One bushel Wheat (Red Chaff) weighing 66 lbs. net, grown on the above Estate, 4s.

Class 624.

1140—Dalziel, James, Blenheim
  • Sack of Potatoes
1141—New Zealand Agricultural Company, Southland
  • Two bags Potatoes

Class 626.

1150—Andrew, Richard, Waimea West, Nelson
  • Sample ef Hops grown in this locality, by the Exhibitor
1151—Child, Samuel, Shirley, Christchurch
  • Sample of Tomato Sauce
1152—Crease, E. H., Wellington
  • Samples of Coffee and Spices, all manufactured and ground by the Exhibitor
1153—Durie, White, and Co., Dunedin
  • Samples of Coffee and Chicory, roasted and ground by the Exhibitor
1154—Garratt, William Thomas, Wellington
  • "Wellington Relish," Sauce for Meat, Fish, Game
1155—Gregg and Co., W., Dunedin
  • Samples of Coffee, Pepper, Spices
1156—Harley, Alfred, Stoke, Nelson
  • Sample of Hops
1157—Harley Thos. H., Nelson
  • Sample of Hops, season 1879, picked at the end of February
1158—Hawley, J. S., Opawa, Canterbury
  • Sample of Tomato Sauce
page 60
1159—Holland, George, Foxhill, Nelson
  • One bale of Hops, grown by the Exhibitor
1160—Koeford, H. L., Thames
  • Sample of Tomato Sauce
1161—Nairn, David, Christchurch
  • Sample of Tomato Sauce
1162—Noonan, M. J.—
  • Samples of Indian Sauce Samples of Cocoanut Sauce
1163—Saeffer, Barnett, Wellington
  • Samples of hand-made Cigarettes
1164—Strang, David, Invercargill
  • Samples of prepared Coffee, Pepper, and Spices
1165—Trent Bros., Christchurch
  • Samples of Coffee, Colonial-grown Chicory, Spices, &c.
1166—Walker, John C. E., Thames
  • Samples of genuine Tomato Sauce
1167—Witty, James Wm., Clyde, Wairoa, Hawke's Bay
  • Sample of Hops grown in this locality from "Goldfind Hops," third year of bine, obtained from Nelson
  • Samples of Hops grown in this locality from sets obtained from Messrs. Shoobridge, Tasmania, second year of bine

Class 627.

1180—Banks, E. H., Christchurch
  • Samples of Peas, Rye, Rape, Beans—
    (5.)Horse Beans, yield from 40 to 45 bushels, grown off stiff clay soil; value 4s. to 4s. 3d per bushel of 60 lbs.
    (6.)Prussian Blue Peas, yield 30 to 35 bushels per acre, used for domestic purposes; value about 6s. per bushel of 60 lbs.
    (7.)Partridge Peas, yield in ordinay seasons 35 to 40 bushels, up to 70 bushels in some cases; value 3s. 9d. to 4s. per bushel of 60 lbs.
    (8.)Grey Peas, yield similar to No. 7; extensively used for hog-feeding purposes; value 3s. 6d. to 3s. 9d.
    (9.)Rye corn, yield from 35 to 45 bushels per acre; grown principally for green feed and for straw used by collar makers; value 4s. per bushel of 54 lbs.
    (10)Spring Tares, yield well, very suitable for our strong land; value from 4s. to 10s. per bushel of 60 lbs.
    (11.)Linseed or Flax, grown in stiff clay subsoil, yield about ½ ton par acre; value £30 per ton
    (12.)Rape Seed, yields well, and climate very suitable for rapid growth. It has been known to return £55 per acre net profit; value £56 per ton
page 61
1181—Cunningham and Co., P., Christchurch
  • Samples of—
    (6.)Rye Grass
    (8.)Field Peas
1182—Dransfield, Joe, Wellington
  • Samples of Grass Seed, 25 bushels
1183—Duncan and Son, Christchurch
  • One sample bushel each—Grey Partridge Field Peas, Canary Seed, James Intermediate Carrot, Elvetham Long Red Mangold, Imperial Orange Globe Mangold, Cocksfoot Perennial Rye Grass, White Dutch Clover; all grown in Canterbury
1184—Eyles, Mrs., Richmond, Nelson
  • Sample of Cocksfoot Grass Seed, grown by the Exhibitor; harvested in 1879
1185—Haynes, Charles, Merchant, Palmerston, Dunedin
  • Sample of Perennial Rye Grass Seed
1186—Russell, Captain, W. R., Karamu, Hawke's Bay
  • Sample bushel of Rye Grass Seed, 32-lbs., Imperial bushel, 8s.

