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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Department IV. Art

page 36

Department IV. Art.


Class 400.

600—Henderson and Fergus, Sculptors, Dunedin—
  • Carving in Stone
601—Munro, Geo., Dunedin—
  • Kakanui Stone—Worked Drapery Vase
602—Native Affairs: The Hon. The Minister forWellington—
  • Bust of The Late Native Chief, "Hapuku"
603—Oamaru Stone Company (Limited)—
  • Carved Stone, by L. Godfrey—Subject "Duck and Pukeka," with ferns and creepers
604—Thomson and Company, Sculptors, Dunedin—
  • Carving in Native White Marble

Class 401.

610—Bensen, P., Wellington—
  • Carved Relief of Artemis (Diana)

Class 402.

614—Duncan, A. S., Grove, Queen Charlotte Sound—
  • Bronze Medal, struck in commemoration of Captain Cook leaving England, March, 1772
page 37

Class 405.

616—Banchope & Co, Port Chalmers, Dunedin—
  • Samples of Vases and Ornaments made from Fern Trees
617—Hume, J, Dunedin—
  • Carving from Native New Zealand Wood (Mika Mika) Walking Stick
618—Williams, Edward, Caversham, Dunedin—
  • Panel of Red Pine, mounted


Class 406.

621—Allan, Alexander S., Wellington—
  • Oil Painting, Anchorage at Kapiti, Cook's Straits
622—Barraud, C. D., Wellington
  • Two Oil Paintings—
  • Mitre Peak, Milford Sound
  • Hall's Arm
623—Calder John, Thames—
  • Oil Painting, "Karangahape Gorge," Ohinimuri, Thames
624—Charters, W. W., Christchurch—
  • Oil Paintings—
    1.Ship "Piako" N. Z. S. Co., (Limited)
    2.Ship "Otaki" N. Z. S. Co., (Limited)
    3.Ship "Waimate" N. Z. S. Co., (Limited)
    4.Ship "Rangitikei" N. Z. S. Co., (Limited)
625—Driver, H. D., Thames—
  • Oil Painting, "Fishing Rock," Thames
626—Gibb, J., Christchurch—
  • Oil Paintings—
    1.Godby Heads, Lyttelton
    2.Milford Sound, West Coast
    3.Akaroa Harbour
    4.Little River, head of Lake Forsyth
    5.Fishing Boats on the Estuary of the Avon
627—Gibb, Wm., Christchurch—
  • Oil Paintings—
    1.Okutu Valley, Little River
    2.Beach, Akaroa
    3.Bush, Little River
page 38
628—Gifford, E. A., Oamaru
  • Oil Paintings—
    • Milford Sound with Mitre Peak
    • Sunset Glow near Oamaru
629—Laishley, Rev. R., Thames—
  • Oil Paintings—
    1.Finding the Body of William Rufus in the New Forest
    2.Children in the Wood
    3.Maori woman with Peaches
630—Logan, H. F., Wellington—
  • Oil Painting, "Fruit" by C. Stuart
631—Luxford, G. H., Wellington—
  • Oil Painting of Glencoe, Isle of Arran
  • Native Scenery on River Wakanae
632—Mackenzie, George, Dunedin—
  • Four Oil Paintings by J, D. Moultrey, Edinburgh
633—Martin, Albni, Auckland—
  • Oil Painting, Explosion of Dynamite, Snagging Thames River, by the Exhibitor
  • Frame entirely colonial, by John Leech
634—Mc Duff, J., Dixon Street, Wellington—
  • Heraldry Painting
635—Neville, Louis, Christchurch—
2.View of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
636—Payten, Mrs. C. H., Christchurch,—
  • Oil Painting—
    • "Brazenose Peak" Akaroa
637—Power, P., Dunedin—
  • Oil Paintings of Local Scenery
638—Pownall, R. W., Nelson—
  • Oil Paintings—
    1.Nelson Boat Harbour at Sunrise
    2.Astrolabe Roadstead, Blind Bay at Evening
    3.By the Wayside, Ngatimoti, Nelson
639—Richmond, His Honour, Mr Justice, Wellington—
  • Oil Painting, "Lake Rotorua" by J. C. Richmond
640—Smith, Robert FergusDunedin—
2Oil Paintings of New Zealand Scenery
641—Thomson, J. T., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.S.A., Wellington—
4Oil Paintings
  • 1. Mt. Earnslaw, Otago
  • 1. Valley of Water of Leith
  • 1. Kirtle Burn
  • 1. Natural Bridge, Molyneux River
page 39
642—Watkins, K, Auckland—
  • Four Oil Paintings—
    1."Winter's Morning in a Forest Clearing"
    2."Break of a North Easter"
    3.Gorge of Wairakau, Whangaroa, Bay of Islands
    4.Sunset from St. Paul's Bay of Islands
643—Watkins, W. M. N., Christchurch—
  • Oil Painting—"On The Morain," Mount Cook in distance
644—Wilson, Sir John Cracroft, C.B.., K.C.S.I.—
  • Oil Painting—"Arab Horse and Groom," by Barraud

