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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 48

Class 101

page 5

Class 101.

40—Bat of Islands Coal Company, Kawa Kawa Colliery, Bay of Islands—
  • Specimens of Coal, from Bay of Islands
  • Glance Coal, shewing every stage from Brown Coal to Anthracite
41—Brunner Coal Company, Brunnerton, Grey River—
  • Specimen of Coal, two blocks, from Brunner Mine, Grey River. Price, 12s 6d per ton, shipped
  • Specimen of Coke. Half-ton. Manufactured from screenings of the above. Price, £2 per ton, shipped
42—Coal Pit Heath Coal Mining Company (Limited), Greymouth—
  • Section of 18-ft. Coal-seam, from the Company's mine
  • 12s. per ton, delivered on board ship at Greymouth
43—Gardner, James, Birchwood, Southland—
  • Specimen of Coal, from Birchwood Estate, Southland
44—Green Island Coal Company (Limited), Dunedin—
  • Specimens of Brown Coal from the Green Island Mines
45—Murray, Dalgleish and Company, Nightcaps, Southland—
  • Specimen of Coal, from Nightcaps, Southland
46—Shag Point Coal Company, (Limited), Dunedin—
  • Specimen of Coal
47—Walton Park Coal Company, (Limited), Dunedin—
  • Samples of Brown Coal from the Company's pits, Green Island, near Dunedin
48—Westport Colliery Company, Westport—
  • Specimen of Coal, and Pillar shewing one half the thickness of the 30-foot seam, Mount Rochfort Mine
49—Williams, Capt. W. R., Wellington—
  • Specimens of Coal (Soft Smithy), from Wellington Mine
  • Specimens of Coal (Soft Smithy), from Wellington Westport
50—Wilson, W., Malvern, Christchurch—
  • Specimens of Coal (Bituminous) seam 6-ft. 6-in,
  • Specimens of Coal (Anthracite) seam 2-ft. 10-in., from Malvern Hills, Canterbury