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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Group—Agricultural Products. — Class 623

GroupAgricultural Products.

Class 623.

1071—Adams, Thos., Gisborne
  • Sample of Maize
1072—Allport, Alfred, Stoke, Nelson
  • One bushel Lord Ducie's White Wheat, grown by the Exhibitor
1073—Arkell, John Blenheim
  • Sample of Malt
1074—Banks, E. H., Christchurch
  • One Bushel each Pearl Barley, Oats, Barley, Short Oats No. 1. Pearl Barley, manufactured at the Crown Stores, from Barley grown within a few miles of Christchurch, market value, F.O.B. £24 per ton
  • No. 2. Malting Barley, a fair average sample, yields about 40 bushels per acre, grown on light soil, market value, F.O.B. 6s. per bushel
  • No. 3. Short Tartarian Oats, average yield 50 bushels per acre on stiff land, market value, F.O.B., 2s. 4d. per bushel
  • No. 4. Tartarian Oats, yields in fair seasons about 4 tons of Oaten Hay per acre, value £4 per ton
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1075—Bolton, Joseph, Waimea West, Nelson
  • One Bushel Pearl Wheat
  • One ditto Oats
1076—Brown, Alexander, Islay Farm, Frankton, Wakatipu
  • Sample of Milling Wheat—50 Bushels per Acre, 4s. per Bushel
1077—Coll, Daniel, Waitohi Downs, Timaru
  • Sample of Swilly White Wheat
1078—Cunningham, P. and Co., Christchurch
(1.)Velvet Chaff Wheat
(2.)Canadian Oats
(3.)Tuscan Wheat
(4.)Flathead Barley
(5.)Danish Oats
(7.)Tartarian Oats weighing 44-1bs. per Bushel
(9.)Velvet Chaff Wheat weighing 66½ per Bushel
(10.)Tuscan Wheat weighing 68½ per Bushel
(11.)Hunters White Wheat weighing 65 per Bushel
(12.)Pearl Wheat weighing 65 per Bushel
(13.)Hunters White Wheat
(14.)White Pearl Wheat
(15.)Seed Tartarian Oats for Hay
(16.)Red Straw White Wheat
(18.)Red Chaff Wheat
(19.)Chevalier Barley
(21.)Velvet Chaff Wheat
(22.)Tuscan Wheat
1079—Davis, William Lovell, Wakatipu Brewery, Queenstown
  • One bushel Barley, 58 lbs.; 60 to 70 bushels per acre; grown near Spear Grass Flat. Eagerly bought at 5s. per bushel
1080—Dodson, Henry, Blenheim
  • Sample of Malt
  • Sample of Barley
1081—Dwyer, Mathew, Diamond Lake Farm, Frankton, Lake Wakatipu
  • Sample of Milling Wheat, grown 1070 feet above sea level. Threshed in the open air immediately after reaping, 50 bushels per acre; second successive crop, ground not manured; 4s. per bushel at Frankton Jetty
1082—Fell Bros and Co., Blenheim
  • Sample of Malting Barley
1083—Gifford, Isaac, Spring Creek, Marlborough
  • Sample of Barley
1084—Grat, Fleming, and Co., Invercargill
  • One bushel Barley, grown and manufactured in Southland
  • One bushel Wheat, grown in Southland
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1085—Gunn, Robert, Miller's Flat, Wakatipu
  • One bushel Milling Wheat; 50 bushels per acre; 4s. per bushel
1086—Harley and Sons, Nelson
  • One bushel Malt
  • Four bushels of Malt, of Nelson growth and manufacture
  • One bushel Barley, grown by W. Nieman, Spring Grove
1087—Haynes, Charles, Merchant, Palmerston, Dunedin
  • One bushel of Oats
1088—Holdaway Bros., Richmond, Nelson
  • One bushel Spring Wheat, grown by the Exhibitors
1089—Hooper and Dodson, Nelson
  • One bushel Malt
1090—Joel, Maurice, Dunedin
  • Sample of Malt, from Barley grown in Otago
1091—Lamb, John, Waitemata Mills, Auckland
  • One bushel Wheat
1092—Lintott and Otterson, Oamaru
  • One bushel Malt, made from Barley grown in Oamaru district, 8s. to 8s. 6d. per bushel
  • One bushel (Malting) Barley, grown by E. Wright, Waitaki
1093—Maher, John, Wairau, Blenheim
  • Sample of Wheat
1094—Manning and Co., S., Christchurch
  • One bushel Malt
1095—M'Bride, Francis, Frankton Flat, near Queenstown, Wakatipu
  • Two bags Milling Wheat, grown at Frankton, 45 bushels per acre; third successive crop, 4s. per bushel at Frankton
1096—M'Gill, Peter, Miller, Tokomairiro, Otago
  • Sample of Pearl Barley
  • Sample of Wheat—
    (1.)Tuscan Wheat, grown at Spear Grass Flat, Teviot District, 68 lbs. to bushel
    (2.)White Velvet Wheat, grown at Laurence, 1000 feet above the sea level, 66 lbs. to bushel
    (3.)Red Straw Wheat, grown at Tokomairiro, 66 lbs. to bushel