Class 407.

660—Ansted, Mrs. F. S., Oamaru—
  • Water Colour—"Basket of Fruit"
    3."By the Way Side," Ngatimoti, Nelson
661—Barraud, C. D., Wellington—
  • Two Water Colours—
    1."Wet Jacket Arm," Dusky Sound
    2."Doubtful Sound"
662—Black, A., Dunedin—
  • Two Water Colours of Port Chalmers, by R. A. Hancock.
663—Brandon, H. E. de B., Wellington—
  • Water Colours—
    1.Hall's Arm, Smith Sound, West Coast, New Zealand
    2.Near the Entrance to Milford Sound Do.
    3.Milford Sound from below Fresh Water Basin
    4.Moonlight in Milford Sound
664—Carter, John J., Dunedin—
  • Water Colour Drawing of New Zealand Scenery
665—Fox, Lady, Rangitikei—
  • Water Colour, New Zealand Shrubs and Flowers from Nature by Miss King, Taranaki
666—Gifford, E. A., Oamaru—
  • Water Colour, "Winter's Day" Lake Pukaki, Mount Coonik the distance
  • Water Colour, "Sheep Station," Ben Ohow, Mackenzie Country
  • Water Colour, "Round Boulders," Moeraki Beach
  • Water Colour, "Moeraki Beach and Boulders"
page 40
667—Gully, John, Nelson—
  • Water Colours—
    1."Winter Sunset," Lake Wakatipu, Otago
    2."Junction of Otira and Teramakau Rivers," West Coast, South Island, New Zealand
    3."Needle Peak," Milford Sound (Stormy)
    4."Teramakau Valley," Early Morning
    5."Lake Pearson," Valley of The Cass, West Coast Road (Stormy)
    6."Entrance to Otira Gorge," Sunset
    7."Valley of the Cass," West Coast, South Island, New Zealand (Sunset on Snow)
    8."Valley of The Wairarapa," North Island
668—Halcombe, Mrs. E., Fielding, Wellington—
  • Water Colour, "Lake Rhea," Otago (by the Exhibitor)
669—Harris, Miss E., Nile-street Bast, Nelson—
  • Twenty-eight Water Colours (drawings of New Zealand wild flowers and berries)
670—Horne, C. W., St. George's Bay Road, Auckland—
  • Water Colour "Dead Wood," Pukekohi, Auckland
  • Water Colour "A Rough Sketch," Pukekohi, Auckland
671—Horne, M. W., Fern Bank, St. George's Road, Auckland—
  • Water Colour, "Bush Clearing by Sunset"
  • Water Colour, "Forest Track," West Pukekohi, Auckland
672—Hoyte, J. C., Dunedin—
  • Four Water Colours, New Zealand Secnery
673—Huddlestone, F. C., Lake Wanaka, Dunedin—
  • Five Water Colours of Scenery in the Wanaka and Hawea Lake Districts of Otago
674—Kesteven, Dr., Wellington—
  • Sketches of Sydney and Suburbs taken 50 years ago, by Edw. Mason
675—Leeves, N., Rothesay, Dunedin—
  • Water Colours, Local Scenery
676—Neville, L., Christchurch—
  • Five Water Colours, New Zealand Scenery
    (1).View of Port Lyttelton
    (3).View of Forty Mile Bush
    (4).View of Lake Wakatipu
    (5).View on Lake Wakatipu
    (6).View on Lake Wakatipu
677—Nutt, Miss, Dunedin—
  • Twenty-four Water Colonr Designs of New Zealand Ferns from Nature
page 41
678 Palmer, R. G., Foxton, Manawatu—
  • Water Colour—
    (1).River Scenery, West Coast
    (2).Kai Warra Warra Gorge, Wellington
679—Phakazyn, Mrs. C., Longwood, Featherston—
3Water Colours, by the Exhibitor—
(1).Picton Harbour
(2).Rimutuka Coach Road, Wairarapa
(3).Wellington Harbour
680—Roscoe, Miss A., Christchurch—
  • Water Colours—
    • "Peal Forest," Canterbury
681—Sturtevant, E., Newton, Auckland—
  • Water Colour—
    • "A Creek Scene," North Wairoa, by the Exhibitor
682—Tizard, Mrs. E., Thames—
  • Water Colours—
    • Sixteen of Native New Zealand Flowers
    • Four of English Lessons
683—Warner, T. Parnell, Auckland—
  • Water Colour Landscape
684—Watkins, K., Auckland—
  • New Zealand Fern Trees from Nature
685—Willis, A. D., Wanganui—
  • Water Colour Painting of Rangitoto Island, Auckland, by a crippled Maori boy