GroupVegetable Products, Used as Food or Materials.

Class 629.

1201—Butel and Company, Peter, Arrowtown, Southland
  • Sample of Flour
1202—Gilmour Robert, Wakatipu Flour Mills, Lake Hayes, Arrow Flat, Lake Country
  • 25-lbs. Silk dressed Flour (No. 3) from Wheat grown on Arrow Flat, milled by Robert Richardson, exhibitor's miller in May, 1879, 2s. 6d. per 25-lbs
  • 25-lbs. Oatmeal from Oats grown on Arrow Flat, milled as above, 16 April, 1879, hard dried, 5s. per 25-lbs.
  • 25-lbs. Oatmeal (No. 2.), milled as above, medium dried, 5s. per 25-lbs.
1203—Gray, Fleming and Company, Invercargill
  • Sample of Oatmeal, grown and manufactured in Southland
1204—Hudson and Irvine, Shag Valley Mills, Dunedin
  • Sample of Oatmeal from Oats grown at Palmerston
page 62
1205—King and Company, Gisborne
  • Sample of Flour
1206—Kreept, Captain, F. C., Wellington
  • Sample of Flour from Wheat grown at Rangilikei, Wellington, by J. Wolland, Koro Koto Mills
1207—Lamb, John, Waitemata Mills, Auckland
  • Sample of Flour, 50-lbs.
1208—Mc Bride, Francis, Frankston Flat, near Queenstown, Wakatipu
  • Sample of Flour
1209—Mc Gill, Peter, Miller, Tokomairiro, Otago
  • Samples of Flour, made from Wheat grown at Evan's Flat, Lawrence, (silk dressed)
  • Sample of Flour, made from Wheat grown at Tokomairiro (silk dressed)
  • Sample of Oatmeal from Oats at Tokomairiro. (finely grown)
  • Sample of Oatmeal from Oats at Tokomairiro. (patent oatmeal)
  • Twelve tins Patent Groats, from Oats grown at Tokomairiro
1210—Meek, J. and T., Wellington
  • Sample bag of Flour (100 lbs.), from New Zealand Wheat, 10s.
1211—Moir and Co., Christchurch
  • Sample of Colonial Oatmeal
1212—Morison, John, Dipton, Southland
  • Sample of Flour, from wheat grown by the Exhibitor
1213—Reed, Chas., Westerfield, Ashburton
  • Sample of Flour
1214—Robertson and Hallenstein, Frankton, near Queenstown
  • Sample of Flour ground from Wheat exhibited by F. McBride. Mixed Milling Wheat; £11 per ton at Kingston
1215—Ròyse, Stead and Co., Millers, Dunedin
  • Samples of Wheat Meal, Silk Dressed Flour, Superfine Flour, Sharps or Pollard, Bran, Oatmeal
1216—Runciman, James, Green Island, Dunedin
  • Samples of Oatmeal and Flour
1217—Vile, Job, Masterton
  • Sample bag of Flour ground from Wheat, exhibited
1218—Wood, W. D., Riccarton, Christchurch
  • Samples of Best Flour Seconds, Semolinas, Sharps, Bran
page 63

Class 630.

1230—Tizard, Mrs. E. F., Thames
  • Samples of Preserved Peaches in 8-lb. McCaul's tins

Class 633.

