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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Group.—Animal Products, Land and Marine (used as food). — Class 600

Group.—Animal Products, Land and Marine (used as food).

Class 600.

934—Blake and Son, Chas., Picton
  • One cask Pickled Herrings, 6d. doz., cask 6s.
  • Three tin boxes smoked Picton Bloaters, each 4 doz., 9d. per doz., boxes 1s. 6d. each
935—Innes, Wm. Martin, Port Chalmers
  • Samples of Dried Fish (Red Cod), Smoked Barracouta
936—M'Donald and Miller, Green Island, Dunedin
  • Four Hams
  • Six sides
  • Bacon Two
  • rolls Bacon
  • Cured by the Exhibitor
937—Mein, W. H., Christchurch
  • Samples of Preserved Meats, viz.:—Boiled and Corned Beef, Spiced Mutton, Corned and Boiled Mutton, Spiced Beef, Haricot Ox Cheek, Sheeps' Tongues, Rissoles, Brawn, Mixed Collops, Pigs' Feet, Turtle Soup, Oxtail, and Mock Turtle Soups, Ham and Chicken, Potted Tongue, Potted Beef
938—Sheedy, Edward, Dunedin
  • Samples of Hams, Bacon and Rolls of Bacon Cured by the Exhibitor
939—Warburton, Piers Eliot, Shenstone Farm, Palmerston North Manawatu
  • Six Mutton Hams, average weight lbs., salted and smoked, 6d. per lb. over 50 lbs.
940—Wetzel, John, Wanganui
  • Sample of Preserved Meat
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