GroupEngraving and Lithography.

Class 410.

700—Gordon, W., Wanganui—
  • Pen and Ink Drawing, "Study Table," by the Exhibitor
701—Halcombe, Mrs. E., Fielding, Wellington—
  • Sketches of New Zea and Ferns and Forest Trees, by the late W. Swainson, Esq., F.R.S.
702—Petherick, Junr., James, Wellington—
  • Crayon Drawing of Rotorua Hot Springs, by Sir W. Fox
703—Savage, W., Christchurch—
  • Pen and Ink Drawing, by H. C. W. Wrigg
704—Wrigg, H. C. W., Public Works Department, Wellington—
  • Pen and Ink Drawing, "Leisure Hours," by the Exhibitor
page 42

Class 411.

709—Burrett, Robert, Wellington—
  • Specimens of Engraved Work
710—Edwards and Green, Wellington—
  • Show Frames of assorted Printing
711—Holmes, R. T., Wellington—
  • Steel Plate, with progressive proofs—
    • "Wayside Reverie," from an Oil Painting, by Gilbert
712—Lyon and Blair, Wellington—
  • Specimens of Engraving
713—Proprietors of The "Lyttelton Times," Christchurch—
  • Specimens of Engraving

Class 413.

720—Halcombe, Mrs. E., Fielding, Wellington—
  • Lithographs of Manchester Block, Fielding Settlement, by the Exhibitor
721—Proprietors of the "Lyttelton Times," Wellington—
  • Specimens of Lithography
722—Surveyor General of New Zealand, Wellington—
  • Specimens of Lithographs, by the Survey Department

Class 414.

730—Wise and Co., Henry, Dunedin—
  • Chromo-lithographs

Class 415.