1235—Binnie, J., Confectioner, Dunedin
  • Samples of Biscuits
1236—Curtis and Co., A., Wellington
  • Samples of Confectionery
1237—Godbkr, James, Cuba Street, Wellington
  • Bridal Cake
1238—Grant, O. D., Pollen Street, Thames
  • Sample of Biscuits in tins (12 varieties) Wholesale price, 7d. per lb., delivered on board Australian vessels
1239—Griffiths, S. S., Wellington
  • Samples of Biscuits and Confectionery, made by the Exhibitor
1240—Lamb, John, Waitemata Mills, Auckland
  • Samples of Biscuits—Cabin, Saloon, Sweet, Lunch
1241—Newbury, P. J. Dunedin
  • Samples of Biscuits
1242—Renton, J. C.. Dunedin
  • Samples of Biscuits, viz.: Wine, Water, Mixed, Dessert, Picnic, Abernethy, &c.
1243—Scott, Simon, Manners Street, Wellington
  • Bridal Cake
1244—Waters, Edward, Auckland
  • Samples of assorted Confectionery, made by the Exhibitor at his Steam Factory
  • The Comfits are composed of sugar and flavourings, coloured with saffron and carmine
  • The Lozenges are made of gum arabic, sugar, and similar colouring

GroupWines, Spirituous, Fermented, and other Drinks.

Class 635.

1250—Blunck, Diedrich, Hokitika
  • Sample of Elderberry Wine, 1 dozen
page 64
1251—Gough, Alfred, Thames
  • Samples of Colonial Wines
1252—Omeara, Morgan, Queenstown, Wakatipu
  • Sample of Red Wine (Colonial), made of equal quantities of Black Currants and Gooseberries. Three years old, 42s. dozen. Name of wine, "Wakatipu"
1253—Smith, James, New Street, Nelson
  • Fourteen samples of Fruit Wines
1254—Taylor, Mrs. Jane M., Queenstown
  • Three bottles of Wine, made from fruit grown by the Exhibitor, 6 years old, 2s. 6d. bottle
1255—Wendel, J., Symons Street, Auckland
  • Samples of Wines, (1) from "Sweetwater" and "Reisling" grapes grown in Auckland in 1877; no alcohol, glucose, glycerine, sugar, or colouring matter added. Price, 25s. a. dozen. 2000 gallons in stock
    (2.)Same as the above, 1878 vintage, 25s. per dozen
    (3.)Same as No. 2, with quinine added, and called "Quinine Grape Wine"; 30s. per dozen

Class 636.