One bushel of Oats, grown at Waituhuna

1097—M'Laren, A., Palmerston, Otago
  • Sample of Wheat, grown at Palmerston
1098—M'Nab, Alexander, Knapdale, Southland
  • One bushel Oats, grown in Southland, 3s.
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1099—Meek, J. and T., Oamuru
  • No. Bag. Grower. Average per Acre. Bushels per Bush. Description of Land.
    1.Tuscan Wheat Mr. Lane 35 5s. High land
    2.Purple Straw Mr. Kircaldy 35 5s. Lowland
    3.White Velvet Wheat Mr. Stewart 45 5s. High land, limestone formation
    4.Red Straw Wheat Mr. Fulton 35 5s. High land
    5.Barley Mr. Wm. Meek 45 5s. 6d. Low land, limestone formation
    6.Short Oats Mr. Orr 45 2s. 10d. Ridgy land
    7.Danish Oats Mr. John Scott 45 2s. 8d. ditto
    8.Black Tartarian Oats Mr. Morton 55 2s. 8d. Lowland
1100—Murray, Dalgliesh, and Co., Invercargill
  • One bushel Wheat
  • One ditto Barley
  • One ditto Oats
1101—New Zealand Agricultural Company, Southland
  • One bushel Oats
1102—New Zealand and Australian Land Company, Pareora, Timaru
  • One bag Wheat, 66-lb. per bushel, grown on the above estate
1103—New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Agents for Growers, Oamaru
  • No. of Bag. Grower. Average per Acre, Buhsels. per Bush. Kind of Land.
    1.White Velvet Wheat. Messrs. Howden and Warnoch. 50 4s. 6d. Red loamy soil
    2.White Velvet Wheat. Messrs Murdock and Watson 38 4s. 9d. Light sandy
    3.White Velvet Wheat. Andrew Bell 40 4s. 6d. Black loamy, on limestone formation
    4.White Velvet (seed). (seed) John Forrester 46 4s. 3d. Black loamy, on limestone formation
    5.White Tuscan Wheat Jas. Gibson 30 4s. 6d. Light loamy soil, lea ground
    6.White Tuscan Wheat Messrs. Fleming and Hedley 37 4s. 6d. Dark loamy soil
    7.Red Straw Wheat Messrs. C. and J. M. Todd 40 4s. 3d. Black loamy, limestone formation
    8.Chevalier Barley Hy. Little 70 5s. 6d. limestone formation
    9.Chevalier Barley Mr. Jessop 35 5s. 6d. Loamy soil, clay subsoil
    10.Canadian Oats Messrs. Fleming and Hedley 54 2s. 6d. Light loamy soil
    11.Barley Oats John Lewis 50 2s. 6d. Black loamy, limestone formation
    12.Danish Oats Andrew Bell 52 2s. 3d. limestone formation
    13.White Velvet Wheat, as gleaned at Harvest Time The Hon. Mathew Holmes wg. lbs. bush. 66 4s 6d. Undulating land, limestone formation
    14.White Velvet Wheat, as gleaned at Harvest Time The Hon. Mathew Holmes wg. lbs. bush. 66 4s 6d. Undulating land, limestone formation
    15.Potato Oats Mathew Holmes 55 acre. 2s. 6d. limestone formation
    16.White Velvet Wheat E. Menlove, Esq. 40 4s. 6d. Undulating land, loamy soil on limestone formation
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1104—O'Connor, Patrick, Stafford Place, Waimea West, Nelson
  • Sample of Pearl Wheat
1105—Paul, J. and E., Spring Creek, Marlborough
  • Sample of Barley
1106—Pringle, Alexander C., Timaru
  • One bushel Barley, grown on Timaru Downs
1107—Ramsay, Peter, Karamu, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Barley, grown on grass land; 60 lbs. Imperial bushel, 7s.
1108—Redwood Bros, Blenheim, Marlborough
  • Sample of Oats
1109—Rew, John, Elderslie, Dunedin
  • Sample of Wheat (one bushel)
1110—Richardson, George Frederick, Oaklands, Southland
  • One bushel White Canadian Oats, grown by the Exhibitor, 3s.
1111—Royse, Stead and Co, Wairoa, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel of Hunter's White Wheat, grown on first furrow fern land, 66 lbs. Imperial bushel, 5s.
1112—Royse, Stead, and Co.. Dunedin
  • Sample of Pearl Barley
    (1.)Bushel of Purple Straw Wheat
    (2.)Bushel of White Velvet Wheat
    (3.)Bushel of White Velvet Wheat
    (4.)Bushel of Canadian Oats
    (5.)Bushel of Short Tartarian Oats
    (6.)Bushel of Long Tartarian Oats
    (7.)Bushel of Malting Barley
1113—Runciman, James, Green Island, Dunedin
  • Samples of Wheat and Oats
1114—Russell, Captain W. R., Karamu, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Barley, grown on first furrow grass land, 59 lbs. per Imperial bushel, 7s.
  • One bushel White Tuscan Wheat, grown as above, 67 lbs. per imperial bushel
1115—Surman and Co., Invercargill
  • One cask Malt, manufactured by the Exhibitors
1116—Townshead, Joseph, Gore, Southland
  • One bushel Oats, 3s.
1117—Tombs, William, Papanui, Christchurch
  • Two bushels Hunter's White Wheat, grown in a 10-acre paddock, yielding 74 bushels per acre; cropped the previous year with potatoes, and 3 previous years laid with grass
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1118—Vile, Job, Masterton
(1.)One bushel Tuscan Wheat
(3.)One bushel Black Tartarian Oats
1119—Ward and Co., Christchurch
  • One bushel Malt
1120—White, William, Kaikora, Hawke's Bay
  • One bushel Wheat, 6s.
1121—Wigley, Hon, T. H., Opuka Station, County of Geraldine
  • One bushel Wheat (Red Chaff) weighing 66 lbs. net, grown on the above Estate, 4s.