740—Bartlett, R. H., Auckland—
  • Photographs, Portraits, and Views
741—Bothamley, A. T., Wellington—
  • Photographs of Wellington City and its neighbourhood, by the Exhibitor
742—Bragge, J., Wellington—
  • Photographs
page 43
743—Chamber of Commerce, Oamaru—
  • Photographs of the Town of Oamaru
744—Cherrill, N. K., Christchurch—
  • Photographs, Ceramic Enamel
  • Photographs, Carbon, or Autotype
  • Photographs, on Porcelain, Glass, Paper, &c.
745—City Council, Wellington—
32Photographs of Public Buildings
746—Clifford and Morris, Dunedin—
  • Photographs
747—Collie, W., Napier—
  • Photographs (silver prints), Negatives taken by the Wet Collodion Process
    1.Instantaneous view in the burning Crater of White Island
    2.Sunset on Mt. Ruapehu
    3.Geyser at the top of the Petrified Terraces of Mt. Rotomahana
    4.Stalactite Formations (middle of the White Terraces of Mt. Rotomahana
    5.Nature's Fonts on the Petrified Terraces of Rotomahana
    6.Scene of the Wairau Massacre, 1843
    7.Tongariro (volcano sometimes active)
    8.Streaks of Light, on the Water, Queen Charlotte's Sound
    9.Instantaneous view of sulphur fumes from the Crater, White Island
    10.Acid Lake and Sulphur Vapours, White Island
    11.Three Maories of Ohonimutu
    12.White Petrified Terraces and Geyser at the top of Rotomahana
    13.Bottom of the Cauldron at the top of the White Terraces, Rotomahana (when empty)
    14.Steaming Upper Basins on White Terraces, Rotomahana
    15.Coral-like Formations on White Terraces, Rotomahana
    16.Great Geyser and Pink Terraces, Rotomahana
    17.Landing Cove, at the Crater of White Island
    18.Instantaneous view of the Chief Street, Napier (natural clouds)
    19.Stone Tree Rock at the Crater, White Island
    20.Edge of Sulphurous and Acid Lake, White Island
    21.Entrance to the Manawatu Gorge, Hawke's Bay
    22.Manawatu Gorge Bridge (with mists)
748—Corporation of Dunedin
  • Photographs of Dunedin and its neighbourhood
749—Fire Brigade, Dunedin—
  • Photograph of the Members of the Dunedin Fire Brigade
page 44
750—Foy Bros., Thames—
  • Photographs of the Thames
751—Gibbs, W. B., Wellington—
  • Photographs of New Zealand Scenery
752—Hart, Campbell and Company, Queenstown, Wakatipu—
  • Photographic Views of Lake Scenery, Wakatipu District
753—Hemus and Hanna, Auckland—
  • Five Large Photographs—Sir H. Robinson, G.C.M.G.
  • Hon. Lady Robinson
  • Sir George Grey, &c.
  • One Case, Cabinet Photographs
754—Hokitika Committee
  • Photographs of Westland Scenery—Glaciers, Snow Clad Hills
755—Mundy, D. L.—
  • Photographic Views of New Zealand, taken by the Exhibitor
756—Taite, John, Hokitika—
  • Photographs
757—Taylor, J. J., Motueka, Nelson—
  • Photographs of Natural Scenery in Nelson Province
758—Travers, Wm. Thos. Locke, F.L.S., Wellington—
  • Photographs of Scenes in New Zealand, by the Exhibitor
759—Wrigglesworth and Binns, Wellington—
  • One case Albuminized Paper Silver Print Photographs
  • Cabinet and Carte-de-Visite Photographs
  • Mezzo Tint Portraits

Class 416.

780—Burton Bros., Dunedin—
  • Photographs of New Zealand Scenery in carbon and silver

Class 417.

786—Deverill, H., Wellington—
  • Specimens of Photo—Lithography
787—Proprietors of "The Lyttelton Times," Christchurch—
  • Specimens of Photo—Lithography
page 45
788—Surveyor-General of New Zealand, Wellington
  • Specimens of Photo—Lithographs (printed by the Survey Department)

GroupIndustrial and Architectural Designs, Models, and Decorations.

Class 419.

795—Leves and Scott, Dunedin
  • Specimen of Sign Writing
796—Powell, Mrs. H., Usk Street, Oamaru
  • Picture in Wool and Silk (Huguenot)

Class 420.

800—Lawson, A., Dunedin
  • Architectural Drawings
801—Mason and Wales, Dunedin
  • Architectural Drawing
802—Petre, F. W., Dunedin
  • Architectural Drawings

GroupDecorations with Ceramic and Vitreous Materials, Mosaic and Inlaid Work.

Class 424.

815—Leves and Scott, Dunedin
  • Specimens of Glass Embossing

Class 427.

820—Colenso, W., F.L.S., Napier
1.Ancient Asiatic Bell
2.Ancient Asiatic Bell (Framed and Glazed Plate of)
12.Paper made from Phormium Tenax, before 1838
page 46
821—Cross, John, Hokitika
  • Poem written expressly for the Exhibition
822—Gordon, W., Wanganui
  • The Lord's Prayer in Maori, illuminated in Maori Tracery, representing Ancient Maori Carvings
  • Maori Grammar (1820)
  • Three Penny Ticket, dated River Hutt, 1845
823—Henry, Bridget, Kensington, Dunedin
  • Picture in Silk and Worsted Work
824—Hislop, A. R., Wellington
  • Tapestry Picture executed by Mary Queen of Scots
  • This has been handed from generation to generation in the Hamilton family, by one of whom it was given 35 years ago, to Mr. Hugh McLean, who was murdered in Australia. It was sold by his brother, the Rev. D. McLean, to the Exhibitor.
825—M'Cardell, J. F., Ghristchurch
  • Illuminated Calendar, noting the birth and death of musical celebrities, by the Exhibitor

826—Milne, A., Wanganui—Engraving on Glass of Racehorses

827—Porter, Jas., Waiotahi, Thames
  • Glass Decanter containing a Puzzle
828—Waite, J. E., Thames
  • China Dish (Raised Figures) 200 years old