1270—Crawford, W. T., Gisborne Brewery, Poverty Bay
  • Sample of Draught Ale, XXX (Bitter), 1s. 10d. per gallon, of Colonial Malt and Hops
  • Two dozen XXX Ale
  • Two dozen XXX Stout
1271—Crown Brewery Company, Christchurch
  • Sample of Beer, in bulk
  • Kilderkin of Strong Ale, 2s. per gallon, 57 lbs. Malt, 1½ lbs. Colonial Hops
  • One dozen Strong Ale, 9s. per dozen
1272—Davis, William Lovell, Wakatipu Brewery, Queenstown
  • Samples of bottled Ale and Stout, 9s. per dozen
  • One barrel Pale Ale, XXXX 2s. 2d. per gallon
  • One barrel Brown Ale, XXXX 2s. 2d. per gallon
  • Brewed from Colonial products, except half the hops
1273—Dodson, Henry, Blenheim
  • Sample of Beer, in wood
1274—Ehrenfried Brothers, Phœnix Brewery, Thames
  • Samples of Ales and Stout—
    • 26 gallons XXX Ale, 1s. 8d. per gallon, 80% Colonial Malt, 65% Colonial Hops
    • Two dozen Bottled XXX Ale per gallon, 80% Colonial Malt, 65% Colonial Hopspage 65
    • 28 gallons Mild Ale, 1s. 5d. per gallon, all Colonial Malt and Hops
    • 35 gallons (old stock), 2s. 3d. per gallon, 50% all Colonial Malt and Hops
    • Two dozen (old stock), (bottled) per gallon, 50% all Colonial Malt and Hops
    • 17 gallons Porter, 1s. 8d. per gallon, all Colonial Malt, 80% Colonial Hops
    • Two dozen Porter, 1s. 8d. per gallon, all Colonial Malt, 80% Colonial Hops
    • One dozen Bitter Ale, 2s. per gallon, 70% Colonial Malt, 50 Colonial Hops
1275—Harley agd Sons, Nelson
  • Sample of Ale and Stout—
    • Two dozen Porter
    • One hhd. Mild Ale, at 2s.
1276—Hogg, Alexander, Thames Brewery
  • Sample of Ale (Mild), 1s. 10d. per gallon, 25% Colonial Malt, 40% Colonial Hops
1277—Hooper and Dodson, Nelson
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • 36 gallon Pale Ale, XXX, 2s. per gallon
    • One dozen Stout
    • Malt made and Hops grown by the Exhibitor
1278—Innes, Francis, Waltham, Canterbury
  • Samples of Ale and Stout
  • One Barrel Bitter Ale
  • One Kilderkin Stout
1279—Joel, Maurice, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ale and Stout
  • Excelsior Pale Ale, £5 hogshead (Colonial Malt)
  • No. 1. Middle Ale, £6 hogshead (50 % Colonial Hops)
  • One dozen Ale, 8s.
  • One dozen Stout, 8s.
1280—Keast and Mc Carthy, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ales porter their own Brew
1281—Lintott and Otterson, Oamaru
  • Samples of Ale and Stout
  • Two Kilderkins Light Pale Ale for family use. Low Alcoholic per centage. Colonial Malt, £4 hogshead
  • One dozen bottled Stout for family use, from Colonial Malt, 9s. dozen
  • One dozen bottled Pale Ale for family use, from Colonial Malt, 9s. dozen
1282—Manning and Co., S., Christchurch
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • Two barrels Ale (No Colonial Malt or Hops)page 66
    • One barrels Stout (100 % Colonial Malt)
    • One dozen each, bottled Ale and Stout
    • (2.) Standard Bitter Ale, 2s. gallon, half-dozen, 9s. per dozen
    • (3.) India Pale Ale, 1s. 8d. gallon, half-dozen 8s. per dozen
    • XXX Porter, 2s. gallon, 1 dozen 8s. (Colonial Malt and Hops)
1283—Marshall and Copeland, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • One hhd. Pale Ale, £5, Kent and Tasmanian Hops
    • One hhd. India Ale, £6, XXXX Kent Hops
    • One hhd. Mild Ale, £4, Californian and Kent Hops
    • One hhd. Strong Ale, £6, Kent Hops
    • Four Dozen Bitter Ale, 9s., for export
    • Four Dozen Stout, 9s
1284—Martin, John Tice, Invercargill
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • One hhd. Pale Ale, XXXX, 2s. 2d. gallon (Mixed English and Colonial Malt and Hops)
    • One hhd. Porter, XXX, 2s. gallon, (Colonial Malt, mixed Hops)
    • One dozen bottled Porter
1285—Pascoe And Co" Wellington
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • One quarter-cask Excelsior Bitter Ale, £5 10s. hhd., colonial Malt, and half German, half Nelson Hops
    • One quarter-cask Stout, XXX, £6 6s. hhd., colonial Malt, and half German, half Nelson Hops
1286—Rockel, J. G. Masterton
  • Samples of Ale—
    • 36 Gal. Ale, brewed April, 1879
    • 1 Doz. Bottled Ale, brewed April, 1878
    • Unfermented ale brewed by process known only to brewer, J. Gattscha. No yeast, and it is not allowed to ferment
1287—Sharp and Co., J., Nelson
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • One hhd. Pale Ale
    • One doz. India Ale
    • One doz. Porter
    • Five bushels Malt per hhd; 8 lbs. Hops per hhd. Brewed from Colonial produce
1288—Sprioht and Co., James, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ale—
    • One hhd. Pale Ale, branded 1, 1s. 6d. gal Colonial Malt, 50 % Col. Hop
    • One do. Strong do. branded 3, 2s. gal. Colonial Malt, 50 % Col. Hop
page 67
1289—Strachan, Wm., Victoria Brewery, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ales—
    • One barrel Pale Ale, 2s, 2d. 4 doz. in case, at 8s.
    • One barrel mild do. 1s. 6d. 4 doz. in case, at 8s.
1290—Vincent and Co., City Brewery, Christchurch
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • Two kilderkins Stock Ale, 2s. 6d. gal.
    • One kilderkins Stout, 2s. 6d. gal.
    • Photograph of City Brewery
1291—Ward and Co., Christchurch
  • Samples of Ale One Barrel XXXX, 2s. 3d. per gallon
1292—Whitson and Son, R., Auckland
  • Samples of Ale
  • One dozen Bottled Pale Ale, 2s. gallon
  • One dozen Strong Ale 3s. gallon
  • 18 gallons Pale Ale 2s. gallon
  • Brewed by the Exhibitors from Colonial Malt and Hops grown in Auckland
1293—Williams and Son, Thos., Picton
  • Samples of Ale
  • One Hogshead Luncheon Ale, 2s. gallon
  • One Hogshead Dinner 2s. 4s. gallon
  • Three dozen Dinner 2s. 4s. gallon
  • 100 % Colonial Malt and Hops
1294—Wilson and Co., James, Well Park Brewery, Dunedin
  • Samples of Ale and Stout—
    • One barrel Ale Ale, 1s. 6d. gallon
    • Two dozen Light Ale, 8s.
    • Two dozen Stout, 8s.

