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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Class 102

page 6

Class 102.

51—Canterbury Marble Company, Christchurch
  • Marble, red and grey specimens, from Canterbury Marble Quarry Company
52—Daniel, William, Dipton, Oreti, Southland—
  • Specimens of Stone from quarry at Dipton, Southland
53—Edwards, E. R., Thames—
  • Specimen of Building Stone
54—Enys, J. D., Trellisic, Canterbury—
  • Specimen of Building Stone from Castle Hill, West Coast Road
55—Haast, Professor Julius Von., Ph.D., F.R.S., Director of Canterbury Museum—
  • Building Stones of Canterbury
    I.Trachyte, from a vertical dyke 16 feet broad. Cap Peak, Banks Peninsula; Butterfield's Quarry.
    II.Trachyte, from a dyke 26 feet broad. Heathcote Valley, Banks' Peninsula; Thompson's Quarry.
    III.Trachyte, from a dyke 20 feet broad. Heathcote Valley, Banks' Peninsula; Thompson's Quarry.
    IV.Porphyritic Dolerite, from a dyke 18 feet broad. Banks' Peninsula; Teape's Quarry.
    V.Porphyritic Dolerite Lava. Northern spur of Banks' Peninsula (Hillock's Gully), Banks' Peninsula.
    VI.Porphyritic Dolerite Lava. Northern Spur of Banks' Peninsula; Tait's Quarry.
    VII.Anamesite, from a lava stream (submarine), 26 feet thick. Timaru; Kirby's Quarry.
    VIII.Quartziferous Porphyry. Governor's Bay, Banks' Peninsula; Hodgson's Quarry.
    IX.Calcareous Sandstone (Oamaru formation). Mt. Somers; Cox's Quarry.
    X.Calcareous Sandstone (Waipara formation). Mt. Brown; Sheath's Quarry.
    XI.Calcareous Limestone (Oamaru formation). Kakahu; Sheath's Quarry.
    XII.Calcareous Limestone (Oamaru formation). White Rock (near Ashley); Nelson's Quarry.
    XIII.Calcareous Limestone (Oamaru formation). Coal Creek (near Timaru)' Pavitt's Quarry.
    XIV.Calcareous Limestone (Waipara formation). Castle Hill, West Coast Road; Enys' Quarry.
    XV.Doleritic Tnfa. Latter's Spur, Banks' Peninsula; Latter's Quarry.
    XVI.Trachyte Sandstone. Governor's Bay, Banks' Peninsula; Pott's Quarry.
    XVII.Carved Specimen of Castle Hill Stone; Enys' Quarry.

Building Stones of Canterbury.

The building stones of Canterbury are principally derived from two very distinct sources, of which the first, furnishing free-stones of excellent quality and generally of considerable hardnsss, is of volcanic origin.

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These are mostly obtained from Banks' Peninsula, and are probably of middle tertiary age. The rest of the building stones, mostly of a calcareous nature, are derived from the upper portion of two well defined sedimentary deposits, named the Waipara and Oamaru formations, the first being of cretaceo-tertiary, and the latter of upper eocene or lower miocene age. The hard building stones of volcanic origin quarried in Banks' Peninsula are derived either from basaltic lava streams, in which case they are generally used for rubble and for dressed ashlar work, or they are taken from dykes generally of a trachytic character. These dyke rocks for every kind of architectural work are very useful, and form in many instances beautiful building stones of rich colour and fine texture.

The calcareous sandstones usually called limestones are of light colours, from brownish-grey to a creamy white, and of a varying degree of hardness, but they can all be cut with a saw when taken from the quarry. Afterwards they gradually become much harder when being exposed to the air, an excellent quality for a building stone of that class. An almost unlimited supply of this building material can he obtained.

56—Hacket, T. R., for Johnston Stratum Company, Aniseed Valley, Nelson—
  • Specimen of Marble.
57—Munro, G., Dunedin—
  • Specimens of New Zealand Marble (polished and rough)
  • Specimens of Kakanui Stone, viz.:—
  • Clock Case, made from Knkanui Stone
  • 2 pieces of White Marble, cut and polished, from Caswell Sound
  • 2 pieces of Dove-coloured Marble, from Caswell Sound
  • 4 samples of K.K. best quality Kakanui Stone
  • 1 samples of K. second quality Kakanui Stone
58—New Zealand Agricultural Co., Southland—
  • Specimens of Building Stone
59—Oamaru Stone Company (Limited), Omaru—
  • Stone Column with capitals, Cornice and Balusters
  • Specimens of Stone, undressed
60—Otago Slate Company, (Limited) Otepopo, Otago—
  • Samples of Slates, quarried from the Company's Quarries, viz.,
    (1)Slab, 3 ft. 9in. × 1 ft. 8½in.
    (2)12 Slates 20 × 10 (Countess)
    (3)5 pieces of Slate, split thin to show cleavage
61—Port Chalmers Building Stone Company, Dunedin—
  • Sample of Base Course Blue Stone
  • Sample of Kerbing Stone
62—Stansell, John B., Christchurch—
  • Specimen of Marble
63—Wilson, J., Malvern, Christchurch—
  • Specimen of Building Stone, from White Rock Quarry, Canterbury