Class 637.

1310—Carew and Co., Dunedin
  • Samples of Cordials and Liquors (own manufacture)
1311—Dixon, George, Wellington
  • Samples of Ærated Waters and Cordials in case
1312—Feraud, Jean Désiré, Clyde, Vincent County
  • Samples of Liquors and Cordials
1313—Gomez, Joseph, Bulls, Rangitikei
  • Samples of Cordials and Syrups—
    • Lemon Syrup, Cloves, Peppermint
    • Raspberry Vinegar, Ginger Wine and Brandy
    • Orange Bitters
page 68
1314—Gough, Alfred, Thames
  • Sample of Cider
1315—Moffett, William, Invercargill
  • Sample of Cordials made by the Exhibitor

GroupTextile Substance of Vegetable or Animal Origin.

Class 639.

1330—Bettany, William, Nelson Steam Wool Works, Nelson
  • Three Samples of Fellmongered Wool, scoured at the Nelson
  • Steam Wool Works
  • (1.) Merino Clothing
  • (2.) Half Bred Carding
  • (3.) Leicester Combing
1331—Braithwaite, A., Hutt, Wellington
  • Sample of Wool, "G" Division, 6 Fleeces
  • Sample of Wool, "K" Division, 40 lbs.

Class 642.

1340—Chinnery, Charles, Christchurch
  • Sample of New Zealand Flax, dressed
1341—Fulton, Charles, Blenheim
  • Sample of Flax
1342—Robertson, Alexander, Nelson
  • Sample of Phormium Tenax (New Zealand flax) dyed in colours to show its use for manufacturing into fabrics. Cost of dyeing 4d. per lb.
  • Large Specimens dressed by machinery
  • Small Specimens dressed by Maoris

Class 643.

1350—Nairn, David, Christchurch
  • Cases of Silk from Silkworms reared in Canterbury

GroupMachines, Implements, and Processes of Manufacture.

Class 653.

1361—Reid and Gray, Dunedin
  • Reaping Machine
  • Double Furrow and Subsoil Plough
  • Set of draught Pulley Blocks, 4-horse yokes
  • Set 4-horse Swingle Trees
page 69

Class 654.

1370—Reid and Grat, Dunedin
  • Seed Sower

Class 658.

1390—Ellis, Thomas, Primrose Farm, Kai Iwi, Wanganui
  • Butter Churn, manufactured by Thos. Ellis, of New Zealand Kauri wood; will churn from 5 to 45 lbs. butter

GroupAgricultural, Engineering, and Administration.

Class 660.

1400—Hatch, Joseph, Invercargill
  • Sample of Bone Meal

Class 662.

1410—Walker, John, C.E., Thames
  • Designs for Farm Buildings

GroupTillage and General Management.

Class 666.

1420—Hatch, Joseph, Invercargill
  • Logan Wilson's Sheep Dip, manufactured by the Exhibitor
1421—Slesinger, S., Veterinary Surgeon, Dunedin
  • Horse Medicines—
    (1.)Colic or Gripe Drink
    (2.)Condition Powder
    (3.)Worm Powder
    (5.)Blister Ointment
    (6.)Grease Ointment
    (7.)Hoof Oil